Surveillance in a sentence as a noun

That's the entire point, people are under _incredible_ amounts of surveillance, without their permission.

> David Brooks made a case for why he thought Snowden was wrong to leak information about the Prism surveillance program ...

Do we really think we can get away from ubiquidous global surveillance that easily?I'm sorry.

Dynamic pins, or "tacks", make dragnet surveillance of all sites asymptotically as risky as spoofing Google Mail.

"Once he reached the conclusion that the NSA's surveillance net would soon be irrevocable, he said it was just a matter of time before he chose to act. "What they're doing" poses "an existential threat to democracy", he said.

There is a much deeper-rooted problem in society than mass surveillance or militarization of police.

Not "domestic spying programs", or "electronic surveillance mechanisms", or something else.

That story can't possibly be true -- he would have only had access to metadata, and I've been told many times that metadata surveillance is completely harmless.

After Germany introduced their ubiquitous surveillance law, this was exactly what the statistics ended up showing.

In other words, your lower overall rating was not necessarily due to your increased surveillance of plagiarism; it could have been due to other factors.

Lots of people seem to be totally immune to the consequences of rampant surveillance and frankly bizarre powers executed by the current set of governments.

The hacker community should not contribute to the knowledge of those who work to undermine privacy and feed the surveillance-industrial complex.

I think his quote is absolutely spot on about how this stuff works:"I lived through the McCarthy era, so I know how false accusations, surveillance, and keeping files on innocent people can destroy their careers and lives.

Senator Wyden has been remarkable in how far he has been willing to legally stick his neck out while so many other politicians either quietly cower in fear or hop on the mass surveillance bus.

> Stallman had this to say upon his induction: "Now that we have made the Internet work, the next task is to stop it from being a platform for massive surveillance, and make it work in a way that respects human rights, including privacy.

He's just been stating the obvious all this time!- NSA surveillance!- Hadn't anyone heard about Echelon?- He stands for freedom of users!- But users don't care about those freedoms, they just want something that works!- He's antisocial and extremely rude!- Autism spectrum.- But he's not diplomatic at all, we don't want him as a spokesperson for Open Source!- It's GNU/Linux, not Linux.- See?

If the US is nowhere near being an authoritarian police state, at what point will US become a authoritarian police state?When they have **** lists without any trial, jury or judge?When they keep prisoners in jail indefinitely without a trial?When they torture prisoners?When state officials lie to the public?When state officials lie to public representatives?When the secret police interfere with lawyers communications and interferes with legal cases?When the secret police silence individuals that want to inform about abuse?When the secret police use surveillance for blackmailing?When the state use strip searches and surveillance indiscriminately against the population, including children?When the state implement state censorship?When they use force against peaceful demonstrators?When they utilize military resources against peaceful demonstrators?When they seize bank assets without any trial, any intention of a trial, or even without ever formally serving the individual with criminal papers?Please state what criteria we should use, so we can have a final definition of what an authoritarian police state is.

Surveillance definitions


close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)