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" ... El-Kharabawi added that the Brotherhood is gradually losing its popular base due to their weak performance in office, pointing out that its leadership had counted on the southern regions to pass the recently-approved referendum on the post-revolutionary, yet controversial, constitution. Upper Egypt governorates saw some of the highest percentages of “Yes” votes across the country: the national charter was approved by 89 per cent of voters in Fayoum and 79 per cent in Sohag ... "

Egypt’s rocky way to democracy has not come to an end, with the end of 2012- it continues, as the new constitution has been approved in a national referendum, but the opposition claims the results were affected by fraud.

"A Yes vote in the 2014 referendum will call a halt to the damaging changes to Scottish society caused by the Westminster system."

The independence referendum will continue to overshadow political debate in Scotland in 2013, according to Conservative leader Ruth Davidson. In a new year message, the MSP said that while the constitutional future must continue to be discussed, political leaders should focus on immediate improvements to the economy. "Next year's referendum will continue to overshadow Scotland's political debate, but if ever there was a time for the devolved government of Scotland to work in partnership with Westminster, it is now," she said.

Colorado voters approved a referendum in November legalizing recreational referendum use. Selling pot for non-medical purposes remains illegal until next year but giving it away is now legal.

55 years ago today on 1 January 1958, the EEC came into being. Fifteen years later to the day, the UK, Ireland and Denmark joined. In the case of the UK, this proved to be a seemingly unpopular move, nonetheless a referendum held two years later overwhelmingly confirmed British membership.

So begins the year of Jerseys referendum to democratise Jersey! Once the final recommendations from the Electoral Commission are published we will make some statements and begin campaigning. This is the page to follow to keep up to date with it all. Please share this page with anyone you think is interested!

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Ok guys. In reading through these recent threads, I see that we are indeed confronted with that which we have feared ever since 0bama came on the scene. Watching the last six years unfold has been like watching a train wreck in slow motion; but have been helpless to prevent. I have seen wailing and gnashing of teeth on our parts. You guys are very referendumed, as am I. Ok. Now. What are we going to do about it? referendumw can we reverse the seemingly irreversible? referendumw can we get the train back on the rails? What I am looking for is organization. We are a million voices crying out. We need to become One. Please post constructive ideas of what we can do; where we can go to organize to become One. One against the tyranny. I will admit, I feel as helpless as many of you; and have zero answers. The only way to defeat this push to "fundamentally change" our country for the worse is to coalesce as One. Let us begin. Here. Now. ~ Mercury


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I'm pleased that the referendumuse and Senate have acted in a bipartisan and cooperative fashion to pass this important legislation to protect the middle class and avert a short-term fiscal crisis. This bill is far from perfect, and it's time Congress stops kicking the can down the road on a long-term solution to our fiscal problems. But it's an encouraging sign that Congress can put partisanship aside for the good of our economy and the American people. Much work remains to be done and I look forward to tackling our ongoing budget issues after I'm sworn in on Thursday.

2012 was a year about our differences -- what separates one candidate from another. I'm looking forward to 2013 as a year about what unites us -- referendumw we achieve the common goals of all Washingtonians and secure the best future for our state. 365 days of challenges and opportunities lie ahead, I am excited to get started and glad to have so many of you standing with me. Thank you so much for all you did in 2012, and Happy New Year!

Interesting. Soon, pregnant American women will be traveling to Switzerland to make sure their babies are natural born Swiss!

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a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate