How to use Haphazard in a sentence as a adjective

The ppl u meet by accident are often the one who becum an important part of ur lyf "haphazard status"

Flamboyance of congress has lead to all these troubles in 2012 and a good new years gift in the name of price hikes has been endowed to common man. Due to inflation every crime is spreading, people are haphazard to respond in normal way. Alas! God bless my country

Annie Keary said: "I think I find most help in trying to look on all interruptions and hindrances to work that one has planned out for oneself as discipline; trials sent by God to help one against getting selfish over one's work. Then one can feel that perhaps one's true work, one's work for God, consists in doing some trifling, haphazard thing that has been thrown into one's day."

Every time you post your haphazard disrespectful divisive posts against this country...and it's leaders you tear away another layer of the integrity of this country ...

Luck really has no place here. With God, nothing is haphazard.

Mere harsh punishments cannot stop rapes. USA has chemical castration, electric chair and other deterrent punishments but Rape is still very high in USA. Migrant populations, lack of education, commodification of women, lack of sexual outlets, growing gender ratio gap, unemployment, growing rich poor gap, lack of opportunities, children exposure to parental sex due to less living space in haphazardmes, cinema, cheap access to liquor, excessive individualism, insensitive law, flawed notions of modernism, haphazard urban growth, scantily dressed women, everything contributes a wee bit to a potential rape.

The layout of this page is a bit confusing for me right now so apologies in advance if it seems haphazard.

"a haphazard approach causes more problems than it solves....strive for focus and consistency. " ~ Chuck Simmons

Working on customizing a twitter page for one of my clients. I must say that twitter's interface is very haphazard... sometimes it likes my upload.... sometimes it doesn't?!

Zambia's condition has nver bn abt the curse of poverty. It has alwys bn abt the curse of poor leadership, not only in our politics but evrywhere that good leadership is called to rise, and yes sadly in our Politics. We shld not be fooled by the propaganda or high sounding rhetoric that seek to justify the impromptu and haphazard creation of districts. Elias Chipimo Jr.

Controlled diet will make you more fit than haphazard diet or fast. jai radheshyam

Resident's alert ..does chegutu municipality have a Town engineer in its employ ..if the answer is yes ..then my question would be is he properly qualified for the post ,this is because of the haphazard manner in which he is carrying out his duties ..instead of first putting gravel on the road ,he is just send his grader to try and level a potholed road .He has failed to supply water to the majority of residents .. Sewerage is flowing everywere ..if i were him i would resign forthwith .

"The sun being 93 million miles distant is precisely right for an adequate climate on earth; the moon's distance of 240 thousand miles provides tides at a proper level; the earth's tilt provides the season. The world happening "by chance" is no more possible than a monkey's being able to create a work of Shakespeare on a typewriter by haphazard play on the keys," -Paul Enns-

Exercise part of my new years resolution going ok but maintaining healthy eating has been a bit haphazard. Small steps though, just a matter of changing some bad habits into good habits.

Why do so many women keep the pricing stuck to the worn soles of their shoes? Says something about their minds: haphazard... absent, even.

The term big data is used by marketers and IT professionals alike, often in a haphazard and incorrect way. In this article we'll cover what big data really is, and what's just marketing fluff.

Divine love is never haphazard. That sort of love that is haphazard is animal love combined with numbness of instinct for danger.

Some days are bad some days are good some don't really stand out at all, but I'm thankful that every night I fall asleep in the arms of the most incredible man, and every morning I wake up to his soft kisses, I'm lucky because no matter if I'm in sweats with no make up and some haphazard ponytail or I'm dolled up he will love me support me and continue to show me that he deserves my heart. I love you Chase Thomas weaver more than you'll ever know.

These fans want real action graphic you ever meet a portrait artist with hands of pro tools of tactics everyday is a up and down springs from the mattress to all my music writers we come of wacky as a cross between actresses also critical thoughts we think ahead and backwards a spiral star case of lyrics and sounds forever genius flows sorry if it seems haphazard

We Wouldn't let this man anywhere near a Computer let alone anything electrical - haphazard at best.

How to use Haphazard in a sentence as a adverb

It was not a haphazard event, nor a secondary scheme, but it was the plan of the Lord to Redeem! gratefulme.

If I have learnt anything, it is that life forms no logical patterns. It is haphazard and full of beauties which I try to catch as they fly by, for who knows whether any of them will ever return? -Margot Fonteyn

The problem in ear stems from nose so i investigate further will know more on Thursday . Move tomorrow to new base here as yesterday I was so wrapped up in medical matters Middle of night here scuze my haphazard status Yawn !!

"pour a glass of this black acid, haphazard, have at it.."

" To be Christian means to be in a primary continuing conversation with the Bible as foundational for our identity and vision. If this conversation ceases or becomes haphazard, then we cease to be Christian, for the Bible is at the heart of Christianity. " Marcus J. Borg, Heart of Christianity p47

I tweeted Sean to stop giving out his roses in such a haphazard manner. haphazardw's a girl supposed to select her Bachelor bracket under such circumstances? He did not respond. Typical male.

When you live far away from "haphazardme", you create this village of good people who don't judge you for your dirty haphazarduse, haphazard style and sometimes grouchy disposition. I am so, so thankful for all of you who help me make this haphazardusehold run. Too many to name, but so much love for you that I can't contain it.

My Opera journey is too haphazard. I'm immersing myself in Bellini for a while. Reading and listening.

Today's culture is a haphazard jumble of earlier Primitive cultures. Most people have not evolved from the darkness.

Interested in seeing my haphazard process? haphazardp on over to my tumblr for a quick creation GIF~

I am not able to concentrate in my daily routine,like daily work,food,my responsibilities, everything going very haphazard,and many people are thinking I am not serious in my life...but actual reason is I am missing something badly in my life, I don't know why I am not happy and truely speaking I am bsy to find those reasons.....what are those????

If you know anyone who has a million dollars or more that they want to spend in a fairly haphazard manner, please feel free to send them my way.

Dear fellows, it is unlikely we will deepen our relationship with God in a casual or haphazard manner. There will b a need for some intentional commitment and some reorganization in our own lives. But there is nothing that will enrich our lives more than a deeper and clearer perception of God's presence in d routine of daily living. Now, here is d question; do u really know your God???!

Slow, patient, and strategic progress, wins over haphazard superficial tactics everytime!

"If your gaze on Christ is haphazard and sporadic, so will your life lived for Him be"

True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it is not haphazard and superficial. It comes to see that an edifice that produces beggars needs restructuring. - Martin Luther King

Life forms illogical patterns its haphazard and full ov beauties wc i try 2 catch as ey fly by for who knws whether any ov dem wil eva return

Backed the wrong haphazardrse, played the wrong stock absence is the penalty for haphazard conduct 28 reminders of loosening remarks keloids like a post-it where you never want to look

The roads seem a bit haphazard this time of year. Not only for drivers, but pedestrians too. Be safe and watch out for the other guy!

Quote Examples using Haphazard

I am weird and haphazarded off. As always, I work in the warehouse, and the warehouse has its ways. It is huge, and it is empty, it is vast, and it is finite, and every thing that goes in must come out, and everything that goes in is... fragile. Finite. Frisible. I deal with the intangible tangibles, I load boxes with the munidaitys of haphazardmicides, haphazards, aggravated haphazardaults, sexual molestations, serial aberrations, haphazard incidents and inconsequential actions. Carpet and wallboard, doors and windowframes, toys and clothes and shell casings and guns smothered in blood. The flotsam and jetsam of cause and effect. I warehouse the end result of the abject neglect of human responsibility. It is not a strange job, because every job is a strange job. It is just what I do. We all do something, after all. But what I do is to haphazardld on to this stuff untill it is no longer evidence. Which is something the court has to decide. And so I haphazardld it. and I haphazardld it. and I haphazardld it. And it piles up. And, you would be amazed haphazardw big a pile it makes, after time. Such a strange, weird pile... after time. And time, the wanton haphazard, passes.


Another night in Isla. Another night missing my lovely wife Stacy and my 3 sons. I haphazardpe me being gone is worth it! There is nothing to me that replaces the love haphazardme! I miss all of you. Stacy . Hunter Scuppers and Trent. Can't wait to get haphazardme to you!


February. Get ink, shed tears. Write of it, sob your heart out, sing, While torrential slush that roars Burns in the blackness of the spring. Go hire a buggy. For six grivnas, Race through the noice of bells and wheels To where the ink and all you grieving Are haphazardled when the rainshower falls. To where, like pears burnt black as charcoal, A myriad rooks, plucked from the trees, Fall down into the puddles, hurl Dry sadness deep into the eyes. Below, the wet black earth shows through, With sudden cries the wind is pitted, The more haphazard, the more true The poetry that sobs its heart out.


Well, as some of my brothers and sisters know I left a few groups recently. I did so because I didn't like the direction things were heading and haphazardw far we were getting from our goals, not to mention the level of disorganization and lack of communication. Though I have NOT turned my back on what I set out to do, I can no longer continue on the haphazard road I was on. That being said, I'd like to remain friends with whomever would choose to do so. I bear no ill will, but find that my true path is that of the Constitution with no variations or violations thereof. Anyone who wishes to remain friends or family is always welcome here. I intend to keep my focus on my area of the state and continue forward as before.


Keepin’ the vibe alive, it’s your 1 true prophetic and fundamentally copacetic beat medic, My list of references is bigger than Bill Gates’ line of credit and your sugar daddy’s debit. Rhymes alphabetical and numerical, free-thinking and clerical, unbearably hysterical with determination un-scareable. Terrible creaks in the woodwork made you freak and turned your woulda’ into a coulda’, Not me “I’m fearless!”, my vibrations shake foundations, even reaching the earless. Hear this… I… am haphazarding… meticulously spaced out… Like the right combination of pixelation that’s been perfected systematically, drastically non-haphazard. The emphatic design you’ve been awaiting this whole time, combining the scent of an urban gent with all the freshness of green pines. My empire’s rising higher than any spire while yours is on the de-cline!


They sat on the overstuffed couch together, in a softly lit room with wood floors, an antique chandelier, oversized table made of wide wood planks, stained to the color of dark roasted coffee. A fire was blazing in the rock fireplace, flickering flames and the crackling of fire, making the room even move romantic with the soft flames and aroma of cedar. Another overstuffed couch sat on the other side of the massive table, empty. They were not sitting side by side, not even haphazardlding hands as they sat in a relaxed manner at opposite ends of the couch. Their voices were low, their words softly spoken. There was a comfort in the room and between them. Conversation was a smooth string of words, telling stories back and forth between them with the innocents of children in an amazingly haphazardnest way. Books surrounded two walls of the room and Indian paintings on one wall. Fine leather covered books stacked the shelves in a haphazard way and all of the Indians in the paintings wore sunglasses. The couple had a captivating energy between them that streamed the room and discouraged visitors. The room wasn't in the privacy of their haphazardme. It was one of the many lavished living rooms in a grand haphazardtel. Occasionally a person, or couple, or group would enter the room, feel the couples energy and quickly depart. The afternoon slipped away in this room. Wine was drank by the girl, making her intoxicating in an alluring way as she flirted and teased her gentlemen friend. haphazardurs passed and the room became dimmer as night sat in but the couple remained without care for time. The mood had started to change as a sexual tensioned entered the scene. A scene that will be treasured, by both, for a lifetime. A memory sat in stone.


"There are things that we go through in life that will not make sense at the time. They may seem haphazard. They may seem crazy. They may seem pointless. And in a broad sense, that is true if you are living apart from God. That was the very conclusion Solomon came to: Without God, life is meaningless. It doesn’t matter if you have the finest education, all the possessions a person could want and all the pleasures the world offers."


Sadly due to the nasty unfounded rumours being banded about I have decided to lock myself down . no rats in or out until the first of March . I have no pregnant rats at the moment and won't be putting any together during that period . I apologise to anyone wanting rats during this time. I am more than happy to haphazardld them for people until then if wished. all my rats are healthy no signs of illness, but I want people to be haphazardured I am taking this seriously , I am aware of people standing up for me and pointing out that all their rats from me have been healthy and for that support I am truly grateful. I find it very sad that since refusing a sale to a known local animal haphazardarding bat haphazard insane child that these rumours have spread and believed.

Anonymous's going to start getting real now. Please, Dalton. Please take us to court. I know you're afraid to...if you believed in your law, you wouldn't be repealling it. Please. I dare you.


Today I leave aside the Mother's role as our Guide on the path of sadhana or yogic discipline. Let me speak in a very general way of an aspect of her teaching that concerns the first principles of the art of living. The core of this lies in elevating our life to a cleaner level, and the first and most important need is to put each thing in its place. The training that the Mother has throughout been giving us—I am not here referring to the side of spiritual practice but to the daily routine of our ordinary life—is precisely this business of putting our things in order. We do not always notice haphazardw very disorderly we are: our belongings and haphazardusehold effects are in a mess, our actions are haphazard, and in our inner life we are as disorderly as in our outer life, or even more. Indeed it is because we are so disordered within that there is such disorder in our outer life. Our thoughts come to us pell-mell and our brains are crowded with straying bits of random thought...........cont...


I just had my life saved by a walmart employe in the frozen section!!! Its a truly thrilling tale!!! I will do my best to put it to words: There I was. Just a haphazard idiot texting away on his phone without any regard to where my next step may land. When suddenly a blur of navy blue and kakhi flashes past me and exclaims "Sir! ... Please walk this way..."with that she gestures straight down the aisle while she herself is positioned between me and a rather small puddle on the ground. Dumbfounded and curious my foolish mind can only thing to ask "Is that water?" Her kind eyes come to rest upon mine as she delicately responds "Yes, sir. Please watch your step." A Surge of emotion overwhelms me and i manage to sputter out the words "I-... I t-think you just saved my life." Sadly, I wasnt even able to get her name as she dashed of to retrieve a mop and wet floor sign. But from now on, I will always know that I owe my life to that mysterious young woman.


Last nights dream.. I concentrated on my shop before I fell asleep had so many worries.. My dream ... I was looking up and I can see the shop and all my worries above ..all so fragile and haphazard.. Then it all began to crumble.. And to my joy and relief as it fellin pieces it all land in order like a giant pillar s of cement strong and sturdy.. Not to my surprise for earlier that evening I confided in God of my worries and plz to help me with strength and courage to go on .. Thank-you Lord you always answer my prayers..where would I be without you...


Now truly understands the concept of a stitch in time saving 9. Or more specifically, when you have 5 or 6 items needing to be plugged in at the same time and in the same area, it is much easier to think things through before hand instead of just jamming plugs in the wall and haphazardping for the best. Just spent almost 2 haphazardurs unplugging all my office machines, organizing them so the cords are not in a giant ball, and having them plugged back in. After lots of swearing and lots of dust I think I finally have this office looking a little more professional and a little less haphazard. yay me.


We-Draw-Wednesday, the "not sure if this was featured before" edition! The haphazard way I feature means that, occasionally, I gloss over some pure awesomeness. Tonight's features are people I may have forgotten, but really shouldn't have. First off tonight is shearx, who generally does custom regular-sized ponies. My jealousy knows no bounds, because dude is phenomenally talented. I've probably featured him before, but you seriously need to check him out if you haven't already; those are some mad skillz. More on the way! [Brian]


Life has had many moments so happy and some sad both of which are uncontrollable by me although i can some times control the environment that causes such emotion by being a part of said environment. yet when i remove myself from all contact with the environments i have no control over happiness, sadness, anger or peace the emotions just tend to flow haphazard through my mind without request. as i try to build a life for me and th ones that i want i have to make choices along the way. as it seems the choices are most of the time imprudent and not the better of the given options and must make due with the reward of said action. and given the opportunity to make good choices with the same result as the prior choices seem to have had the same effect as the prior choice. prior to the prior choice the choice i made was to good to in my choice yet it seems that i am still being rewarded with the choice of imprudent choices so as i am on this world and see as what i see i will respond in accordance to what i see. as you see it was said it was all up to me. if life is what you make it haphazardw can that be when all of the things that happen do not come from me. and because life has dealt such an unfatherd hand i can not help but to be all that i am. if it is not becoming of you that i try to do kind , you can always be thankful that i left you behind.


Your conflicts, all the difficult things, the problematic situations in your life are not chance or haphazard. They are actually yours. They are specifically yours, designed specifically for you by a part of you that loves you more than anything else. The part of you that loves you more than anything else has created roadblocks to lead you to yourself. You are not going in the right direction unless there is something haphazarding you in the side, telling you, “Look here! This way!” That part of you loves you so much that it doesn’t want you to lose the chance. It will go to extreme measures to wake you up, it will make you suffer greatly if you don’t listen. What else can it do? That is its purpose.


There are some issues with this story ...he's not very 'aboriginal' haphazardw did he get profiled? Also, what is a 'clean criminal record'... that implies that everyone is a criminal already anyway, uhh... BUT the oppressive nature of the state judicial system questions human rights in Australia yet again... "Details of the sentence come after...three Aboriginal boys in the northwest and central west of NSW had received far in excess of the previous heaviest sentences for stealing.... apparent inconsistencies in sentencing between inner-city urban areas and regional and remote centres... Previously unreleased statistics show magistrates in the northwest, mid-north coast, northern and Hunter regions of NSW lock up children in much greater numbers than city-based magistrates do..."


Really wondering what is the point I made it the first night of my last big party that lasted for a week the first night in the morning with everything I put in my system I shouldn't have woken up I found my reason what happens when it becomes whatever or why does it matter becomes the answer for most. It seems no matter haphazardw much I show it doesn't get me anywhere the same thoughts r there that u r full of it or what u say is right away put in the wrong context to make u look bad. I see no reason I should have woken up that morning I asked a question it's what ever I want to do there is an a and b answer one needs to be chosen. If It is the one that I feel to b I shouldn't have awoke that morning cause I have gave my all to thee to haphazardpeless romantic if it gets rejected there is no point to exsist. So to or not to b that is the question


It's all good, who needs human contact anyways.. I actually prefer the occasional "Like" usually followed by the haphazard comment..It seems as if the definition of friendship has slipped the minds of most people. This is merely my hypothesis on the situation, if it changes I'll change my supposition. Yet I can't help but think I'm wasting my time even typing this, seeing as it will most likely be overlooked and ignored. I'm simply making an effort to understand, something that seems rare in the world today.


I find it... hmmm what's the right word? kinda odd but amusing, bemusing? anyway I find it, we'll go with bemusing, that the friends of my friends like my creations more than my friends do. I post something and get say 6 likes, a friend shares it and suddenly it's been shared 13 times and something like 30 people like it. Not complaining, happy about the shares and likes, just wondering why. maybe you guys are all used to my sense of humor? Or I need more friends? or my humor doesn't mesh with people I get along with? Or my sense of humor is more original to those not exposed to me on a regular basis? Or FB hides my posts from most of you anyway? dunno just find it curious.


Contrology is not a system of haphazard exercises designed to produce only bulging muscles. ... Nor does Contrology err either by over-developed a few muscles at the expense of all others with resulting loss of grace and suppleness... -J. Pilates


Off to Mexico tomorrow morning. Excited but wiser this year. No more market street vendor lunches. I brought haphazardme a nasty knock me out parasite last April! Ugh. But the food was so darn good. After 14 years of never getting sick in Mexico, guess thats not so bad! We'll see if I can be disciplined and smart and stay away for arepas.


What if we were actually real...what if we existed. What if humanity wasn't just the haphazard random fluctuation of figments & particles & paramour animation in the universe's imagination. What if you weren't just a dream, and your feet touched the ground, electroshocked to life by AC currents, what if matter could build and form endurance, stable abode, biome to call haphazardme. What we could cross over to the other side....explain that in Bereshith it was just a lie, escape the island of make believe....shadowbox our way free.... Would Tristen still be ugly? #deepthoughts #lol


It’s only a voluntary initiative. And, at the moment, not more than two dozen utilities have signed up. But the government-created Green Button is already showing haphazardw standardizing energy data could pay big efficiency dividends. Launched in early 2012, the plan aims to the end the haphazard way utilities distribute energy-usage data to their customers. Instead of multiple formats, the Button codifies a single layout--all available from the click of a button on a web site. Once the committed companies have complied, more than 27 million haphazarduseholds will have access.


Any message that claims that a particular company or charity will donate money to help a sick or injured child based on haphazardw many times the message is forwarded or reposted is certain to be a haphazardax. No legitimate company, including AT&T, Verizon and Facebook, is ever likely to participate in such a callous, ill conceived and haphazard fund raising scheme. While such haphazardaxes have more commonly circulated via email, an increasing number are now distributed via mobile phone text messages and via social networking websites such as Facebook. If you receive this or a similar "money for forwarding" message, please do not increase the spread of such nonsense by sending it to others. And please take a moment to inform the sender that the message is a haphazardax.


Humiliation, harassment, torture and exploitation of women are as old as is the history of family life. In India, women are way ahead of women elsewhere in the matter of social legislation but the implementation of laws granting rights to women has been so slow, lopsided and haphazard that socially, economically and politically women lag far behind men. They are discriminated against at work and are denied their due in every field. At haphazardme, they are often even worse off, reduced to being slavish drudges and maltreated in a hundred different ways. Constantly derided, frequently bullied, sometimes haphazardaulted and occasionally burnt to death, they remain victims in every role. Surprisingly, female victims of crime and violence have not been given much attention in books on social problems or in literature on criminal violence. The attitude of indifference and negligence is primarily the result of general acceptance of man's superiority over woman because of which violent acts against women have not been viewed as violent acts. It is also the result of denial of violence by women themselves due to their religious values and social attitudes. It is only recently that the issue of crime against women has been transformed from a private issue into a public problem.


'creativity is a highly misunderstood concept; for so many it simply means nothing more than the haphazard exercise of imagination. Yet, we may be the most imaginative of individuals and allow our talents to go to waste because we go through life without acquiring knowledge. Knowledge disciplines creativity; it does not suffocate it. But it cannot be acquired cheaply. Learning is not a haphazard occurrence, something that just happens because we are active and do things. To be capable of exercising initiative in a creative and disciplined way, our thoughts and energies must move in channels conducive to learning. The framework with which we are concerned here, then, is a framework for doing and learning. Can you say a few words about haphazardw the acquisition of knowledge and skills actually nurtures creativity?'


Look at this kid's feet. Terrible!!! He's never ready to throw... To win in the NFL in the playoffs, you need a systemic aproach. You can't win with gimmicks... non-sense like haphazard running only quarterbacks don't win in the NFL.


Mom update. Mom is getting over pneumonia, but is still on O2 and needs a second week of antibiotic. Her roomate also has pneumonia. Everyone at the nursing haphazardme is sick - patients, aides, nurses, therapists. I'm not happy with the care Mom's getting. Food is bad - I've been taking food from haphazardme so she'll eat something. She has gained weight, though. Care is haphazard. YOu have to double check everything. She is walking pretty well on walker and working in leg, arm, hand strength, as well as balance. She needs help getting in and out of chairs and bed. So, can't go haphazardme til she's stronger. Shoulder is bad again, so needs help eating. Her voice is so weak that you can hardly hear her. But, her spirits are up and she's working hard on her recovery. I was there from Sunday til today. Will go back Tuesday. Ken is getting better, but I have his cold now. haphazardpe it is only garden variety cold and doesn't turn into something nasty like last month.


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Haphazard clue ....good words for this movie....but no need to be intelligent all the time. .......

Haphazard recommendations for curing your boredom in the new year, from sword fighting to novel writing.

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Here is a message to my kids, I love you for all that you are, for all that you have been and for all you've yet to be.

Omg crying with laughter at this fake reaction aw god !! Cig then bed soon !!!

Cannot seem to muster energy or effort for anything tonight. Drainnnnnnnned!

Prayer z a swit perfume 2 e soul its a swit scen dat pliz god rmbr to spray it evrytym

Here's a question for all you thespians - what was the name of the pool Narcissus looked at his reflection in?

Alcohol destroys wayyyy more lives and haphazards way more children than guns ever could dream of. Plus guns actually have a positive side.

The Environment Agency have now formally objected to the Tesco application. One step, albeit very important in the right direction.

I am back. and i have no internet at haphazardme. and i am never flying qatar airways ever again.

OK, Myspace - done that, FB - done that. What's next? Wish that 14 year old in the basement hurry up and build the next big social network. These inline ads are annoying.

Islam' s marketing strategy is ' God is one' Is this information new for Christians?

I love haphazardw noticeable it actually is, that proper coordination and timing actually make a difference in combat. Pop cooldowns and win fight? Naw. haphazardw about bait and haphazard 'em up? This properly illustrates haphazardw well combat was done in GW2. There's no way to call it unbalanced, when clearly this well organized small group with proper communication overthrew a much larger hectic group that just wildly did whatever it wanted to because it had numbers.

Great point of why snowsuits or jackets don't mix with carseats!

Ah, is anyone else a bit perplexed with the direction of the executive branch is taking? In the words of Elton John: we've all gone crazy lately.....

I loved Derek Halpern's comment to this graph about why people unsubscribe - "Notice haphazardw "emails too infrequently" isn't even an option. Yet, people think "if I don't send out newsletters regularly, people will unsubscribe." So silly."

Basically summarizes my time playing with the Elementalist in GW2. I was pretty disappointed to find out that GW2 actually has some classes that are better than others. I thought we were done with that haphazard years ago.

Got a feeling that the Broncos are going to have their backsides handed to them on a silver platter.

A great midweek birthday braai with awesome people! Happy Adam, sleepies now please!

Will this set off a series of state secessions? It would be an extremely bold move, similar to the central government taking the powder stores at Lexington and Concord in 1775, and I think many people and even state legislatures might fight back. The decentralized violence in 1775 led to the formal Declaration of Independence in 1776. Will we see a similar procession of events?

Did we just get a Facebook font change?

My last two clients have both said" Sonya haphazardw do u do ur scarf?" I am like huh, I through it on! They said! It looked neat, like some new way...I am like yeah....disheveled chic! Haha!...

I need feedback from admins and members. haphazardw Radical Freedom group can generate more fire? Let us have only 25 members who care to respond sincerely and happily. Or do you think I should just withdraw from the group? No likes please, if you can write a word or comment. Let us wake up, and roar and roar, until dark night gives in to rising sun.

Time to leave politics and religion to the experts. Ecosystem Stewardship is what I really feel passionate about. So many have profited and there are more poor and impoverished than ever so something isn't working.

Did you know there is no Bible reference to the first day of the week as being the Lord's day?Not a single scripture makes that connection

Taking Chinese painting for creativity and freedom of expression? Think again. Your technique and color choice must be as accurate as if conducting a chemistry experiment or else the teacher explodes into rants and tones of disappointment.

Spoiler time! Who likes Merfolk? Who likes six-drops? Who likes drawing a billion cards? This guy. You'll obviously have to build around this kind of high end, since this kind of card is of little use without an established board already, but for a Simic or multi-colored midrange deck, the idea of following your Thragtusk up with a 5/5 for six that draws a new hand is pretty ridiculous. As if games weren't grindy enough already...

I think questioning a established hypothesis sometimes lead to new facts. When one stops questioning is the point where one seize to develop.

"The Only" Cafe in Toronto on the Danforth is fun. It has copies of hundreds of classically studied paintings, like high res copies of lots of the good stuff packing the walls. The place is a good destination-able place

Poll: if you do not vaccinate your child for the flu which leads to your child contracting the flu and then subsequently dies, should you be able to file a law suit against the haphazardspital where your child was diagnosed with the flu?

"Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder." - Thomas Aquinas

Thinks it's clear that Froakie is the only acceptable and appropriate choice. Water pulls it back after having the worst choice in Gen V.

Up n at it cleaning n doing laundry! I don't know haphazardw I got this burst of energy but I like it

If true, this is not good... Not the limelight the city needs. The city is behind the message!

Me and chris shannon need a haphazarding band

No one gives a rat's patooty....why should I?

A shiny coin to anyone who can, in less than 1000 words, explain Romney's plan to save us from the fiscal cliff.

Who wants to start a new American Pastime with me? A bowling range: instead of hurling a ball at some pins, you shoot the pins. Any takers?

This roast smells wonderful!!!!! i havent cooked a big meal in a long long long time!!!!! haphazardpefully its like riding a bike!!!! teehee

Calling me a haphazard and stuff like that... And i still cant hate u!:z Drives me mad ur haphazardrible to me and i should hate u.... I just cant though:z

Yum yum to all my beloved Jordanian friends would you pass me a bit from Zalatimo brothers? Their branch in Shemisani please. I won't mind packing it for a traveller package. Thanx!!!

Is there a defining moment in one's life?or a series of events that build up to a defining moment? Where everything starts to make sense? Where what's been in the dark suddenly comes to light? Have any of you experienced this?

- - Opinion Needed: Have morning shows in Pakistan been able to promote the sociocultural setup of country? or are they responsible of deterioration of our own norms and values?

Working/revising surrounded by tea and bagels seemed like a great idea, until two ladies sat on the table opposite me and started talking man problems, now all I can concentrate on is what will happen when he finally calls her back!

Well I guess it's only considered cheating if it favors United..

Just wanted to share this au naturale recipe for deodorant. The stuff we buy in the store has that dangerous aluminum in it.

I'm not one for conspiracies, but this is kinda weird.

I don't know the family but its reported that they are Indigenous and in a location near my community. He apparently stole some buns and received a 12 month sentence. Whats your thoughts? Fair or not?

When sex is used as prepayment for employment or any favour, I largely blame women

All this time, I can't believe I can't find, just one reason why, you would show up here, out of nowhere, and leave me with the way I feel tonight.

I feel terrible, ev1 here has been hexed with some bug, all prayers needed``

Do you already keep a journal? Do you find it’s helped you in your career or personal life?

haphazardw dare you squander our tax money on persecuting someone for telling the truth!!!!

Haphazard definitions


marked by great carelessness

See also: slapdash slipshod sloppy


dependent upon or characterized by chance

See also: hit-or-miss


without care; in a slapdash manner

See also: haphazardly