Mobilize in a sentence as a verb

When the people mobilize, they can still rein in the government.

Or a 30-40 year old trying to impress, mobilize and exploit 14 year old kids with too much time on their hands.

In "Inside the Third Reich" Speer gives an account of just how much the Germans struggled to mobilize during the war.

This is about trying to mobilize a group of people that often times is not that involved with politics.

What I think will be even more interesting is how this will affect those that can only mobilize a few thousand.

Our the authority to mobilize national law enforcement assets.

An attack of Russia, while stupid in its unlikelihood to mobilize popular support for their country, would be at least understandable.

I am absolutely certain that there are enough politicians ready to mobilize to roll back NSA surveillance programs if they really think the programs are excessive in their scope.

The software community cannot mobilize to combat every new TLS proposal on the grounds of nonspecific harm, but everybody with a pet feature can mobilize to make sure it is standardized.

Pacifism is necessary to create the perception of legitimacy needed to mobilize external political support.

This exact attitude you have - association of black with dependence on government help - is what has been used in American politics to mobilize those who benefit from government programs to vote for politicians who oppose those programs.

"Lets say it takes an extremely unscientific average of 15 minutes to research, write, edit, and publish this kind of article; thats 15,000 minutes or 250 hours of human capital that I mobilized by sitting here and moving my hands a bit on a Sunday evening.

That, yes, if we enlightened/progressive few could only mobilize, inform, or educate the public, then everything would work out beautifully!Power can rest easy as long as we place blame on ourselves and not them for our alienated position in modern society, and that will continue until we recognize the lack of agency that we have, rather than reproducing processes which give us a false sense of agency.

Mobilize definitions


make ready for action or use; "marshal resources"

See also: mobilise marshal summon


call to arms; of military personnel

See also: mobilise rally


get ready for war

See also: mobilise


cause to move around; "circulate a rumor"

See also: mobilise circulate