Cartel in a sentence as a noun

Well, one guess would be that the two cartels are colluding in some way.

"Yes, because Google isn't forming a cartel to stifle competition.

The first, and perhaps most interesting, is that the story behind the De Beers cartel is well known.

If I were running a Mexican drug cartel, I'd be trying to ensure all the ***** I was importing into the US stayed illegal there.

The reason is that management layers in almost every big company works like a cartel, they know darn well how to preserve their self interests.

A serious contender to De Beers emerged in the early 2000s in the form of a multinational, "breakaway" cartel.

The Silicon Valley cartel conspirators helped to depress wages and increase unemployment.

[0] 'accreditation' for government tenders needs to die, it is a formal method used to keep honest operators out of what is essentially a cartel.

Yet, both cartels -- and all other minor, independent players in the market -- seem to be acting in concert to keep supplies artificially low, and prices artificially high.

While this is just more detail on old news, I can't help feeling Colligan needs to get as much credit for his statements made here as the others should receive in punishment in forming the cartel to start with.

This is going to be one of those wonderful games of iterated group prisoner's dilemma, in which one member of a formerly functioning cartel has just publicly announced an intention to always play Defect.

The computer was essentially conducting a perpetual internal mole-hunt of the cartel's organizational chart.

The abusive, overly-expensive and often insecure cartel of payment terminal/merchant account service providers.

The damage that could have been caused by the Google/Apple cartel has been limited largely by the startup industry that, for all its faults, has as a crucial belief that the act of building things is valuable, and that people who make things are the ones who create the most value.

Yet their "state and federal" taxes are only about 10%?For all the bleating about paying "less tax" than other countries, it's ironic that an ostensibly "free market" healthcare system is less efficient, more cartel-like and wildly more expensive for its users than, say, the "socialist" one in the UK where you could live well on the same money and still be paying your fair share without getting any handouts.

Cartel definitions


a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service; "they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly"

See also: trust combine