Hushed in a sentence as an adjective

It's a bit difficult because they tend to be hushed over.

It highlights the staggering amounts of greed and hushed fraud rampant in the Bitcoin space.

Sometimes I demand in a hushed tone to know how they got this number, secret agent style.

Nice to see a company so transparent about situations which could easily have been hushed down.

The ones I've had, even when you hit the "hush" button, it still makes a loud chirp every 60 seconds to let you know that it's hushed, but still detects smoke.

Watch out, in particular, for the hushed phrase "I shouldn't tell you this, but..."Realistically, though, you'll find a lot of employers somewhere in between.

By being professional we vent the same feelings in hushed murmurs and ever-so-gentle sideband criticism.

It happened due to a power outage that bricked the drive, and the only reason it happened was because of a flaw in their firmware, not their drive, which they hushed up. I was very surprised because Intel had the reputation of being the best SSD at the time.

" At the companies I have worked, firings happen, of course, but it's something people talk about in hushed tones because frankly people are embarrassed to have to do it.

Saying he called for an orderly examination of privacy issues seems flat out wrong given that his administration has been trying to keep things hushed up.

He says that he had an orderly plan for reviewing privacy issues, all the while, I think that his administration has consistently been trying to keep things hushed up.

I think everyone assumed it was a drug overdose, amid hushed rumors of rather strange behavior during a previous-job Vegas trip.

If there is something about the tech world that causes such wonderful people to be untreated and lost, then is is a topic that should be considered publicly, and not hushed on the grounds of "bad taste"

We as a community have a tendency to be passive-aggressive, talking in hushed tones about how X acted that night, or how we really wish that Y would stop making racist comments on team outings.

Somehow, I feel that the following short anecdote is appropriate here:"There are ancient cathedrals which, apart from their consecrated purpose, inspire solemnity and awe. Even the curious visitor speaks of serious things, with hushed voice, and as each whisper reverberates through the vaulted nave, the returning echo seems to bear a message of mystery.

Why, in 2011, do we not have this?It's odd, but we spoke of Amazon and Google in hushed voices, as we saw them as our biggest competitors -- we figured that both of them would have services shortly, and we saw our early mover status as our predominant advantage.

It is so sluffed over and hushed up, there is so little clear thinking -- oh political economy, of course, but so few of us think clearly about our own private incomes, and admit that independent thoughts are in nine cases out of ten the result of independent means.

Hushed definitions


in a softened tone; "hushed voices"; "muted trumpets"; "a subdued whisper"; "a quiet reprimand"

See also: muted subdued quiet