Zeitgeist in a sentence as a noun

Strange that at this level of hardware the HN zeitgeist views firmware replacement as a flaw†.

It seems like commentary on the current zeitgeist, not a real product.> Mother.

I mention it only because it seems the zeitgeist is that men don't even see the sexism.

In ten years time when the social software era zeitgeist is written it will definitely mention 'and even a YC reject group was funded'

The offhand dismissal of Raymond Chen as an "incompetent programmer" captures the hacker news zeitgeist.

The book stands as a fantastic trip back into a time when technology could be dark, dangerous, and foreign, a zeitgeist Gibson leverages to dazzling effect.

I would never argue that it is identical to what Apple has introduced, but once against from the zeitgeist of Apple fanatics you would believe this is the next step brought to us from Apple.

It's also more or less a company town - Microsoft's presence is so overwhelming and absolute that a lot of the technological zeitgeist from the rest of the country never make it there.

One tip for the author of this piece: Snowden leaks enabling child pornographers to avoid surveillance would be a much more effective appeal to emotion than a topical example like renewed fears of Russian aggression that risk fading from the zeitgeist soon!

"While I do not deny the unsavory side of Stallman exists, I am intrigued at how smoothly we've moved from his detractors mocking his "The Right to Read" [1], to his detractors ignoring it, to us standing on the precipice of living in it, even as the mockery continues unabated and even the HN zeitgeist seems to be that he's some sort of whacko who should be ignored... some sort of whacko who, I might add, appears to have been a great deal more correct about the future than the people labeling him such.

Zeitgeist definitions


the spirit of the time; the spirit characteristic of an age or generation

See also: Zeitgeist