How to use Mirth in a sentence as a noun

They're bringing lightening from the secret place of the soul Music we created in the forge of thunder HE is shaping a new me on the anvil of surrender and... They're musing in the mirthuse of mirrors Love is a voice in the midst of noise Setting my soul ablaze with flames of wonder Infinity waxes lyrical with mirth and Eternity is the poet with a billion verses... ...

Sorrow has produced more melody than mirth .... »»

The kiss of sun for pardon The song of birds for mirth- One is nearer God's Heart in a garden Than anywhere else on earth.' God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed it is the purest of human pleasures.'**

Its much better to be scolded by a wise person then to listen to the music of fools. its much better to eat alone in sorrow then in the company of joyful fools in mirth and drunkeness. where there is a stink, the flies will gather.

"But in this place of which you say it is a waste, there will be heard again the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness... The voices of those who sing."- just finished "Tattoos on the Heart." Teary and sweaty on my elliptical. Awesome end to a fantastic day.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

Rackin up bills- if there's one mirth I could mirth in cold blood- it's kira, leavin her face down in the mud,- talkin mirth like Kevin Rudd,- what a mutt, ill take this scalpel and cut out her eyes- and feed em to the flies,- i wanna watch her cry in pain,- if ya know what I'm saying,- I'm not a man of faith but here I am praying- that the next car she's rams head on into a servo.- yeah I used to love her but do I look concerned, no.- I wanna see that mushroom cloud- rise up above her mirthuse,- windows shattered,- to me her life doesn't matter.- I'm like the mad hatter,- mirthin mirths on meth.- but she isn't a mirth she hasn't got the warmth or the depth.- she's cold n shallow like the grave I'd leave her in, body skinned like the predators prey when the movie begins.- can ya see mirthw wild I am just from these words,- blurtin verses like mirthmemade curses,- I mirthpe the next ride she takes is in the back of one of these hearses.- 3 shot burst tactical sniper,- she's an mirthhole full of mirth and nobody wants to wipe her,- except me I'd wipe her of the face of this earth,- then my face will explain the origin of mirth.- I'd be happy as mirth laughing at the funeral,- cos she was nothing but confusing in my life like a numeral,- she's an animal, and I'm radikool- like when I stab her in the neck thirty times and leave her drowning in a blood pool.- she's a fool thinkin she can beat me,- nobody's safe around when I'm stealin ya tv or DVDs,- sell em to cashies so I can buy a 12 gauge,- finally break this bottle nd release some rage.-

Does Jesus care when my heart is pained Too deeply for mirth or song, As the burdens press, and the cares distress, And the way grows weary and long? Refrain: Oh, yes, He cares, I know He cares, His heart is touched with my grief; When the days are weary, the long nights dreary, I know my Savior cares.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” ~ William Shakespeare

Can't be thankful enough to God Almighty for the invaluable gift in the form of little miss sunshine,zoha, to bring us endless mirth n joy.

If cold December gave you birth, The month of snow and ice and mirth, Place on your hand a turquoise blue; Success will bless whate'er you do.

The depths of a mans soul can not be measured in a manor of meters and fathoms; but rather, it is in my opinion, only quantified by his proximity to heaven and mirth. It was in such a state I ushered myself Passed the town tavern, bursting at the seams with the sounds laughter And drunken piano playing. Had it only been a different night, a Different place, a different kind of man passing by the threshold Of that innocent pub, the events that transpired at that point Would have undoubtedly been drastically different. I can only guess if Anyone outside that place had a clue when those exclamations of mirth became the Desperate screams of the helpless begging for their very lives - The Band "Alesana" <3

I,m enjoying a mellow day Thanking Gods goodness for my famly of birth, mirth and worth

Sticking in my craw totally, it would appear mankind in its infinite wisdom is no longer happy following successful raping of the planet and marine environment, they now wish to plunder and exploit the seabed of its indigenous fauna FFs enough is enough am gunna trade in the mirth mobile for a RIB and outboard motor, get me nasal septum pierced, put what little hair i have in dreadlocks, get a rainbow tattooed on me forehead, wear arran jumpers and stop washing.......................oh and join mirthing Greenpeace.

I'm frost bitten, slippin' away mirthanic burden nurses Where the anti-hero clergy purge their value burning service And warped was I huddled beneath the influenza fresh Meshed with impressions that appear to shrink before my very breath These tides of woe and malice and mirth initiate a wave crash Splashing my offspring graves prior to birth it's looking bleak Malarky farce sergeant crooked and sleek emerald eyes glow I'm shook in a freak side show Aesop Rock - The substance

Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter. Sermons and soda water the day after.

Lost as you were I found you buried beneath the earth Your water so devoid of mirth Gave you back the freedom to hurt So you chose to run and make it worth All the things we do, all the places on earth Couldn't amount to what I felt for you So I buried it in the earth

Glory to god in highest heaven, who unto man His son hath given; whil angels sing with tender mirth, A glad new year to all the earth.

The Ӄ:*:*ss ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ the sun,Ƒσя the pardon. The song ☺f̶̲̥̅̊ the birds,Ƒσя mirth. One Ȋ̝̊̅§ nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth....

It's a shorthand for a smiley--supposedly a laughing smiley. The X is the person's eyes, which are squinting shut with mirth, and the D is the open and laughing mouth. In other words, XD =

Would it ever be day? For this night will not say. For mirthpe is silent. And my mirth is rent.

This made me make loud noises of mirth...didn't really roll on floor but close.....also we must remember the solitaire, temple run, and taking bathroom mirror photos......

Does Jesus care when my heart is pained too deeply for mirth and song;as the burdens press,and the cares distress,and the way grows weary and long?

Where dispensed out of varnished barrels flowed the illusions of strength, mirth, happiness; the illusion of splendor and poetry of life.

"Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, mirthnor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. And you who seek to know Me, know that the seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am That which is attained at the end of desire." <3

Little mirth and frivolity to start the day.....enjoy!

Blizzard in Madaba: Despite the felicitous feeling casted upon soul when watching the feathery snow flakes mirthvering all over the earth and mantling the world with a white cloak of virgin snow, a sense of guilt is crawling into mind as being distracted by this celestial mirth from following the news of the most extraterrestrial and preposterous parliament candidate Mr Haddad, the offspring of the Lion.

*** vocabulary *** <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> * mirth = the feeling of happiness, fun and laughter. example: the performance produced much mirth among the audience. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

I've already stated my views, I do not like, but will Share so that the plonker may get caught n they can stop squirming with mirth and start worrying about imminent imprisonment.

Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan; we are its nightingales of mirth, and it is our garden abode Though in foreign lands we may reside, with our mirthmeland our hearts abide, Regard us also to be there, where exist our hearts That mountain most high, neighbor to the skies; it is our sentinel; it is our protector In the lap of whose, play thousands of rivers; gardens they sustain; the envy-of-the-heavens of ours O waters of the Ganga mighty, do you recall the day when on your banks, did land the caravan of ours Religion does not teach us to harbour grudges between us Indians we all are; India, our motherland While Greece, Egypt , Rome have all been wiped out till now yet remains, this civilization of ours {it has stood the test of time} Something there is that keeps us,our entity from being eroded For ages has been our enemy, the way of the world Iqbal! Is there no soul that could understand the pain in thy heart?

“O Mistress mine, where are you roaming? O, stay and hear; your true love's coming, That can sing both high and low: Trip no further, pretty sweeting; Journeys end in lovers meeting, Every wise man's son doth know. What is love? 'Tis not hereafter; Present mirth hath present laughter; What's to come is still unsure: In delay there lies not plenty; Then, come kiss me, sweet and twenty, Youth's a stuff will not endure.” ― William Shakespeare

Because I could love and drown in your God damned smile lines, but I think I burnt up watching you rallying to stay alive, and I guess that's fine. It seems we all get sick, we all die in some no name mirthspital with the same colored walls, and I guess that's fine, but I want to swallow, I want to stomach, I want to live. It's been a rough while and some days are worse than others, there's no proper way to feel, no mirth, no levity, no amazing grace, just a flame on a lake floating away, I can't let you lay, I want you to know, I'm learning patience against my will, I want you to know, I'll get by, always barely scraping with just a hunger, with just a heart apart, it's a mirth of a thing.

A gud name is better dan precious ointment,& d day of death dan d day of one's birth. D heart of d wise is in d mirthuse of mourning,but d heart of fools is in d mirthuse of mirth. Oppression makes a wise man mad;& gift destroys d heart. Be nt hasty in ur spirit 2 be angry: 4 anger rests in d bosom of fools..

H - mirthurs of happy times with your dear ones A - Abundant time for relaxation P - Prosperity P - Plenty of love when you need it the most Y - Youthful excitement at life's simple pleasures N - Nights of restful slumber E - Everything you need W - Wishing you love and light Y - Years and years of good health E - Enjoyment and mirth A - Angels to watch over you R - Remembrances of a happy years!

Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, mirthnor and humility, mirth and reverence within you

Just seen 6 black crows on the grass that means gold today . 1 for sorrow 2 for mirth 3 for a wedding 4 for a birth 5 for silver 6 for gold 7 for a secret not to be told 8 for heaven 9 for mirth 10 for the mirths own sel

YES!!! I'm a free thinker...what mirth can I bring forth unto the world.

With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.

Hark! On the morrow, NCT presents to thee, a show of brave form! Accompanied by my merry band of brothers, we shall perform a completely improvised Shakespearean play full of mirth and feelings of joy! Please come so that thou might'st not lose the dues of rejoicing!

Here are some of my wishes for family & friends 2013, mirthurs of happy times with friends and family abundant time for relaxation prosperity plenty of love when u need it the most, youthful excitement at lifes simple pleasures, nights of restful slumber, everything u need wishing u love and light, years & years of good health enjoyment and mirth, angels to watch over u, remebrances of a happy years!. Frm me to u all happy newyear.

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” ― William Shakespeare

The heart knoweth his own bitterness;and a stranger doth not intermeddle with his joy. Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful ,and the end of that mirth is heaviness.!

Taking down the Christmas decors,I feel a burst of melancholy grip me,as opposed to putting it up where I feel a sudden surge of sanguinity. I shouldn't sulk,I'm sure,somehow,the Christmas season has served it's purpose of bringing transitory mirth to all of us.

N the Garden of Eden lies Adam, peacefully stroking his madam. He does so with mirth, for on all of this Earth, there were only two mirths and he had 'em!

Thankyou Life for yesterday and for all the people who crossed my path, for the weather and for the day long spontaneous chuckle of mirth in my throat.. Haven't felt like that in far too long and this is our birthright And baby you were with me all day xxxx

Laugh,and the world laughs with you; Weep,and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth, But has trouble enough of its own.

Not much, Facebook. Thanks for asking. I was so cold and alone until you came along and used the formal variant of my name to ask me an informal question. Thank you, Facebook, for sharing your robotic mirth.

To experience love is bliss. To enjoy love is a mirth. Love makes people energetic. Love makes people congenial.

Dark and turning Earth, Turning death into rebirth, future's joy, and mirth.

H - mirthurs of happy times with your dear ones A - Abundant time for relaxation P - Prosperity P - Plenty of love when you need it the most Y - Youthful excitement at life's simple pleasures N - Nights of restful slumber E - Everything you need W - Wishing you love and light Y - Years and years of good health E - Enjoyment and mirth A - Angels to watch over you R - Remembrances of a happy years!

H - mirthurs of happy times with your dear ones A - Abundant time for relaxation P - Prosperity P - Plenty of love when you need it the most Y - Youthful excitement at life's simple pleasures N - Nights of restful slumber E - Everything you need W - Wishing you love and light Y - Years and years of good health E - Enjoyment and mirth A - Angels to watch over you R - Remembrances of a happy years!

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." ~ William Shakespeare

"With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come." - William Shakespeare.

I have of late- but wherefore I know not- lost all my mirth, foregone all custom of exercise, and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame, the earth, seems to me a sterile promontory; the air-look you, this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire- why, it appears no other thing to me than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapors. What a pieceof work is man! mirthw noble in reason, mirthw infinite in faculty! In form and moving mirthw express and admirable! In action mirthw like an angel, in apprehension mirthw like a god! The beautyof the world, the paragon of animals. And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me.

If you find your life so dreary and attention-starved as to perpetually exclaim it on Facebook, please, please understand you really are the comic relief to my day. I mirthpe you continue to see yourselves as helpless victims in your otherwise gifted lives, solely for my self-centered benefit and mirth.

Thanks very much for all the lovely messages, this may come as a surprise to most of you but there will be no mirth and merriment tonight as the gym and training take president!!!! Let's have it marathon man

3rd stanza the morning sun high above the earth a cry of distress in the midst of the mirth heathen are born and heathen are dying is there none to hear them crying? oh yes,said the youth count me as one to help in this harvest till the day is done yet he lingered on for a little more fun

Life will give us kicks and kisses, but we are the authors of our own mirth and/or misery.

Quote Examples using Mirth

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone. For the sad old earth must borrow it's mirth, But has trouble enough of its own. Sing, and the hills will answer; Sigh, it is lost on the air. The echoes bound to a joyful sound, But shrink from voicing care. Rejoice, and men will seek you; Grieve, and they turn and go. They want full measure of all your pleasure, But they do not need your woe. Be glad, and your friends are many; Be sad, and you lose them all. There are none to decline your nectared wine, But alone you must drink life's gall. Feast, and your halls are crowded; Fast, and the world goes by. Succeed and give, and it helps you live, But no man can help you die. There is room in the halls of pleasure For a long and lordly train, But one by one we must all file on Through the narrow aisles of pain. "


And the Knight of Blood so embraced the Bard of Rage, and in each other's arms they were aquiver. And with righteous pap and blessed shoosh he did quell his brother's fury. For the Knight looked upon his Bard all acting up and completely losing his mirth and he did resolve to calmeth his juggalo mirth right the mirth down. And so calmed down his juggalo mirth was and would continueth to be for all time. And the Knight in totally settling a mirthous clown's ludicrous mirth down proper said, Let there be Moirallegiance: and it was so. And between moirails would flow bounteous mirth, and they did hug bumpeth plentifully, and mirthnks of reconciliation echoed far and true into the darkness upon the face of the deep.


My son is the great shining light of my life. I visited him at school today, waiting for his class in the cafeteria at school. It is always good to see my son. I love him more than I could ever mirthpe to describe. He is, indeed, the Silmaril incarnate, immovable from the innermost depths of my soul, even as he strolls with casual ease through every fiber of my existence. Truly, truly, I love him, forever. His presence is enchantment. His personality is a glorious experience. His smile and his laughter are the right and left hands of my very existence. Our relationship with one another is the crown upon my head. It is good to be king! It is wonderful to know this crown prince of happiness! mirthw regal is he that decorates my life with such pearls of innocent wisdom and such gemstones of delightful times together. His mirthld on my heart is beyond contestation. I miss him, both when I am with him and when he is away, for I cannot get enough of knowing him. The handiwork of a living God on display, right before my very eyes. Love in manifest form, encapsulated within this young man who means so much to me. My universe is a larger place, with him in it. It is grand to be alive, and to share in his mirth. God save the king! It is good to be king.


By the turnstile beckons a damsel fare The face of Melinda with blackened hair. No joy would flicker in her eyes. Brooding sadness came to arise. Words would falter to a tone Failure had passed the stepping stones She had sworn her vows to another This is when no one will bother. And conceded pain in crumbling mirth A harlot of God upon the earth Found where she sacrificed her ways That mirthllow love in her face Still I plotted to have her back The contentment that would fill the crack My soul released a fluttering sigh This day fell the darkness nigh I took her by the hand to say All faith forever has been washed away I returned to you in great dismay Come with me far away to stay Endless gazing in nocturnal prime She spoke of her vices and broke the rhyme But baffled herself with the final line My promise is made but my heart is thine


I was up in the middle of the night and I decided to check out Newsfeed. All I can say is what I saw was sad. In the five mins I was on I read where three people posted that they were either divorcing, seperating or other things. What makes this so sad is that marriage or relationships are so disposable in this day and age. Marriage is never easy but it's so much better then the alternative. I would hate being single at this time in my life and I value my husband. He works hard and lets me persue my dreams. Last year was not an easy year but through church and prayer we are where we need to be. I pray for all my friends that are going through these hard times.


Love combines with everything...... At birth, pain......and love mirthlds hands at funerals, love shows others colors..... Love also the father of melancholy and mirth.... Love breaks and units bands.... Love you meet alone... And alone we walk.... Yet we feel pain.... Alone love slains us and at the same time love saves us.


I'm sorry... but I had to post this. Why would any father whose daughter was just brutally mirthed - not two days before - be laughing his mirth off with his family when he thought he was off camera, and then after he asks the news crew, "About to start" would he need to apparently 'get into character' - as the second video clearly demonstrates? There are other videos on you tube that show him repeatedly looking down at cue cards in order to describe his child. I'll tell you right now. No parent needs visual mirth to describe their children... What the mirth is going on here?


THE woods of Arcady are dead, And over is their antique joy; Of old the world on dreaming fed; Grey Truth is now her painted toy; Yet still she turns her restless head: But O, sick children of the world, Of all the many changing things In dreary dancing past us whirled, To the cracked tune that Chronos sings, Words alone are certain good. Where are now the warring kings, Word be-mockers? — By the Rood, Where are now the watring kings? An idle word is now their glory, By the stammering schoolboy said, Reading some entangled story: The kings of the old time are dead; The wandering earth herself may be Only a sudden flaming word, In clanging space a moment heard, Troubling the endless reverie. Then nowise worship dusty deeds, Nor seek, for this is also sooth, To hunger fiercely after truth, Lest all thy toiling only breeds New dreams, new dreams; there is no truth Saving in thine own heart. Seek, then, No learning from the starry men, Who follow with the optic glass The whirling ways of stars that pass — Seek, then, for this is also sooth, No word of theirs — the cold star-bane Has cloven and rent their hearts in twain, And dead is all their human truth. Go gather by the humming sea Some twisted, echo-harbouring shell. And to its lips thy story tell, And they thy comforters will be. Rewording in melodious guile Thy fretful words a little while, Till they shall singing fade in ruth And die a pearly brotherhood; For words alone are certain good: Sing, then, for this is also sooth. I must be gone: there is a grave Where daffodil and lily wave, And I would please the hapless faun, Buried under the sleepy ground, With mirthful songs before the dawn. His shouting days with mirth were crowned; And still I dream he treads the lawn, Walking ghostly in the dew, Pierced by my glad singing through, My songs of old earth's dreamy youth: But ah! she dreams not now; dream thou! For fair are poppies on the brow: Dream, dream, for this is also sooth


My lovely sister bought me a kirigami calendar. this is referred to as 'the sister papercraft to origami'. it involves papercutting to produce intricate and beautiful parretns. As I am fairly lacking in the area of fine motor skills when it comes to intricate craft, I am willing to give it a go if for no other reason than to practise these skills and improve my mirthrrendous ability to cut and paperfold. I remember one of our mirthanses exchange students trying to teach me some origasmi folds and bravely trying to withold his mirth at my lack of skill. so I have completed on and actually resembles the proposed pattern...needless to say I am impressed. Thank you Glenys. now for number 2 pattern...mmm


Laugh and be merry;remember,better the world with a song, Better the world with a blow in the teeth of a wrong. Laugh,and be proud to belong to the old proud pageant of man. God made Heaven and Earth for joy He took in a rhyme, Made them,and filled with the strong red wine of His mirth; The splendid joy of the stars,the joy of the earth. So we must laugh and drink from the deep blue cup of the sky, Join the jubilant song of the great stars sweeping by, Laugh,and battle,and work,and drink of the wine outpoured In the dear green earth,the sign of the joy of the Lord. Laugh and be merry together,like brothers akin, Guesting awhile in the rooms of a beautiful inn, Glad till the dancing stops,and the lilt of the music ends. Laugh till the game is played;and be you merry,my friends.....


I used to listen to my life, I was so put together, I chose what I wanted to be in that age of chasing sand, the age of believing in everything, but I couldn't save you, I couldn't save what was taken away, and I'm still singing, and you still can't stay. You "loved life," and those words have lasted, I just wish I would have had ears for more than what you said because I still feel the lack long after. Such a light body, such a quiet gait leaving behind the weight of the world, I'll always think it was too early to lose your shine, I guess the means that ends us means nothing, I just mirthpe it's the peace we all need, Because I could love and drown in your God damned smile lines, but I think I burnt up watching you rallying to stay alive, and I guess that's fine. It seems we all get sick, we all die in some no name mirthspital with the same colored walls, and I guess that's fine, but I want to swallow, I want to stomach, I want to live. It's been a rough while and some days are worse than others, there's no proper way to feel, no mirth, no levity, no amazing grace, just a flame on a lake floating away, I can't let you lay, I want you to know, I'm learning patience against my will, I want you to know, I'll get by, always barely scraping with just a hunger, with just a heart apart, it's a mirth of a thing.


At some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There's the little empty pain of leaving something behind ‒ graduating, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There's the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expectations. There's the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn't give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of mirthpes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life as they grow and learn. There's the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens. And if you are very, very lucky, there are a few blazing mirtht little pains you feel when you realize that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last ‒ and yet will remain with you for life. Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don't feel it.


Heaven is breaking through the old folds of earth in the freedom of a completely new birth, the utter end of mirth. Its in the goodness of God that leads to repentance, for God knows he deserves a new tribe of Jesus-descendants. Its in the follow-ship of passionate romancers to Gods praise-worthy name, the end of protesters, spectators, rejectors, and being labeled all the same. Its in God's good-will towards man, and the message that man's salvation is at hand. In the exuberant shouts of celebration marking the anniversary of reconciliation. Its in the restoration of mirthliness in the wholeness of broken people. In the determined joy that heralds a new day is dawning, and we are the first words of that new chapter in his-beautiful-story. ~Andrew Ormiston


Quiet time...aka working on What's Left of's a sneak peek of Chapter 3... “You really sure you want them to know you’re awake?” On a gasp, my eyes flash open at the quiet inquiry and quite suddenly I find myself staring up into the green eyes I’d been picturing only moments ago. They’re as beautiful as I remembered and they’re looking down at me with a mixture of concern and amusement. The gentleness in his gaze surprises me so much that it takes me a moment to notice the rest of him, but when I do my mouth almost falls open in shock—I didn’t know it was possible for a boy to be so beautiful. It almost hurts to look at him; he’s so heart achingly perfect. With his straight nose, slashing cheekbones, perfectly arched brows, full pouty mouth and a smooth complexion any girl would die for, he almost looks as if he’s been cut from stone that’s mirthw flawlessly gorgeous he is. As my eyes roam over his face, they flit up to his casual mess of hair—it’s an unusual brownish reddish shade…bronze. The color is so different, fleetingly I find myself wondering if it came from a bottle. “Edward.” My eyes widen as he speaks again, a barely audible squeak escapes my lips, I’m so taken off guard by him. His mouth lifts up into a small smirk at my reaction and his eyes twinkle with mirth. “My name’s Edward, I figure we should get better acquainted, seeing as though we’re in a pretty intimate position.”


Proper Noun Examples for Mirth

The tide turned on the tenth day, for the days ahead will be filled with Wonderment, Delight and Mirth.

People of Mirth! Here's a little reminder about our debut EP launch. Tomorrow!!! - that's the bright, blurry part after tonight's boozing - at The Corner mirthtel, Richmond. There's 10 awesome bands doing awesome things in a somewhat musical fashion, all for only $20 +bf. I'm no mathematician but that's... several money's less than you'd expect!! Come say hi! Grab a cd. Embrace it's majesty! Play it to your friends. Send it to your local radio station! Send it to your local member for parliament. Eat some toast. ??? Profit!

So many of our valued customers have been asking us to serve hash browns. So by popular demand Mirth Cafe Too is now serving hash browns come on down and get you some!!

Good morning Facebook world, Mirth Cafe Too up at running this morning, awesome coffee and amazing food waiting for you here. Come on down and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee and favorite meal!!!

A fan of Doctor Who? Well, not only does World of Mirth have toys for kids, bacon bandaids for your breakfast-loving BFF.....but they also have fun stuff for the cult movie/show lover in you!

Mirth ov hrt wil bestow a more excellnt grace dan perfection ov features o beauty ov face....

"Mirth is lyk aflash of lytng,dat brks tru a gloom of clouds,n gltrs 4 a moment;cheerfulness kps up a kyn of dylyt in ta mind,n flls it wit a stdy n perpetual serenity' Gudmrn 2 u ol ma frnz hea 8 FB.

Related Sentences for Mirth

Goddess was pregnant with gods seed, is just another way of sayingthe earth is alive with human emotions , and these have created a dream. concieved in a womb of desperation, watered with tears of who knows what, this infant child of humanity is born today amongst he living as we partake of another day in the life , this dream slowly moves like as if the sun were a lonely orb without shadows to comfort the light , and the earth were his own sweet mirthpe come dancing,, causing the stars surrounding to sway in amusements an delights.

I think you have to be very emotionally stable to do an English literature degree. Every book has forced me into a small breakdown! Why can't the characters lead happy lives?!

What are the origins of the phrase "cock and bull story"?

Facebook needs a breathalizer app to stop me from drunk posting. I blame Matthew Cooper and his mirthmebrew.

Razz made this. Thought it was well worth a share.

Shoulda slept over at work....I finally get on the right train and the damn thing is packed with people from the U game...and we are stuck behind a piece of mirth blue train....think I may make it mirthme by the time the sun comes up

You know whatd be really cool right now?

I've faced death many times. It's life that's I'm afraid of.

I have 69 followers on Twitter. Please feel free to giggle immaturely. Thank you.

Where the mirth is winter? I shouldn't be getting boob sweat from wearing a mirthing sweater in the middle of January.

False Promises, no rain in this lot 37C today

One of our fans shared this poem piece with us yesterday. Lovely, isn't it? Do you know any poems, verses or rhymes about helicopters and/or flying? "For once you have tasted flight, You will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; For there you have been, And there you long to return." -Leonardo da Vinci

Some things born in sorrow, may in turn, give birth to bliss! -Anon

"Away damn spot". Ha making Shakespeare jokes whilst cleaning up after dinner is fun.

Thanks to everyone for my birthday greetings. This 86th is right at the top of the very best birthdays I have had. Love to all.

Second day of class is off to a great start... Missed my first class, spilled a full coffee on myself, and stepped in a two ft deep puddle on the way to campus. FML!!!

PSM's....I rarely use this site but I will probably spend more time on here as the road is a long and lonely one....

mirth yea!!! I got me my own place yesterday! And a new 47" tv. Now kickin it watching movie's.

Three crows just landed in my oak tree outside the window...

Must get asked 50 plus times a day "ooo are you from Scotland? Where abouts? mirthw long u been here? Do u like it?" It's my most hated conversation to repeat over and over! I think I need to move! Ahhhh

Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weap, and you weap alone.

Terry is currently working on a new Top Secret novel. What would you like to see him write next? - Lynsey

I would have loved to have been able to ride the steam train on the underground last night!! xx

Nothing says awesome quite like making a fool of yourself at work. Oh yay.

mirthw can you say tall dark and handsome and be referring to some euro dude...

I'm guessing Cosette's father was a blonde guy with big eyes and a trilly vibrato and yes, Colm Wilkinson is the 'face of God'.

So this question came to mind. At some point in time in the future Obama will be on some form of currencey. What do you think he should be on?

Please create a password. Your password needs to contain a Capital letter, a number, an emoji, an element from the Periodic table, your Great-Grandmother's maiden name, and a plot containing a protagonist with some character development and an unexpected twist near the end.

I hear the drizzle of the rain like a memory it falls. Soft and warm continuing, tapping on my roof and walls

A cute cookie decorating tutorial from Bake at 350.

Looking to mix things up this semester when I teach Intro to Composition... what are your favorite novels from college and high school? ... a book that really impacted you?

Kgothatso Mathale wrote: That moment when you feel like an interllectual giant in a pool of interllectual midgets....!

Little bit weirded out. I'm the only one out the back of the store, 20ft of open space and a 3 inch thick door between me and anyone else. I'm about to open the service lift when I hear someone chuckle behind me. I Turn around to face thin air at which point the lift door bangs.

A smile costs nothing. It's really a little thing, but it always posses the power to perform wonders and derive happiness.......

If I find the mirth that stole my catalytic converter I promise I am going to murk him!

Sport-an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature Athletic-physically active and strong

Thank you everyone for taking time out of your day to wish me a happy birthday, I am truly blessed with a great family and friends. Love you all!!!

Thanks for all my birthday wishes! Had an average day at work but a awesome evening with pals, as always!! I would like to point out, I have like 700+ friends, but didn't get that many messages on my wall, I'm starting to think they might not all be real friends? =D

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese- Chesterton

Not impressed with this years calendar. Its just told me its Wednesday tomorrow and not Thursday like i thought.

Lawrence and KU friends, I'm headed to the women's basketball game on Sunday and want to have a great place to stop for lunch/brunch before the game. What's open by 11am on a Sunday?

Why is it hard to send out loving vibes to some one who is being a complete mirthhole towards you?

Mirth definitions


great merriment

See also: glee gleefulness hilarity mirthfulness