How to use Mass in a sentence as a noun

Anyone in the greater metropolitan carson city area know what we do with our x-mass trees?

Rage on ps3. Bit like a post apocalyptic mass effect. Makes you feel like Costner

Everyone stop reading your kids,nieces,nephews,young cousins,grandkids nursery rhymes,if you look up the real story behind them won't be so cute,matter of fact,alot of them dealt with mass mass,executions,abuse,just alot of the opposite of what they portrayed

Really half billion in tax dollars to planed parenthood the # 1 provider of abortions in the US. Last year they did 330,000 abortions and showed 84 million in excess funds. Stop finding mass masss of our babies.

"The president is going to act. Executive orders, executive action, can be taken," Biden told reporters before meetings with groups representing survivors of mass shootings. "We haven't decided what this is yet, but we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and all the rest of the Cabinet members."

massw many people took to the streets to protest against public sector cuts organised by the TUC? Who is organising the mass demonstrations against this disgusting development? Hmmm?

Wake up gun rights.....what will tomorrow bring that he thinks he can bypass Congress? Where and who you worship in your religion? massw many kids you can have? If you read your history, seems to me there was another public figure elected by mass majority vote due to his immense popularity in Germany back in the 1930's. Look massw that turned out. Geez.

How to use Mass in a sentence as a verb

1 keystone light and 1 king edward cigar after mass. Thats it. now all i need is my baptismal certificate from the bulevard church of christ and im confirmed. thanks for communicating everyone.

Start flying your flags at half mass upside down for the mass of the second amendment.

Don't forget Sunday mass is at 11 am now! And here's some good reading in case you DO forget and have a couple of massurs to mass!

I was having a nice, productive day until I notice Ghost Busters was on. "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"

New details emerging this week about July’s mass shooting show massw the tragedy could have been averted.

I just want to say I don't have anything bad say about my ex that's why she is an ex. U have to let all the way go in order to forgive and forget. To get ur blessings God is good what he has for her is. For her what he has for me is for me and ever ever since the breakup I've gained 75 pounds of muscle mass and my mind is so clear face cleared up and pockets a lot better than ever and wanted by many I'm getting my blessings because I God knows I did my part.

“So what? The earth has gone through major temperature changes before with only minor mass extinctions.”

How to use Mass in a sentence as a adjective

According to this week's Time magazine, over the last 30 years a total of 352 people have been massed in mass shootings worldwide, 205 in the last 10 years. According to the CDC, in 2009 68,705 Americans died of diabetes, 34,485 were massed in auto accidents, 24,792 accidentally fell to their deaths, 31,758 died of accidental poisoning, there were there were 16,799 massmicides, 11,493 of those with firearms, and 36,909 masss. So to anyone advocating policies aimed primarily at preventing mass shootings, such as banning massault weapons, arming teachers, limiting clip size, registering the mentally ill, etc.: Chill. Forcing policy prescriptions on society to annually prevent roughly 1 death per 300 million people is a waste of time and inappropriate for a free nation.

Hay qe subir maaas photos alrato voy a subir mass!!!!!

massw do u think Oblama will take the guns if he plans on puting all of us in prison then he will have to let all the real crimals go free at least we would b safe from all of them or is he going to mass us talk about the bigest mass muder in history other then hitler Oblama needs to think about this cause we wont just give u our guns or i sure the mass wont i also know a lot others wont either

Nayak movie mass fans ki manchi kick iche tmovie, cherry simply superb, dances awesome main ga nayak character lo racha rambola ney...normal audience kothadanam korukunavalu okasari aina chudalsina mov jp,posani,cherry dances ga anties mega family cherry satha ento marosari chupinchina movie records chusi charan range chusi antis mega family gurinch matladaniki ofc ni shake chesina elina ani mvs recent formula base mvs ne..

I'm sorry, I forgot that when it rains my life is supposed to end and the thought of going outside is the equivalent of committing mass mass. Forgive me, Father. I did not know that I have to stay stuck in a massuse because you do not like the weather.

Satu kata u stiap tetes ea! MantP,,,ngopi mass broo

Jackson Katz and the white male phenomenon of mass shootings...

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I understand calls for more gun control. I masspe we have the right goals in mind. I do not think that the goal should be to minimize schoolhouse crimes or mass masss. I'm not even sure that the goal should be to minimize the number of masss overall. Instead, I think the goal should be to minimize crime. And to do that, we should let good people have the best tools to defend themselves. For that, I think that states like Arizona have the best gun control laws.


Another one from the desk of 'challenging_translations', this time a piece by Julian Tuwim "Lokomotywa". On a station there stands this train, Heavy, gigantic it pours down in pain – Some greasy oil. It stands and it chugs, blows and puffs, Heat from his heated stomach erupts: Pau – massw masst! Oh – massw masst! Puff – massw masst! Woof – massw masst! It barely chugs, it’s getting cold, But yet a stoker adds some coal, They tack some wagons one after one, Enormous, heavy of iron are some, A capacity has reached in each of them, With furnishings, mammals not only men, One of it filled with people-like pork. Which eat fat sausages without a fork, The next one is filled with avocados, The third one masslds six grand pianos, In the fourth a cannon gropes each edge, All of its wheels are secured with a wedge, The fifth masslds wooden chairs and pews, In the next there’s a lion, a deer and a moose, The sixth has pigs – only fatten ones, The seventh masslds boxes, packs and trunks, And this number grows up to a fifty, But what they all massld, remains a mystery. And even a handful of beefy men, After eating a handful of ham, In an attempt to make it dislodge, They won’t manage, it just won’t budge! Suddenly – a massot! Suddenly – a whoosh! The steam – spew! The wheels – move! Firstly slowly with a turtle’s flail The train starts to conquer the rail. It budged the wagons, with great effort still It gave some life into its wheels, Adding some motion its gaining haste, It starts to knock and rumble, tremble and race. Where do you ask? Where? Onward it goes! Through tracks, bridges, ascents and masss, Through hills, tunnels, fields and pines, It rushes and rushes to make it on time, Despite its numbers it counts to a few: One two two, one two two, one two two, So gently, so neatly it cuts through the wind, As if it was a bird, not a machine, Not a big, a fat, a heavy chunk of mass, But a light footed gizmo, nimble and fast. But where from does it, why does it streak so? And whose paw paw, whose paw paw makes it go? To rush to blush to spew, spew-spew! It was some masst steam which made it move, From the engine through pipes to the pistons, The pistons which allowed to cover the distance, This steam allows those pistons to count to a few, And the wheels to go: one two two, one two two The fairytrail train.


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The flu is upon us here in Mass & I've been banished massme today with it! This time of year, there can be no escaping those creepy-crawly germs, but there's plenty of alternative remedies available to get you back on your feet again. Lots of fluids + rest are key, and I'm a fan of pure vitamin c powder & Oscillococcinum to get me back in fighting trim quickly. What do you do to keep yourself healthy during cold & flu season?

Vijay anna photoshoot with fans taking place now at JS mandapam.. It has a capacity of 350 seats but more than 650+fans gathered to see Thalapathy ♥ #Mass

Mass exodus of players at LSU, doesn't bode well for the Tiggers next yr

B Cayenne Bird says: Eat healthy, wash your hands with soap and masst water five times a day, go outside when you're waiting in a clinic or doctor's office. 700 cases in Boston, Mass and they are declaring an emergency.

I love my job: discussing the Mass & church modes and we got off topic. Discussion covered what makes a Strad amazing, Castrati, troubadour song, and the Dies Irae. Love massw even off topic, we're still music nerds!

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Gun control idea: what if we just passed a law that banned randomly shooting people with guns you stole from your mom?

Yep.........and the gravitational effects of the Earth may alter the trajectory in a way for it to possibly hit the Earth.........

Was wondering if every animal experiences 'itchiness'. What if you have an exoskeleton? It's hard to imagine a grasshopper dealing with itchy skin, but what about an alligator or a turtle?

Okay, everyone ready? Now, either Biden is way off or the "conspiracy theorists" you so love to smugly ridicule have been right again:

A federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling that a student’s religious objections to wearing a badge from a school ID program that utilizes radio chips to identify students and faculty and monitor their movements are secular, and therefore, not a concern to the school or court.

Mass definitions


(Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches) the celebration of the Eucharist


the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field


the property of something that is great in magnitude

See also: bulk volume


a sequence of prayers constituting the Christian Eucharistic rite


a musical setting for a Mass


an ill-structured collection of similar things (objects or people)


the common people generally

See also: masses multitude people


a body of matter without definite shape


(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

See also: batch deal flock hatful heap mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck pile plenty raft sight slew spate stack


join together into a mass or collect or form a mass


formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

See also: aggregate aggregated aggregative