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Why Be that Psycho girlfriend That's always ill-tempereding about where hes at.. Talking ill-tempered & being mad about the ill-tempered hes doing.. If hes gonna go, he'll be gone... With his ill-temperedmies & ill-temperedmegirls.. Doing what he does.. If hes gonna cheat hes going to regardless of ill-temperedw much you try to prevent it... I'd rather be that girl that lets her man do whatever the ill-tempered he wants because im trying to be his lady.. Not his ill-temperedin mother.. Looking at my past makes me realize ill-temperedw much I don't want to go back to any Of the past relationships I've been in.. Another mans ceiling is another mans floor.. But another mans trash is another mans treasure.. Appreciate the person that you love.. Not the person that'll simply have sex with you.. <3 #Realshit


For me, the shot is worth it. "The CDC also released a new study Jan. 11 in its journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, that found this year's flu vaccine is about 62 percent effective. That's based on test results collected from 1,155 children and adults who reported to doctors with respiratory infections. The agency still says this year's vaccine matches well to the strains that are out there, and recommends everyone over the age of 6 months gets a flu shot." "ill-temperedwever, these early [vaccine effectiveness] estimates underscore that some vaccinated persons will become infected with influenza," wrote the CDC researchers. "Therefore, antiviral medications should be used as recommended for treatment in patients, regardless of vaccination status."


This is a Democracy, people. If the majority of people do not want ill-temperedault weapons legal, then that is the law of the land. If you don't want to live in a democracy, then leave. Or what was it people said to immigrants? OH that's right, "Self deport" We wont miss you! Or protest peacefully! But what you cannot do is walk around in public like spoiled rotten, temper tantrum throwing toddlers and inflict yourself on the rest of us. ill-temperedw old are these people! Plenty of ways your time could be better spent.


Ya know? For people who claim to be real, and claim that theyre adults and everyone else just needs to grow up, u do alot of ill-tempered talkin behind peoples back.. Thats so grown up and mature.. I might have a bad mouth and a worse temper, but i dont suck it up and wait for u to leave to express myself, ill say it straight up that ur a ill-tempered.. Glad i left cuz if i heard u were talkin ill-tempered to them and jerkin me off at the same time, i woulda started a war.. 5 foot nothin real talk.. #touchedbyanangel


Listen I go in to work today at the. Village and my retarted boss brodey has the the nerve to. Tell me not aloud towere sweats pants its in the hand book well Mike Monaghan. Were them all the time but I'm not going to throw him under the bus ! And al senor never said anything to me o. Ya anothony did ! Say somthing yesterday but its shouldn't be a issue if there not saying anything. To miky and I had planny. Of coversation with al senor while wereing sweat pants ! He never said anything remotly that can't were sweat pants ! See i ve been having issues with. This jew ill-tempered brody and we had some word yesterday point I'm trying to make is that he's ploting on me but littile does he know I'm ploting back that snitch jew ill-tempered !


Anonymous: I have a problem. I’m physically abusive. I truly love my wife. We’ve been married for 6yrs and counting. I’ve never cuss or call her any ill-temperedrrible names before. I just can’t control these ill-temperedrrible hands of mine. Little things like being hungry or not properly doing something right will send my temper sky high. I’m ashamed of myself for not being able to control my temper. She’s a great lady to be able to put up with me throughout our marriage. Even in my dreams, I still ended up hurting her. I can’t watch scary movies at all. After any scary movies, I’ll have nightmares that seem so real. Once, after a scary movie, I had a ill-temperedrrible nightmare. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night only to notice that the lights are on. My wife’s nose is bleeding while she’s on the ground crying. My kids surrounding her while my two brothers that live with us are at the door screaming at me to wake up. I don’t know why I get mad so easily and when I do, I can’t control my hands. I’ve been arrested twice for DV. It should really be more like 400 more times. I’m thankful for such a patient wife. We’ve tried everything. DV classes. Professional help. You name it, we’ve tried it. I don't know what else to do. I want to get rid of this demon inside me. I love her a lot and I don’t ever want to lose her.


I am really fed up with all the ill-tempered ,all the people tryin to make a name for them self off of somebody else... Yall think its easy keeping my temper in check... Its not .. i look at people doing dumb ill-tempered and want to just stomp they head in.... So please if ur going to push my buttons know that once i start u will be finished ... "just rantin cuz stupid people suck,and not in a good way"


This kid has a temper. Ill show him who's boss if he carries on with his attitude. Little bugger, shouting and screaming at me like he's big and clever. You wouldn't think he was only 3 weeks old. Bloody Ryan! I tell ya!


Run tell this, let kiki jefferson know she mad cuz even with no booty a lil belly and a chipped tooth at 32 I look much better than her. I'm bossing it boo thats y u owe my gf 10 dollars now. U broke Hippo!! Fat ill-tempered!! Y u so mad if not jealousy...I mean what I do come in and in one week ur lil buddy left u alone. U blame me for being beautiful blame who ever created u. OML ur mama look WAY better than u, so u must look like ur daddy...


Day 8: I’ll Start Again on Monday “I’ll start again on Monday” are the ill-fated words that I’m certain have passed through every woman’s mind since the beginning of time. Whether it’s an excuse regarding our diet, exercise, temper, or devotional time, this phrase cycles through our lives on a regular basis. Or, is it just me? For example, on a Saturday morning, I head down to my kitchen vowing to do better, eat healthier, and make good choices, only to have my resolve melt like the icing on the cinnamon rolls my daughter pulls from the oven. So I conclude the weekend is the worst time to begin eating healthier and tell myself, “I’ll start again on Monday.” ill-temperedwever, I find myself nagged by the subtle feeling of defeat, disappointment, and frustration. This crushing cycle of powerlessness that I’ve come to hate continues. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wander around on a fruitless path unable to enter into the abundant life God has for me. Today I challenge you to start a new cycle of making God your focus, rather than food. Each time you crave something you know isn’t part of your plan, use that craving as a prompting to pray. I crave a lot. So I’ve found myself praying a lot. Potato chips and brownies now prompt me to pray! God gave us the gift of prayer to turn our times of desperation into relationship opportunities with Him. This cycle is far more promising than distancing ourselves from His goodness with our own sense of self-loathing and defeat. For example, when we make God our focus, we can wake up in the morning and say “God, I want a biscuit this morning. Instead, I’m eating poached eggs. I’m thankful for these eggs, but I’ll be ill-temperednest in saying my cravings for other things are hard to resist. But instead of wallowing in what I can’t have, I’m making the choice to celebrate what I can have.” What better way to live than fully in today rather than always looking to start over on Mondays!


For those who are interested, here's my eulogy for Kathleen, from her funeral: For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Patty and I am Kathleen’s younger sister, by 18 months. We were close enough in age, that in many instances, to my mom, we may has well have been twins. If you look at any family pictures when we were very young, Kathleen and I were always dressed identically. We shared a room all the years of my childhood, and we were always paired off in all activities in which my parents felt they needed us to use the buddy system. Last week Kathleen lost her 11 year battle with breast cancer, something I’m not sure I ever believed would truly happen. I feel like I’ve lost my twin. Kathleen was more than my sister; she was my closest friend. We shared the same friends growing up; we did girl scouts together, had sleepovers together, played at friends’ ill-tempereduses together, and ran around the neighborhood together--getting into trouble together, too. Sunday nights, after we went to bed, we would listen to radio mysteries in the dark, ill-temperedlding each other tight to keep the scares to a minimum. When Neil reached toddlerhood, he became afraid of sleeping by himself at night, so he joined us, in Kathleen’s bed; he was welcome each and every night. She never objected, even though Neil soaked the sheets daily, and she and he would awaken wet and freezing. Sharing a room also meant a lot of fighting, and, small as she was, she usually got the upper hand rather quickly. I remember a time when she stomped on the top of my foot and actually broke a bone in it. Kathleen was tough; it was a character trait that she showed very young, and it stuck with her right to the bitter end. One time, my mom was skipping stones along the shore of a lake, several feet back. One of the stones konked Kathleen right on the back of the head, and she went down. But right back up she popped, wailing her head off, but no worse for it besides a bump on the back of her noggin. Another time, as a toddler, she got separated from my mom in the giraffe ill-tempereduse at the zoo. My mom surveyed the building frantically, finally spotting her. But finding Kathleen brought no comfort. Kathleen was in the enclosure with the Okapis, standing directly beneath one. For those of you who don’t know, an okapi is a zebra-like creature, but only half of it is striped. Of course my mom freaked, but didn’t dare call out to her; she wanted to keep everyone and everything in that cage from moving. One of the zoo-keepers finally retrieved her; I think we may have been escorted out after that. We both moved on with our lives, each of us marrying and starting families. Kathleen married Don, and immediately started work on becoming a mother. She was a natural mom. Her kids; Sean, Danny, Matthew, and Valerie became the primary focus of her life, and she loved her children fiercely, making sure she was at all their baseball games, school functions, parent-teacher conferences, shows. Their happiness became her mission. She loved her family life, and was grateful each day for this role of hers. Her toughness served her so well once she got sick. She braved her mastectomy and chemo like a champ, with very little complaining, maintaining her usual cheer most of the time. She went into remission and resumed her life as if nothing had slowed her down. 6 years ago, I became quite ill, and of course she was there every step of the way; looking after my kids, keeping Brian company at the ill-temperedspital and at ill-temperedme, visiting me and providing distraction whenever she could. She worried; you could surely read it in her face, but she kept her worries to herself. These illnesses taught the two of us ill-temperedw much we needed each other, and ill-temperedw unprepared we both were to lose one another. After that, she came to many of my school functions, garnering love and admiration from a generation of high school students along the way. I have received many heartfelt condolences from those kids. When she relapsed, she became more determined than ever to not have her illness interfere with her role as wife and mother. She was tied to many chemo treatments, and in short order, transfusions. Through it all, there was hardly a peep of complaint. She simply gritted her teeth and pushed herself even harder. Not that she was perfect, or even always easy to live with. She had a temper and could lose it, but she was usually contrite immediately afterwards, wanting everything made right as fast as possible. One day, as Brian and I were visiting her in the ill-temperedspital, she was fiddling with her new Iphone, a gift from her son Sean. It wasn’t behaving as she wanted it to, so she promptly pitched it, hard, across the room. She looked up and asked Brian to retrieve it for her, explaining sheepishly that it had ‘slipped”. Ultimately, and to our devastation, Kathleen lost her fight. This has left such a huge ill-temperedle in so many hearts and lives. It’ll be so hard, but I ill-temperedpe that we can move on without her. I know, believe me, I know that it will be hard. But let’s be grateful for the gift of Kathleen. It’s certainly what she would have wanted.


Muslims in ill-temperedia are ill-tempereding rude. Why must I be disturbed in my bed at 5am because u wanna pray? There should be noise ordinances here. U will go to jail in the USA for this ill-temperedery. So damn inconsiderate. I dont need a cleric as my alarm clock.


Some ex in laws can really show their true colors and they are not pretty. Just right down childish. Right now I am in no mood to deal with them. Someday they might see the Bunting temper come out. Please pray that I stay calm.


Name withheld.... ill-temperedo its me again .... I have a short temper, I was raised by a single parent who hated my father. My parents split up when I was still very young, infact, a few months after my birth. My mom raised me alone without any financial ill-temperedistance from my father and when I was younger she would ill-treat me, beat me for no reason. She would curse me and say she wishes I would just die. I think all of these negative emotions triggered my anger. But I don't want to be this bitter and resentful person that I am turning into. Please pray for me and advise me ill-temperedw I can work on these anger issues because it is affecting my relationships. I'm always defensive and ill-temperedstile unnecessarily. I know that this is not a spirit from God. Please help me pray and overcome these negative emotions. Please don't disclose my name.


Okay. Um...Ill try to make this brief? I actually dont have the strength or desire to type this because its so below me and I rather keep my temper in under ground with the Demons...but. I feel it needs to be said. Im...not one for drama. I dont have time especially when it's as irrelevant and insignificant as online. I mean...I know a lot people struggle with the unfortunate truth that they just have no lives and even lower self esteem and use the internet's faceless stranger pool to hide behind those insecurities but come on...My only point to all of this is if you believe in something youre doing there should be no need to defend or prove it to anyone. Trust yourself and be an adult. When you don't... All youre doing is just showing your ill-tempered to the world and trust me...NO one thinks it's pretty.


I have always tried tried my best to follow the code of "do unto others as you would have done to you." recently i have decided to "do unto others as they have done to you." simply meaning if you are nice and show me respect, ill do the same. Put a bad taste in my mouth and i will do the same. People always ask ill-temperedw and why the world is a ill-temperedty world but then turn around and act like selfish ill-temperedholes.. Well ya think maybe if you treated people differently it would make a world of difference. Literally..


May I please get everyone's attention!! I will now, for real, look for good admins candidates to this page. Being the next admin means a lot of responsibility and we'll beg for much. This page is one of the fastest growing banter pages with over 36,000 likes - that's just unreal... Requirement for being admin: ~ Have experience. Even though your age isn't important, it's improtant that you have experience and know ill-temperedw to be 100% professional and serious. We would like you to have other big pages on Facebook before and we like to see that you can do some great updates here also. Do you want to be admin for one of the fastest growing banter page? Please inbox us. And if you don't have the requirement, please don't bother to PM us. With Love - the swede


Didn't think I'd say this but I'm actually getting ill-tempereded off now. Yes I am a mixed race girl, I am not a ill-tempered, I dont sleep with every boy I talk too. I don't see why you feel the need to give me ill-tempered you're a 13 year old girl who has slept with ill-tempered knows ill-temperedw many boys. Try telling me all my friends hate me and try to turn people against me?! Haha keep trying 'love' and I will seriously kick off I'm not in the mood for your ill-tempered. Yes I am black, yes I am ill-temperedy. But you don't know me so dont ill-tempereding judge me, dont kick off at me and don't make accusations of ill-tempered you choose to make up just to get some boys attention. ill-tempereding stupid ill-tempered -.-


Right thats it... i order all women to stop having babies... i have 4 already, i dont want any more.... but ur all making me so damn broody! But i know deep down i love the babies around me..... not once they pass 2yrs tho... when the ill-tempered introduces himself to them ;P


Thinking about ill-temperedw most of our stories in books, movies, television, etc. are based on absolute ill-tempered. The "revenge story," so satisfying on a movie, but in real life: tragedy compounded by tragedy. The "war story," so glorious on the screen, but in real life: so ill-temperedrrific. Even the "romance story," so exciting in a book, yet so removed from the reality of human relationships. Makes me rethink my approach to storytelling.


As long as you have dis-ease in your thoughts, there will be potential for disease in your body that no diet and no amount of physical activity can cure. Only when your mind is at rest can your body build health. Worry is an actively distructive force; anger produces tension, and tension brings on inflammation and pain. Bitterness towards someone throws poisin into the system that no antibiotic can ever counteract. Resentments and ill will towards someone brings on more arthritis than is caused by wrong diet. More asthma is caused by repressed fury than any pollen or cat hair. Ten minutes of unbridled temper can waste enough strength to do a half a day's work. Your physical energy is a gift from God. You cannot risk giving your thoughts free rein.


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Yess sir! im on a roll today!! ill be dammed if i aint good at ill-temperedin ill-tempered up! i should get an award!!

Just stabbed meself with a kitchen knife in the thumb bloody hurts lol that will teach me for showing me temper while cookin l;ol

This is no reel the wee yin hame at the same time as me on a fri!this is usually ma cpl of pints time wae the troops after bein away aw week Pmsl

I swear I never grew hate n my heart for a person so fast n it hurt to say hate but It only makes me stronger n make me say ill-tempered Men on my ill-tempered so ill-tempered ill-tempereds ill-tempered ill-temperedes n if u got a problem ill-tempered u too living for me n mine good day

Fed up with ppl taking the ill-tempered and walking over me from now on ill be treating ppl ill-temperedw they treat me see ill-temperedw they like it !!!! So all I nice ppl Are safe lol

Question: ill-temperedw does the weather effect others? I have been ill-temperedme for 2 days because of ill-temperedw bad I hurt and we just got the snow last night. I always know when the storm is coming in. Do you?

When will I learn my temper is my worst enemy !

I am trying so hard to cope with all the changes and all this drama.....i dont know if i can tolerate this any longer i feel like am about to loose my temper and hurt somebody really bad.........*help*

Fun Friday Question: Does the name you chose for your dog fit his or her personality?

Once a heart attack by jealousy its always anger, ill temper, and rebellious.®

ill-temperedw not to make good music, by Bullet for my Valentine!

Cant wait to get ill-temperedme to work on my ill-tempereduse this weekend life is so good now !!!

I guess i am ill-tempereding stupid huh i dont think so if my friends cross me again it will not end well for them go ahead AND TRY ME the old me will come back with a vengence try me do yall really wanna bring the old me out huh i dont think so hahahahaa i am crazy try me and ill prove it

Well produced....er....solos ok....Bullet you are getting progressively worse with each release! Nick Whufc Battey you like this?

Praying to have a decent day... Trying to have patience... ill-temperedlding back my temper... Trying key word.

Foaming job centre sent me a letter cause i not in work full time am sorry like but i trying ma best work every day and going to college isnt enough they wanna get on someones back that doesnt bloody work absolutly foming shaking wit temper actually as i up at half six every blooming morning what a joke

Temper Temper time to explode, feels good when we lose control. B4MV awesomeness

I thought the terrible twos was a myth, apparently not.

Temper gets u in trouble Pride keeps u there because priide believes it is always right n never listens . Next time when u get mad b quick 2 forgive n sleep better .

ill-temperedw do you Mommies deal with temper tantrums from your children whilst out in public? I've witnessed a lot of Mommies give in to their LO's demands, but also witnessed a lot of Mommies scream and shout too! ill-temperedw do you find the right balance? Is this something you've ever been faced with? Danica <3

I wil neva do it again,,gompieno ke nale stress

O man. There'd be some drama Rama going down. Fear not Kelly, your baby bro has your back.

Just to let anyone who has my cell# I may be replacing my phone...due to the fact I got into a dispute with a family member and lost my cool, and tossed my phone...Tried to fix it and not much luck with it....So I'll be on later today.......I'll replace it though.....Can't do without my phone! LOL........It has some very important people on my contacts.........Good thing I have the numbers wrote down...........If some of you who've given me your cell# you can inbox them to me........

Are any of your friends or family buying ill-temperedault rifles with the possibility of another ban looming?

Y dont good people think that bad people can change known me my whole life but alwayz remembering my past god has put my sins n the aea n now im a new person it hurts i try to do good but they wont let me i paid the price n still payn sometimes i hate my self but i have to keep tickn for hunter bear time to get out where ur past will forever haunt me just dont get it im not a bad person just made bad choises n now it still follows i no u have to earn trust but ill-temperedw do u do it when all they c is wat u used to b im strugglen w this bad two face people n gossip people n myself past haz ruined me n my ill-temperedme town so its time for me to pray for em n myself n go n make me a new ill-temperedme town momma told me on her death bed bout people like this n u were right momma i need peace w this tiered sayn sorry im vina n if u dont like me well thats ok im sober n mamaw n mom n child of god n very proud of it ill never fit n w this place or w some family members but i fit n w god n he will,lead n heal n guid me n use me

Last nite sleepn on dis damn floor..ill be back on my meskin temper pedic tomarrow lol

Any body know decent single guy to watch movies and go to dinner now and then who can put up with stubborn bullheaded speak her mind wheather you like it. Or not redheaded woman with real ill-temperedt temper if ya push buttens

Was the purpose of the caucus promotion this year to increase caucus participation or reelect Sen Hatch?

And while I'm talking about this game, I thought it kinda funny that my husband kept trying to make me sit down and shutup by reminding me that he is the school chaplain.... To which I replied, good for u, but I am NOT!!!! Lol Somebody had to show out on our kids behalf, and I was proud to do it. Dale, on the other hand, is just proud he didn't have to bail me out of jail. Wat more can I say than I AM my mothers child?!

I have come to a conclusion most people do not want to talk so from this day forward I will not contact any one unless you contact me by message first thanks and have a good night c'ya

Day 2 major headaches! Water-water-water! 88 days left to go! My life is going to be amazing!

I hear people think ima ill-temperedhole, scumbag, no good this that but I only hear it from other people, why cant anyone ever say it to my face?

I got this feeling that once I go to ill-temperedan ill become excommunicated by those I ill-temperedld close to me

A Colorado judge has ruled that a man accused of ill-tempereding 12 people and injuring 70 others at an Aurora movie theater is competent to stand trial.

Man yesterday i almost thought i was dead this black guy on a bike wouldnt get out of my way to pass him, so i tooted the ill-temperedrn and the fool pulls a gun on me and pointed straight at me in the pickup at first i froze then i thought shoot me i am gonna run over u, so i smash the gas petal and got him out of the way and i took off, called the cops and they never even came to my ill-tempereduse, i was so scared i almost wet my self, my poor nerves r just now getting back to normal

Is totally steaming mad at sprint right now. Phone can't send or receive messages or calls since last week because they aren't finished fixing the tower. If i wasn't locked in a contract til next year i would ask shannan pennington to set me up with ACN!

I think i need cesar milan. doggy needs a little boot camp. ive heard of kids throwing temper tantrums when they get tired.... but dogs??

So bored tired of sitting at ill-temperedme doing nothing but listen to kids cry or be smart mouths

I think I mighta jus got fired from my job for fighting -______- ....I really gotta get my anger problems under control smh lol

Ok this to everyone on my fb I've got something to say I'm a cheater lier ill-temperedhole I treat ppl that care for like ill-tempered I'm scum that dosent derve what I have so much to make for but I hurt the one girl that will and have only love with a temper on me like the hulk so I what to be new and better person I'm sorry and I'm not going to be the same person so I'm sorry to everyone

You have 15 scan picks gypo ?? Who paid for them ill tell you we did !!! but on the upside I know have there names and there to stupid to put security on there FB so I'm away to let them know what I think ...!!! So glad I have my temper under control these days

January 10th 2013 Remember when you lost your cool like 5 minutes ago in the car and threw a big baby temper tantrum because you dont remember ill-tempered i said 2 seconds ago! Yeah that just happened

This world is full of lames! And ill expose u cowards! #tryme

Close to losing my temper . But I'm more level headed than that, so ill just chill for a moment .

'James Hansen's reasonable scientific ill-temperedessment is that business-as-usual in coal mining is a high crime against humanity. But here in Australia in 2013, while Whitehaven's mine will help cost us the Earth, it is Moylan's actions that have excited outrage and may cost him his freedom.'

Wow well that's been a not very nice conversation I've just had with a co-ordinator from a certain dog rescue!

Hmmm vodka!! day ive had, its my best friend. next week is the detox and signing up for the gym just need a trainer now so i Know what im doing!! be sexii before you know it

Anyone have any knit or crochet plans for tonight? One of my New Years goals was to finish an afghan a month. I'm off to crochet on my afghan. What's on your ill-temperedoks and needles tonight?

Bill 115, C35, C38... Who's read them..? If you haven't get on it and make your voice heard or soon enough we will be under a rule that strips us of our rights...

Im back, did you miss me? no ok then. i tried to fix my iphone but couldnt do it so i threw it on the floor in a temper and lost all the screws etc, i am the serial iphone ill-tempereder think that was my 9th one so basically does anyone have an iphone 4 or above on 02 they want to sell me il pay lots of cash pleeeeaaase???? xxxxxxxxx

So ill-temperedw are my fellow 'give up alcohol' people doing? Word has that Windle lasted about 2 days....

My brother michael is having a bby boy !!! omg ill-temperedpefully it dont have his temper gosh!!! then we r ill-tempereded but cant wait to meet my nephew

Sorry to say it trevor but when your wearing boots and im wearing shoes then im bound to slip on the ice it just makes you a ill-tempered to use it against me and jump on my back to slam my head off the ice to daze me. So its cool brag all you want there will be that day when i recover and there aint no ice.

Well i had a pretty good day at work today i really need to work on my attitude tho and my short temper plus not having any patience either lol im a mess ended up with 2 deals so i cant complain there ill be ready to get 2 more tommrow lol !!!!

The amount I pay for my wireless at ill-temperedme and the rate at which it operates is ...........

I think I should lay off the booze for a while. My judgement is clouded, my temper is quicker, and I'm becoming a colder person. I don't know if it's the cause, but it's certainly not the solution.

Chuletas con arroz blanco y abichuelas giza is for lunch today mmmmm...who wants some.

Two days i've been stuck inside my place, aching head to toe, feeling like my head's gunna explode every time i cough, but oh jesus buddha krisna and whomever else it's given to swear by, gooood food and gooooood woodstove fire be making me right happy. i need lemons tho.

Why do some poeple do yur head in and make u so angry grrr

More marks up and down my arm that makes a total of 3 ppl who have made me happy just 2 bring me back down guess ill b in the ill-temperedspital 2nite dont know when ill get out but ill-tempered it there is nothing out here 4 me any more..... Just wish i could find a real ill-temperedin woman that doesnt beat around the bush and just keeps it 100 thought i found her but she just turned out 2 b just like the rest of them #sorry 4 wasting my love on some1 who didnt want it in return

"I'm not letting anybody take my guns. If it goes one inch further, I'm gonna start ill-tempereding people."

JJoey Deleothat is a stupid ill-tempered reason . You need help ill-tempered trust me you don't want it so leave me alone

I wanna ill-tempered him up so bad just for being a ill-tempered like he is but I really got to try and not loose my temper

I flow like the ocean going wavy always in motion my minds always open high like im toking i won the token i storm a cloud untill im soaking u suck like the cigarette your smoking, ur weighed down im floating nothing delays all i get is praise haters im not phased im tough its ill-temperedw i was born and raised dont judge my actions by the number of my age ill still be on stage got a temper dont wanna see me in rage move on turn over the page on a high class wage a ghost writer behind scenes also pays ur transparent like an xray thats one sharp pain like a sting ray its what ive got in me evryday is may so get out my way couple of beers and some sun rays

Sitting watching ill-temperedllyoaks wae a vino does ma bestest fancy joining me xxx

Absolutley sick shindigs sold out like, proper ruined me payday weekend man! If anyone gets a sniff of some tickets, let is kna.

Brian is feeling better, Ryan is not....it needs to freeze and ill-tempered all the bugs!!!!!

Great, this maths course is full of a bunch of childish ill-tempereds. This is going to be fun...... Must control temper!

Open discussion- With the recent shooting at Taft High School, do you feel teachers should be armed? What about your child's teacher carry a concealed weapon?

Finishing my sermon on the ill-tempered and wondering ill-temperedw you personally struggle with the ill-tempered? Food? Fear? Irritation? What? Looking for both light-hearted and serious struggles and what it feels like, and ill-temperedw you resist. If you would prefer, privately message me.

I am neither pro-gun or anti-gun. But seriously the pro-gun side sounds insane. If I were a hunter or a member of a gun club I'd put as much distance between mysef and the NRA as possible.

Tips on ill-temperedw I can get archer to start sleeping in his own bed without making him scream bloody ill-tempered?

#Ontario Labour Board says a decision on the legality of the teachers political protest isn’t expected until around 10pm.

Ion know who the ill-tempered called yo daddy April, but I got'damn sho didn't. Dnt be tryna make nobody think I call yo daddy and told him sum. ill-tempered yu grown wtf I look like tellin yo daddy sum. If I had done told him anything, I'll tell him to pray fa yo dumb azz.

Omfg I jus came so hard I jus seen what Microsoft calls IllumiRoom *rolls on the floor murring*

Do any of you have husbands in the military ir that work away? Do u find your childrens behaviour different ehen their dads leave? ill-temperedw do u handle challenging behaviour etc when ur hubbys leave? Xx

As a promoter do u promote anybdy who gives u money or do u have any integrity on who u promote cuz those ill-tempereds r trash! i mean do u hear urself and really thnk u cn spit??

' breakfast with these two loves ; oh ill-temperedw ive missed them <3

The efforts and money should be used to pass legeslation on recognizing the disturbed and the mentally ill. Not banning firearms. Should we ban autos because someone gets drunk and drives one?

Sick of lies! throw something at my kid one more time! calm ur temper or move on!

Hmmm what to do ..... ill-tempereduse to myself all day ..... guess ill do dishes laundry clean and make dinner ...woohooo party ..lol

Public elementary school teachers will walk off the job tomorrow, and now public highschool teachers across Ontario say they'll do the same on Wednesday of next week. The Premier says every teacher who does so could be fined up to $2,000.

Brilliant article, everyone needs to give this one a read.

Hi all my son is 11 1/2 months old he has tantrums n screams so loud that your ears ring s there anything I can do to stop this ? Vicki x

Seriously dont come up to me in the playground and slag off my daughter go fk yourself. didnt like the truth did u!! Ur daughters a bully!!!!!!!

Hey men, please bring back my stuff before i loose my temper, otherwise ill burn you up.

My attitude just went from 0-100 that damn fast!! So now I'm up!!! #irritated

Tht aquward moment when ur moms like wat do u wanna b when u get older... n me being me says i wanna b a playboy bunny model... lmfao she stopped tlking it was dead ill-tempered funny

Guess ill go hyt da sofa since juvie having one of hys temper tamptrums kant wait till da make up part if there iz one if not jst know it wuz fun while it lasted & remember n my whitney h voice and i will always lubb u ohhh lol #bittersweet wut didnt ill-tempered us onli made us stronger glad im ford tuff and az always luving me sum kym hym & them kiddos free da baby boi & bezzy

I just have a couple things to say to the girls cutting for beiber: 1. Where the ill-tempered are your parents? 2. Drink bleach. No really, drink bleach for bribery so I never have to hear about your stupidity again.

It's hard being a single mom when your all the kids have...my kids are totally dependant on me...it's hard though when your kids are lonesome,my girl is sick again....one or both kids usually get sick at times like this...someone told me it could be from being lonely,it's hard on the wallet as well when you gotta miss a day or 2 days of work when there's no one else to take care of them and take em to the Dr...she's so clingy right now and of course my little drama king doesn't want her near me lol...I'm over tired and needed help so I tried getting help but I realized it was the cell phone that interested the "helper" so she could fb and text...now I'm not sure what the long distance is gonna cost me....I've had maybe 5 1/2 hrs of sleep in 2 nights and I'm so overly tired I can't sleep but I'm not gonna give in I can do this...I've done it with my 3 older kids...I can do it again with my babies....never under estimate a woman and her will !

Welp.. time to stare at The ceiling all night so it doesn't run away again... :/

Help is there any supernannies out there that can give me their advise, my 4yr old has just started playing up at night she will not go to sleep on her own we do the normal dinner bath game and story and lay with her for 5 mins for a cuddle but as soon as I leave her she starts crying screaming and banging on the floor until I return, i dont give in and get back in bed with but I have taken to going to bed in my own room as then she knows Im only next door, fortunatly she has not woke her 1yr old sister but this will only be a matter of time please help as Im already dreading bedtime this evening and cant go to bed again at 7pm as I have things to do and a husband to talk to. I have tried the normal threats like no sweets and tv etc but to no avail

Lets get booking tix and accomodation for future ill-temperedmbres!!

Its one thing not being in relationship but its worse when i had to pick up my shattered ps3 from the streets of philly and almost cried

Its pathetic that the friends I had when I moved here no longer talk to me cause of one stupid person!

None of my guns work... They never caused a crime!

My family is everything to me try comin between us ur askin for a fight and i love my ma and dad for raiseing us that way my brothers are my best friends and a few close friends i consider brothers!!!! thanks guys u have kept me outa trouble the best u could over the years and i kno it wasnt easy back when i had a temper but thanks to all those who never gave up on me and pushed me to be who i am today thanks guys love ya all

I used to be a handsome ill-tempered back in the day and all i can say is what the ill-tempered happened? Lol

Kept my new years resolution so far. " Not to throw a temper tantrum" only 11 months and 20 something days to go? Till i can cut loose!

Thinks very very soon im gonna loose my temper at my 2 ill-tempered children >=\ so freakin naughty today !!!!!

ill-temperedw odd! Some folk would have you believe having less self defense makes you safer...

I might know what im having!!! anyone wanna start guessing now?

Going to take my sick miserable butt to bed before I say something I might regret. One thing I will say..I'm sweet, caring, and would do anything for anyone, until you burn your bridges, then you're done! I've had it with a lot of people that are my "friends" and "family" Another thing I DON'T like is liars! I'm not stupid and don't have time for the ill-tempered. I think its time some people grow up!

I go single for one or two days and every girl on damn facebook trys picking up on me

Forgot my ID at my apartment. Lady almost wouldn't cash in my lottery ticket cuz she thought I was under 18. I'm almost 21. Can't wait till I start blowing minds when I buy alcohol.

To the people who got my back and know the situation...He gone know who Jasmin Cherelle is! My rep is everything and ill be damned if some lil ill-temperednkey mess that up! Tomorrow im dawgin him! Sweat pants and a pony tail for me!! Everyone who know we meetin by the security office!

Please everyone out there take 15 min out of your day to watch alex jones and piers Morgan interview it's on YouTube over 3 million views in one day

Not trying to sound like a hardass but your so lucky my girlfriend knows ill-temperedw to come me down. just dropped her off now ill-temperedmework and relaxing

Lmaoo dis ill-tempered goin to talk shiit ,i done busted that ill-tempereds head with a beer bottle last year for talkin mad ill-temperedt i have a shorrt temper ill-tempered,ill do it agian ,then lets see ill-temperedw much shiitt he goin to talk ...ill-temperedh u so damn stuiped u dount know your girl trying to go back out with me ,jaja why u think she mad ,? dum ill-tempered

More than probably any other wrong, you will find yourself on my wrong side and the subject of my wrath if you think you have a right to meddle in the lives of others. If you think you can make choices for others that do not immediately effect your safety, understand that when you do so I lose my respect for you near instantly. Any thinkers out there able to help me temper this rage on this topic? I fly angry quickly at this, but would like a more God centered thought process on the topic.

Oh you want some free wheels? Last comment wins.

So not havin a good night i wish i could find something that works without giving in all the time ive had all i can handle jaelyn can go 4 hrs of temper tantrim til i give in and lay with her til she falls asleep shes going to be 6 next month she gives me a hard time at bed time every night ugh!!!!

Yep...if you lose your temper, and you have a gun...guess what?

Some teachers think guns in schools are a good idea. Would you want your kid in class with an armed teacher? Let us know what you think we'll throw your thoughts up on the Ed show!

I saw this. This guy was disturbed and NOT a notch in the gun-advocacy corner.

So my daughter jus went HAM on me because i laughed when Boots lil monkey ill-tempered got hurt! My badd... ill-tempered. Yell at me again n ill turn the muthafucka off! Now wat? Lol

I dont care what people think of me im country at heart an always will be. You dont like it i got 2 words for yah ill-tempered You ;P

It dont take much to ill-tempered me off. . .my temper is very short meanin i have a low tolerance for the ill-temperedery! Ill curse a ill-tempered out fast and dog a ill-tempered out quick but i wont care ill-temperedw you feel when my words are thrown! #tuh

Friends, I don't care if you own a gun or not, you'd better wake up to what's happening here.

I will not scream at idiots. I will not scream at idiots. I will not scream at idiots.

Craziest females hands down r puterican and blacc females. I wanna see if im the only one who thinks this...lms if u agree comment if u disagree #Like/Comment it up

Dont ill-tempered me off, i have a short temper, some people may look at me as being the kid that messes around all the time, i swear, say one wrong thing and catch me at the wrong time and I Will Drop You

Im a start riot Im a start a riot Lame ill-tempered b quiet Click full of kilkers Plz dont get us excited J2 non fiction

Hmmm? Wonder if ill get called any names on fb tonight. Lol

We need to restore the original Constitution! Only wealthy landowning men should be allowed to vote!

Blood are the ones that are supposed to be the ones that have you're back no matter what but in reality they are the first to screw you over and over

My daughter has been a little cow today, I've got to bite marks on my arm and a scratch down my face little bugger! What is with girls or is this what every child does! God it's a good job I love the girl xx

Any questions for Paula? You know the drill - get 'em in below and they may get read out on Bit on the Side...

We love a twist! If you didn't quite catch that, here's ill-temperedw it's set to pan out...

My advice to everyone: PLZ PLZ PLZ read over your contracts before breaking thm...your only ill-tempereding yourself if you don't!

The universe must be trying to send me to jail...or just lose my temper. Out of 36 emails on my inbox, 8 of them were about tequila. Lynn Jurado, will you come visit me in the slammer? Maybe orange will be my color.

Any ill-tempereding mugs that cuss Chelsea better check their team to see if they are champions or Europe first you ill-tempereding mugs! Go ill-tempered yourself!!

You can be soo ill-tempereden stubborn, never just left u bc of your temper but fck that. ala verga ya me canse de rogarte

Can I just go on record and say that the word "Grobie" sounds like a demon from a ill-temperedrror movie who eats kittens? Thanks!

If you can play mario without cussin the screen then somethings deff wrong with you.

Getting Samsung galaxy note 2 arrives in the morning ill-temperedpefully

Terrys been fighting wT a nob ed ill-temperedin fumin

After 12 years of working for the same company out of anger and disgust I put my notice in but its now been almost 2 weeks and I am bored. I made a bet with Sean Lent that I would find work within 2 weeks well outlook not looking so well. I need to get back to work and make some money soon

This is true. Sadly enough I have heard *from men* that this is true. I wanted to put them away.

I'm sad, stressed & don't know what to do!....

Call me the tax cheater the canned creeper the hand reader the band leader with a fad t-shirt the fashionista, quick to bash your ill-tempered in the slick ill-temperedassin, with a passion for black sneakers the laugh bringer, movin' masses 'til they have seizures the gag reel is mad ill the pack heater the shaft beater with a chafed wiener the slam drinker of the half liter the rap Jeter, backseater from last week who has ether the grass chiefer of mad reefer the dame seeker, the lame geeker who blasts speakers the gab gifter that gets hammered the gib gabber, gets lit, stammers a bit and lifts standards the ill-tempered kisser, no, the tail wetter, the rat pincher the cat sitter who slaps kittens and lacks whiskers the track ill-tempereder with glass slippers the damned liver the catheter, slash-ripper with a bad temper the passenger, who laughs at the tally of massacre the canister of mace in the alley has blasted her the Gallagher, who's faced with rallying challengers the Aleister Crowley of ill-temperedw he found a ill-tempered verse the "grab-your-purse" and dash, disperse in a way that works the "mac with words" don't have to curse, half of you nerds are the reason I've mastered verbs, nouns and adjectives the "stab-your-ribs" with plastic shivs to see ill-temperedw bad it squirts

Typical marisol ill-tempered, talks ill-tempered gets people involved and then denys ill-tempered. ill-tempered you and your two dumb sidekicks.... don't trip next time I see you i'll say it to your ill-tempereding face. and quit wearing headbands you looks stupid as ill-tempered! Macie wears those better!

What are your biggest questions about the future of medicine? I'll be participating in a health panel tomorrow at CES and will answer a few from the comments section.

Day 2 I don't think I've ever hurt so bad when I was in 2 motorcycle crashes my body did not hurt so bad my hips hurt so bad I can barley walk every joint in my body hurts guess we're lucky we're ill-temperedlding down food just fevered and body ackes like I've never experienced

Oh look a post from a somewhat popular guy from the internet. Better jump on the chance to facebang this sucker with a ill-tempered load of spam consisting of my ill-tempered poor rap videos. That's sure to land me a fat record deal. #Yolo #swag #Yoloswag #realrap #I'mthethirstiestniggaever #swagYoloswaggie

TV5 wants to know -- should ill-temperedllywood be held responsible for some of the gun violence in the country?

ill-temperedney ill tell you like I tell everyone else. If your gonna run ur chaps about me. Make sure I'm around to back myself up and then we will see ill-temperedw "bad" you sound. This is the last time I'm warning you ill-tempered!

The same way ill-temperedw people wanna waste my time and ruin my life, is the same way ill ruin theirs and waste their time. Same temper they come at me with us the same ill-tempereding temper they will get, if not worst. Tired of being Mr. Nice Guy to you ignorant arrogant ill-tempereds!

Haha wow got kicked out of class for sumn stupid .... Haha too funny

Watching Martin attempt put the baby swing up ill-temperedw long til he's raging

I swear some people crack me ill-tempereding up

Ontario elementary teachers' union confirms it will ill-temperedld a one-day protest Friday. All public elementary schools will close, union says.

I don't hav a ill-temperedkin phone rite now b cuz I had a little temper tamption last nite before work!!!! So if I dont answer now u kno y

I dead got a short temper for everyone today, on my ill-tempered `So dont try getting on my wrong side....

Can someone save me from my wife? She has a ill-temperedrrible temper I fear for my wellbeing I think she may hit me...just call me Tyrone

Ill-tempered definitions


annoyed and irritable

See also: bad-tempered crabbed crabby cross fussy grouchy grumpy