Masterpiece in a sentence as a noun

When you are done, it's your own masterpiece.

A few might get excited and start writing a poem or sketch a masterpiece.

Simultaneously, it was a true masterpiece - one of the best in the genre.

You have created a masterpiece of algorithmic humor.

The emacs buffer-based async handling of external processes is a masterpiece of software engineering, much better than things like unix pipes.

I'm not defending the story as a masterpiece of journalism or anything, and I'm sure it was pitched to the reporter by an interested party.

Remember, "masterpiece" movies are not often popular or profitable.

Breaking up the Hollywood cartel would allow those with higher tastes for risk to enter the movie funding business, making it easier for future masterpieces to gain funding.

Its core design is a masterpiece and ought to be studied as an example of the power of software design itself—something we're mostly still pretty bad at. It might be hard to get that taken seriously, though, since on the surface Emacs is obtuse, clunky, and old. Only when you dive underneath does it become orderly and beautiful.

I couldn't get over this masterpiece:We will allocate resources and build devices and services that provide compelling, integrated experiences across the many screens in our lives, with maximum return to shareholders.

The movie was such a visual masterpiece because the artist used algorithmically-generated visual effects to illustrate a world purportedly generated by algorithms.

The former one concludes that Philosophical Investigations is "the one crossover masterpiece in twentieth-century philosophy, appealing across diverse specializations and philosophical orientations".An interesting question might be who is undervalued on those lists: is there someone halfway down, or not on the list at all, who should be near the top?

Masterpiece definitions


the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman

See also: chef-d'oeuvre


an outstanding achievement