Outing in a sentence as a noun

The dispute was over a post I made outing a scammer.

The "outing" was a user of 23andMe confronting her mother.

[1][2]Bart Chilton is probably most well known for his outing of the manipulation in the precious metals markets.

Given their history of outing their sources, even after specifically being asked not to, I think the latter is much more likely.

You gain a good sense of responsibility when you're the one in charge of overseeing all the camping gear for your trip, or planning an outing over a weekend.

Topic other than discussing the irresponsibility of "outing" a guy using the clever tricks of using his name and public records look ups.> A libertarian, Nakamoto encouraged his daughter to be independent, start her own business and "not be under the government's thumb," she says.

It was her public outing that caused this situation in the first place!Also, do you think if there wasn't as much drama going around that these men still would have been fired?There is much more to this situation then an employer finding out that one of their employees make a dongle joke at a conference, and decided that was grounds for them to be fired.

If the "good" police officers wish to be respected, they should start doing things like outing and arresting the corrupt cops, speaking out against victimless laws that only make everyone a criminal, routinely compensating innocents for damages caused by false arrests/raids/seizures/imprisonment, etc. Until these things are commonplace, it's only proper to consider all of them representatives of their misbehaving organizations.

Outing definitions


a journey taken for pleasure; "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field"

See also: excursion jaunt junket expedition sashay


a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering

See also: picnic