Husbandry in a sentence as a noun

In times of stress, I too often seek solace in mollusc husbandry.

A butcher might be interested in animal husbandry, but maybe they just want to cut steak.

Sure there was, thanks to human domestication and husbandry of animals, we've been selecting for tastiness in some species for thousands of years.

I run a website / forum in a niche area of animal husbandry, and one part of the site links to useful descriptions / information on different breeds.

For example, humans got a lot better at tolerating lactose just a few thousand years after animal husbandry was invented.

Because information on animal husbandry is a frequent subject of academic debate.

There are farms in America that focus on sustainable agriculture and ethical animal husbandry.

Like JavaScript or auto > mechanics or animal husbandry, there is indeed a > threshold of expertise for expressing a *meaningful* > opinion.

Making generalizations from a single style of husbandry is a little like making generalizations about human children based on a single school.

For example, alleles conferring lactose tolerance increased to high frequencies in Europe just a few thousand years after animal husbandry was invented.

But not unlike the Higgs, when we have all the other pieces, we can extrapolate, and we have some pretty solid theories on how this happens, and evidence that through husbandry, we as humans have caused it to happen through human selection.

We wouldn't want to coerce large scale farmers running indisputably torturous husbandry operations into preventing a spike in infant mortality now!by the way, the phage therapy described in the comment you linked was largely developed by the soviets.

I'd imagine they would care much more about husbandry, carpentry, metallurgy, and primitive industrial chemistry than whether or not X person was notable enough to deserve a page or precisely how long Colbert managed to keep the page about the extinct elephant altered.

Husbandry definitions


the practice of cultivating the land or raising stock

See also: farming agriculture