Conclusive in a sentence as an adjective

There are no "mixed" studies, they're all conclusive.

Even then, the sample size has been quite small so the results will not be conclusive.

There is nothing conclusive about this test and from what I've seen it does a pretty good job.

Im under no illusion that this is any sort of conclusive test, but its a start.

So it comes as no surprise that we first have conclusive results about the higher mass range.

If any police anywhere find near-conclusive proof that you killed 200 people, it doesn't matter if you believe in the flying spaghetti monster.

"It involved only those without high blood pressure at the start, was observational, considered at best suggestive and not conclusive.

You want conclusive proof that these completely illegal actions by corporations had a measurable effect before you'll admit that they were wrong.

Since the data was not yet overwhelmingly conclusive at this time last year, this year's award was basically the earliest possible award date for a decades-old idea.

Did the vibrations cause HDDs to temporarily suspend?This could have some interesting data behind it, but as it is the article doesn't even have conclusive proof that the earthquake did cause this outage.

Conclusive definitions


forming an end or termination; especially putting an end to doubt or question; "conclusive proof"; "the evidence is conclusive"