Forum in a sentence as a noun

HN is the whitest malest forum I'm a member of.

Found the codejunkies forum and there were a bunch of people doing things that I had been doing.

And please consider that this bugzilla is not meant to be a discussion forum but rather a place where actual bugs are kept.

"Notionally, this is a forum for creators, but it seems increasingly pre-occupied with utterly unproductive posturing over whose tastes are 'better'.

By definition, such a forum will invite submissions from promoters who are, variously, supremely gifted, naive and unrealistic, crafty and conniving, or just hopeful founders who see this is their best funding mechanism, whether it turns out to be good, bad, or mediocre at it plays out.

Forum definitions


a public meeting or assembly for open discussion


a public facility to meet for open discussion

See also: assembly