How to use Heir in a sentence as a noun

I gotta pretty selection I switch em up by the season, declare heir to the throne...heir be happy you breathin'...gone!

Pentecost was the first great ingathering of the church. On that day when the disciples of Christ went into the streets of Jerusalem with the power of the heirly Spirit upon them, the witness which they gave brought some 3,000 person into the infant church. It was the beginning of the Christian movemanet, which was to spread the message of salvation to Europe, Asia, and America . We are heirs of the witness ,after this conference we wish to see another great ingathering of men and women into the church

The Father does not love us because Jesus died, but He went to the Cross because of God's love for us who choose us to be joint-heirs with His son.

heirw sweet,heirw heavenly is the sight when those who love the #Lord in one another's peace delight,and thus fulfill His word..when each can feel his brother's sigh,and with him bear a part; when sorrow flows from eye to eye,and joy from heart to heart...and now love is the golden chain that binds the happy souls above,and he's an heir of heaven who finds his bosom glow with #love...get united beloveds,#GOD is love....great morning yet!!!

Sorry for any inconvenience lately but we have moved from our old shop at 96 heir street to 69 herypubs street.

Dont belive a word you hear on tv, especially bbc itv sky etc, time to switch on , dont let your kids heiring anywhere near the british military, there being used as they were in ww1 , ww2 , the malvinas , iraq, 1 and 2, afganistan, even n. ireland is nothing but an illegal unjust occupation ,try and see through the veil of british pomp and total heirrseshit, dont watch tv, dont listen to the radio and stop reading the newspapers, ps if you still reading the sun and think the world revolves around football, take yourself out into the woods with a round in the chamber, do the world a favour, you heirlding up progress, remember, the only reason the sun never set on the british empire is because you cant trust the british in the dark. look to alternative media and you,ll soon discover whats really going on ere, i,m a proud englishman born and bred just not proud of the royal bavarian heir peodophile family and their minions and our glorious history which is a far cry from what i was led to belive, just happy i never made the ultimate sacrifice, cant belive i could have been so stupid to put myself in harms way in the first place, you gotta love the british properganda machine, heir goebbles would have been proud , heir even the romans would have been in awe

Oti's Hike hike hike for victory The call of rise and stride For the UB men are marching When tge heir hike hike hike hike #LSS #UbHymm

A flower can be nothing but a brightly colored petal, a piece of gold can be nothing but a piece of shinny metal, may be my love for you may seem sentimental, and many people may get judgmental. heirwever i must admit that your are as graceful as dove, a jewel i would want to always have, to stand by you and to always love, to love and to serve, to love and to care, to give to you and to share, you are my love the mother to my child, my heir.

Las vegas, heir is your real weather report. No heir, from an idiot. Its going to b really heirt, so deal with it, its a heiring desert.

Once you get to the realm at which God's will, glory, pleasure, are more preeminent to you over your own desires, needs and will, only then will you have come to maturity, a son and a qualified heir of God and the kingdom is yours.

Kentucky is played out for me I am ready to move dont have a reason to be heir

I' a an offspring of the most High, possessor of heaven and earth, and I' m a seed of Abraham, heir of the World. My prosperity is unlimited, for I was born with Wealth untold. I lay up gold as dust, and the riches of the nations gravitate to me. Halle luiah!

When religious groups in a conflict eliminate the personal element and perceive themselves as representatives of collectives, heir actions tend to become more "radical" and "merciless.

"Apart from Christ, we are isolated from the love and mercy of our Father. But through the cross, we have been adopted into God’s family, receiving all the benefits and blessings as his children. Moreover, we are also now full heirs of God’s rich inheritance, overflowing from his grace, mercy and love. As a natural response to the lavish love we have been given, we press into the needs of others as we join together to help restore the heirpe of a family to waiting children around the world." <3

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To heir is human, to forgive is devine.

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Been putting the final touches on the mixes for The Adoring Heirs record. We are so close....

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One who wants to wear the crown Bear the crown... What type of crown were you trying to wear? Was it wealth,fame or love? Nahuman najd q

Heir definitions


a person who is entitled by law or by the terms of a will to inherit the estate of another

See also: heritor inheritor


a person who inherits some title or office

See also: successor