Style in a sentence as a noun

Good style makes a huge difference, even in writing.

This has nothing to do with the style of responsive design in general.

I think "Geeks Bearing Gifts" is the best foray into Nelson's style - and it is short enough that one can read it quickly.

Make sure you take a real hard look at all of your expenses; people that aren't accustomed to this style of living often have expenses that they believe they must have.

* Being able to do `git blame` style operations to resolve individual clauses down to individual lawmakers, then back to lobbyists.

Others will not notice directly, but will see that the piece exudes style and quality subconsciously, due to the attention to small details.

Style in a sentence as a verb

I'm about as asocial and celebratory of diversity as they come, and I love this essay, especially the conversational style.

* You could build a sweet github-style outward facing interface allowing the public to track the progress of bills in real time, increasing democratic awareness and participation.

"Using the Economist house style offers an elegant alternative, wherein virtually all people and organizations are identified explicitly, no matter how prominent.

There is so much "discretion" [3,4] afforded to regulatory agencies that the threat of fines and seizures over bizarre interpretations of the law by a Carmen Ortiz-style ambitious regulator is never far from your mind.

I've worked for some very good women bosses and a women CEO and I admired their ability to find that balance and presentation style that gave them command without them appearing as an "angry *****" or "stupid".I've also worked with some women that couldn't find that balance, they weren't really doing anything a reasonably competent man wouldn't do, but were marked with gendered epithets and eventually driven from their job.

Style definitions


how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"

See also: manner mode fashion


a way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period; "all the reporters were expected to adopt the style of the newspaper"


a particular kind (as to appearance); "this style of shoe is in demand"


the popular taste at a given time; "leather is the latest vogue"; "he followed current trends"; "the 1920s had a style of their own"

See also: vogue trend


(botany) the narrow elongated part of the pistil between the ovary and the stigma


editorial directions to be followed in spelling and punctuation and capitalization and typographical display


distinctive and stylish elegance; "he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"

See also: dash elan flair panache


a pointed tool for writing or drawing or engraving; "he drew the design on the stencil with a steel stylus"

See also: stylus


a slender bristlelike or tubular process; "a cartilaginous style"


designate by an identifying term; "They styled their nation `The Confederate States'"

See also: title


make consistent with a certain fashion or style; "Style my hair"; "style the dress"


make consistent with certain rules of style; "style a manuscript"