Imparting in a sentence as a noun

I agree with you. People are imparting their own interpretation of the word.

I think it's possible for a book to do a fair job at imparting that wisdom, but GOF is setup terribly for it.

In high school, I was lucky to have multiple teachers who were sticklers for imparting the essential building blocks of strong writing.

I've heard many teachers complain that they aren't truly imparting knowledge but merely repeating from a book due to "the state.

I think Gödel, Escher Bach does a good job imparting the "mathematical mindset", albeit indirectly.

If the goal is preparing a student to be an effective computer scientist, the first step is imparting fundamental tools of the trade.

The science, research and technology articles alone could turn men into gods of their time, imparting the knowledge necessary to wage war or enthrall most people.

So a solid bullet that passes through the target does less harm than a bullet that fragments and gets caught up in the target, thus imparting all of its energy into the target.

However, even the best preschools can never be as effective as good parenting at imparting language schools, for reasons that the Meaningful Difference book explains.

It just seems like the average CS professor has a higher chance of imparting useful knowledge to kids than a highschool teacher who has to learn it from the same book as the kids they're teaching it to.

More often than not, the lessons for imparting these skills are incoherent--with many non-mathematical discursions and interruptions.

They're not about imparting you with a complete understanding of the relevant mathematics, but much more about whether you can stomach being made to memorize lots of pattern-matching heuristics to do endless reams of tedious problems.

Teacher performance isn't quantified, and so teachers can pretty much get away with only being as good at imparting knowledge as any random member of the population--even though they took years of education-in-Education.

Imparting definitions


the transmission of information

See also: conveyance impartation