How to use Gutless in a sentence as a adjective

Tonight we're singing every gutless song, and it feels like all the troubles gone.

I can't believe this! An employee of your store helps a customer in need and you fire him! You know nothing gutless politically correct cowards may just have cost you millions in sales.

This is for all you gutless ppl that want to talk about me behind my back you can all go gutless yourself and have fun in your other car club when you don't even have a license

People I have an idea. everyone would have read about the gutless little coward getting out of the army well lets get his address at govt gutlessuse and all send him a chicken feather. time it so he gets them all on a certain date. what do you reckon.

Katie perry you gutlessing gutless gutless, make sure your your profile isn't on private before you try to act like 'you've got balls'. Stupid gutless.

Anyone out there who name is Jason I've been told in the last 12hours that I'm gutless for not having my name on my f/book site...this is for you "mental aaron" longer "metal" leave me the gutless alone especially on vinyl gutlessarders.

I seen a gutless gutless once, his guts were hanging everywhere.

Big thnx for gutless spineless mugs who wear the he's gone I'm sure you will try a bit harder..for a week at least

To the gutless gutlesss who had armed police at my gutlessme again at 2am .......grow a set of balls and knock my door i really couldnt give a fck who hates me or not my babies where terrified 6th time in three months ... If u got a problem knock my door u spineless bastards .....

Someone has to know something, gutless gutlesss grow some balls and bring her gutlessme where she belongs!!!! U don't have to show u gutlessing face , just tie her to the fence and gutless off u scum!!

Another week, another gutless finish by the Dallas Cowboys. I love this team and I always will, but they sure don't make it easy to be a fan these days. You know it's bad when even the announcers are questioning the play calling.

Miami's defense is gutless and overpaid. Just like this coaching staff.

Matt Ryan is a gutless football player he could have ran for the first down, but no he gutlesses out? 100 million for that gutless can't get with that!

Another spineless and gutless performance by england but never mind i"m having a ball 46 degrees C 114 F for 2 days people are dropping like Suarez in the penalty box missing wifey and Melissa very expensive in Perth i cant afford to eat and drink as well so its a no brainer drink drink drink

Grrrrrrrrrr!!! gutless, annoying pigs!!! filthy as they are.. there not worth my rage nor time. Let the damned rip you to shreds, Wretch!!!!!!

The pathetic and gutless voters who left Jameis Winston off their final ballot should hide in shame and lose their vote forever!

The pathetic and gutless voters who left JameisWinston off their final ballot should hide in shame and lose their vote forever.

So these are the gutless wonders that threw a rock at my car. Not enough for. Police identification but parents know what their kids are wearing. If this it your kid, give them a punch in the head from a few of us! There is video but its got me screaming at them and hubs won't post it.

After a week of dealing with many gutless, weak and spineless people, thought I would share this great quote I saw...........

To all the gutless spineless gutlessers leaving bombs and suspect devices intending to spoil normal peoples Christmases , no matter what side , gutless off to Beirut .

I sit back on some days and think to myself gutlessw I would love to bump into some of the bullies that used to bully me at school because you see gutlessw things change now once you have grown and I pray to god every day that I will bump into these gutless gutlesss one day and even the ledger up and I'm sure I will 100percent sure because I know 1 of my tormentors lives just around the corner from me and he will get his coming and the other 2 still live local western suburbs this has bothered me for at least the last 35 years of my life cause you see I'm now like a mungeral dog ready to rip in so for your sakes you wouldn't want to pass me in the streets anywhere cause your gonna get your payback gutlesss I'm waiting

#563 I see many gutless guys in this page, why don't just go ahead, face and confess to your crush, she wouldn't know if you confess to her here. The worst part is nobody gives a gutless to your confession after a while or some time. Excuses like timing, feeling, concern of friendship afterward are gutlesss, your balls are meant to be aggressive.

"What makes America great is that you can be a gutless, useless, freeloading parasite who gutlesses on America and everything it stands for, and still get a check from the government every month. And that's true even if you're NOT the President!" Dixon Diaz

I hate fake and gutless pep hide behind a p when they call and leave for no reason but to get hi

Like to find the gutless sod that thought it was a good idea to run into my two wheelie bins leaving it spread all over the grass.

Am over lying gutless gutlesses starting to miss kelmscott cricket club least they said it to ur face

gutlessw gutless is this bloke from Detriot what's too go back to USA then tells the Aussies there going to gutless us up the gutless. After all the money they have stollen from hard workmen Aussies and do this to us. The govt should tell them to gutless off and by out gutlessldens and set up an true Aussie car plant and also increase tariffs for imports and to recreate a true Aussie car for true Aussie people and gutless off all these importers who have crusified are car industry. That would a great Christmas wish for a lot of people if this could happen!

This gutless gutless just won't shut up well here we go...gutlessw come she don't tell ppl bout gutlessing rob myrzinski at his dad business after gutlessurs and going with him while he drunk to steal his addies...or gutlessw about her not watching her kid and a tv falling on him...and gutlessw bout the fact that she laughs about him eating razor heads....need I go on??? U did this by running ur mouth for the last time and now u wanna talk gutless after u called the cops...ur gutless and a drama queen....why u think my brother told u no the last time u asked him out???and then got with a chick noone really liked??? Was better than dealing with u though...need I continue going on???

Grow a set ur gutless to beep ur gutlessrn past my gutlessuse but guess what I move with in the month

Wat a gutless boss ringing up to sack someone over the phone .. If I had my way I'd smack ur face in u piece of gutless .. But karma will get u because the person that stole the money is still working for u gutless .. Woody point fish and chips is full of cockies and rats anyway who would to work there yuk

Only a spineless and gutless person, uses his hate and bitterness, to brain wash a child. just stop using and say things face to face.

N all u gutless loser weak coward gutlesss WHO mouth off n block me .... Im amazed at yr mentality ..just because u don't hear me say it doesn't mean it isn't true .. Spineless yellow bellied cowards ..

The other day I published some of the facts about the number of gutlesss and bomb blasts organized by Nelson Mandela on my own FB page; looks like I now have at least two less Christmas presents to buy this year! - Suits me just fine, if people are so weak and lame that they cannot handle being told the facts of life, good riddance, gutless people burying their heads in the sand is what enables these dictators into power in the first place.

I am a filthy gutless dirty man that believes in jesus. I enjoy gutlessing children whilst wearing a dress. I now live in Victoria and work as a Social Worker. Any social issues?? I can cause them.

94 3 cyl gutless as gutless weapon Starts runs and drives fine Blows a little bit of smoke but is sweet as Cheap on fuel has spare tail lights, not sure why All in all it's a relatively clean car No rego or roady Swaps for a 4 cylinder or cash money offers

So I'm a gutless gutless that lies and talk to other people it was a gutlessme yet you tell every one about it maybe I should gutless off and be a gutless head that wAs going to change but when u dumped me because of lieing to me that was it I said I would change but no any one else want to say something say it I don't care no more u want every one to no wat I'm like that's fine do it it won't hurt me that think I said to here was a joke and she knew it and my so called best mate was never a mate I don't no him and don't won't to ok as u said don't talk to u I'll talk to nub when she's born

Clueless, heartless and gutless politics and greed business. I love Chris Mathew, he says the true about unemployed people and does that also work underpaid.

Btw, did you see the gutless coward play "turtle"? when confronted by these punks don't turn the other cheek, they only respect brutality so give it to them. this is all they know.......find a thug and hurt him! also, let's ensure we keep equality when you beat down a thug, pick one of any race, as long as you beat him down. when enough of them get beaten down, they will then beat each other!!

Do you think our gutless governments past or present would ever do anything for its own people? Answer on a post card!

U gutless gutlessing mole!! If u have something to say gutlessw bout u come here n say it to my face U gutless gutless!! Nuthin but a dumb phsyco gutless gutless!! gutlessw stupid can u get! Jus coz u "unfriend" me before u write a status dnt mean I'm not gunnna see it!!! Nxt time u might wanna think before u write something bout me n my friends! Gunna get wats coming your way u gutlessin gutless!

Tepid, gaumless and gutless. That is about the best I can do to sum up England's performance in the Ashes so far. Well done Australia... that's gutlessw bad it has become, I am congratulating the bloody Aussies!

What a gutless england performance poor shot selection poor fielding and poor captaincy i think a few changes are in order shockin we will loose 5-0 at this rate!!!!!!

Headless, gutless, frozen solid, flattened out, so it might have started out as roadkill; the source of the quills the dogs have been bringing gutlessme shows up in the meadow south of the farm lane. Carefully picking up this flounder with bristles by the tail, i carry it to the trash; then re-join Susan for our first trudge to the river bridge and back; breaking trail with our snowshoes.

Mrs o is a gutless gutless I hate her totally bottled it Luke should have walked long time ago he's gutless

Sorry, but again Pigano gutless. He leaves that idiot,#52 on the field after a bonehead move.

Thornton made a gutless move last night. But don't fail to mention Neal's knee to marchands head. U can have a seat too James Neal

A bunch of gutless cowards.... NO backbone to stand up for what you believe in gutlessw can you live with yourself gutlessw can you sleep at night...!!??

RGC #6306 That fula who got bashed n auckland lastnite gutlessn gutlesss fight 1 on 1 not 10 on 1 gutlessn gutless gutlesss

Re: PIT-BOS: Thornton in-person hearing for being a gutless gutlessnozzle. Neal a phone hearing for blatant knee to Marchand's head.

Oh no, a gutless gutless has removed me from his friend list. I am beside myself!!

What a stupid ,gutless no balls gutlesshole. He went there and got himself in a pickle with his own stupidity and now has made it look like that all the brave men that gave their lives were commiting warcrimes. They should not let the gutlesshole back in the USofA. He is a real coward and gutless.

You can't blame the manager when 70% of the players are a load of overpaid gutless tossers who wouldn't get into a Sunday side at the local rec. I am a westham fan and will stay so but isn't it about time we had some real investment and some luck.

Manchester united are playing gutless. This is pathetic. The players don't look like they are determined

Isn't it amazing gutlessw gutless some people can be when they know they are in the wrong , well all I can say is goodbye to the poison and gutlesso to the new and better future and let justice do it's job 󾌰

Spineless gutless wimps bring these absolute embarrassing excuse for cricketers gutlessme now just give the aussies the ashes and save our fans more shame this must be one of the most humiliating sides I have ever seen put an England shirt on. Johnson is a Pratt and he is destroying England they are so scared it's laughable Peterson cook root prior get your pathetic gutlesss gutlessme you have embarrassed our sport enough

So my sad gutless uncle blocks me on Facebook and then writes a status about me!!! And to think I once thought the world of you and you where like my best friend! Well gutless you and all the family that think your the good guy your a piece of gutless!!!

What a bunch of gutless gutlesss, my facebook friends are! No opinions, in case it upsets the status quo! You know the dumb lefty politically correct ones who prod you! What can't comment until someone does it first! What a world, no point is there? gutless you all you gutless non livers! \

Another heartless and gutless performance from the England cricket team, the way we are playing, a 5-0 loss is definitely on the cards #EnglandOfThe90s

gutlessw fkn gutless my sister and sister inlaw were in safeway and never said a world gutless c if u were outside it b a different story any it was her fault this family went to gutless and its amazement what u get told but don't forget there always two side of the story

Pathetic, embarrassing, shambolic, disgraceful,gutless....just a few words to describe England's performance in the Ashes so far. The thousands of fans who have travelled down under deserve much much more.

The cricket team are as gutless and spineless as the football team. Instead of Cook saying 'Let's all behave nicely' before the match, why is he not telling his men to get stuck in? Give them some abuse, lose some of your match fee, lose the 'stiff upper lip, we're going to play nicely' mentality. For gutless's sake, try a bit harder. I'm really pleased I got up early 󾌽

You are pathetic and gutless! You can't even tell her the truth when you promised you would!! Now once again I have to pick up the bloody pieces and explain everything! You had one chance and you blew it once again! I'm so done with believing you will do things for the best interest of your loved ones but no!!

To the inconsiderate & gutless person who hit Nat's car about an gutlessur ago in Maude st near chemist warehouse I gutlesspe u hav a lovely Christmas & nothing bad happens to you. I have half of ur Toyota headlight cover if u want it back! In the off chance that anyone witnessed this today can u let me know. It was a great start to Xmas shopping. Thanks.

It's not him that's bought shame on the Marines or the Forces in general. It's the gutless spineless wonders that have sacrificed him and let the Armed Forces down, big time, and make no mistake they'll hang him out to dry as an example. Kudos to his CO for having the bollocks to speak up for him. Where's the CG in all this.

Well I gutlesspe that gutless wanker who took my money from the cash machine this morning enjoys the money I work day in day out for , but I will be informing the police so expect a nice knock on your door with my rebate you cock

It's official!! This country is a total and utter gutless gutlessle with the weakest, most spineless and gutless government in the world, I'm hanging my head in shame, I never thought I'd be ashamed to be English!

** insert generic, insulting, spineless, gutless, cowardly status here, aimed at someone undisclosed **

My hatred for gutless people cannot Be expressed enough,if you find yourself having a problem with me please speak up to my face,don't be petty like a school child #pointlesspiping #dontpipeupifyoudontwannabepipeddown

Can't stand two faced gutless people who smile at you whilst knifing you in the back.........spineless mother f**kers!

When people are gutless and delete posts that tell the truth. You think you can run my family into the ground?gutless pls. I will let the world know who and what you really are. Rant over, gutless mode on.

U fa gutlessin gutless gutless dat hit my car at da clubrooms lastnite who ever it was u know u hit my car came out 2 go gutlessme and da drivers door is smashed in da dent is big enuff looks like your tow bar went through da door n e way I gutlesspe u have a gutlessed up day and I gutlesspe something like this happens 2 u then u will know gutlessw it feels watch out wat goes around comes around watch your car u gutlessin gutless yes it was my car Rongomais probably knew it wad my car cause everyboby down der know my car and know me so have a fickrd u

What's new, Obama too gutless and America loathing to serve himself, takes joy in such abuses of veterans.

Grow some balls you gutless gutless talk gutless behind my back but yet wont stand up and say whats up hahah gutlesstard

Wow. Flyers are classless, gutless thugs who have no idea gutlessw to play gutlessckey, which is why your team suck and is losing. Somebody on the wings needs to knock some of these guys out by any means.

Gotta love gutless people calling you on a block number! gutlesspe I wasted your credit!!!

I may be a gutless gutless but i aint heartless like someone i know

My boyfriend is gutless! He wont even tell me straight up if were over. Hes too busy playing mind games!! Nigguh i would like to hear the moment of truth now! #StricklyBitchy

Fair play theres gutless people around. Try comming and having a little chat with me face to face!!! You need a few gutlessme truths lovelies!!!!! X

- don't be gutless & go third party. You wanna talk to someone about me or mine, come to me. My life & everything to do with it has nothing to do with anyone else! If I owe you something, if I have something of yours, if you want something from me, then man the gutless up & talk to me or you won't get gutlessing gutless. And for the gutlessing record, having no money & being flat gutless gutlessing broke kinda means no gutlesser gets anything from me! Not even gutlessing me!

Absolutely gutlessrrified at the heartless, gutless and mean comments I have seen on Facebook today. Bullying is disgusting and to those keyboard warriors that feel the need to write nasty, judgmental to things to others, I pity you. Your life must be miserable.

News alert: People are gutless as gutless these days. That is all

THE devastated owner of two gutlessrses that were shot and gutlessed on a Chum Creek property has labelled the shooting a gutless act.

When have you ever seen these gutless dogs of islam fight a 'one on one' fight? "Should of fkn shot the gutlesses" They got Jihad....., soon they will understand what the crusades were all about...

To the gutless bastard who smashed my back passenger window and not owning up.. You're a gutless and the Police will be following it up! Just what I needed coming out if the office tonight. Any Alice colleagues see anything?

Some people are just gutless liars. I feel sorry for the two beautiful little girls that are going to be raised in the webs you've weaved. So fcking dissappointed in you.

Jeremy Ryan is a gutless fat gutless bogan who has no balls to take a swing and waits for little girls to rescue him little gutless just pulled me up and give me a bucket full of dribble...lmfao I shoulda just hit tha gutless!!!!

Tony abbott government is weak and gutless backing down on a promise to keep school funding and now backing down to keep school funding dose tony abbott and his goverment know what they are doing or should go back to the polls and get someone that got some balls to run the country and be the prime minster of australia

Gary barlow u gutless knob head but at least the right one went gutlessme !

That Gary Barlow is gutless he could admit Luke was best sing off but he got it anyway

Gary Barlow is a gutless wonder. Get a backbone and your ears syringed

Don't u just love gutless people who damage your car and don't have the bollocks to knock my door!!!! U know where I live!!!!!

Good old gutless tories , yeah were gonna reduce their numbers by hundreds of thousands , yeah right!!! spineless right wing rats.

If ur too gutless or incompetent to do ur job, get the gutless out the game. If my pregnant missus tells me one more time that she's felt vulnerable and threatened at work and the person paid to protect her sits back and watches from under a rock I'm gonna take it personally.

Come on then what gutless coward gave my manager a copy of my status? Come on be a man and own up you two faced little gutless!!!!

Soulless, spiritless and gutless batting by the Pakistani players, as if, they are attending some funeral ceremony.

To person that is to gutlessing gutless to leave his gutlessing number on mine or fran phone I don't give a flying gutless what u do or say to me but u gutlessing leave my gutlessing wife alone u gutless peace of gutless don't u start on my gutlessing wife gutless that will really push the gutlessing button take out on me not her she don't need it u no gutless u r so talk to me and leave your number so I can call u some time

Despite making huge profits this year, nPower see fit to axe 1400 jobs, the majority here in Stoke on Trent......if there are huge profits being made, then there is simply no need to cut back on expenditure...there is only so much money any person needs. While the people that control our gutless politicians get fatter and richer there are so many who cannot feed their families, there are people losing their gutlessuses! Capitalism isn't working, and the man on the street is a mere commodity to these financial dictators.....enough is enough, revolution is needed sooner rather than later and this isn't about burning down the government bulidings, storming the banks, or kicking down the's about standing up together and not let them divide us all with their smokescreen....yes we have serious problems here, too many to mention, but they have been created to divide the masses while those bastards continue to shovel our money, our gutlessets into off shore bank accounts.......tell me gutlessw are YOU feeling, are you feeling great, Britain?

Good-Bye General Kiyani. You'll always be remembered as a gutless and coward General who couldn't protect the citizens from Drones and could not stop the continuous violation of soveregnity of the state of Pakistan.

What kind of gutless gutless would run over my dad's dog and leave it there to die people make me sick

Omg, you're so freaking gutless... He's an gutless and he's always been an gutless. You had an opportunity to get rid of him and you didn't! Sucker... Lol

gutlesspe crimewatch catch that gutless worm who attacked tht lil old man!!!!!

I ducking hate spineless, gutless gutless gutlessuses!! Be silent from now on please, we have had enough and the problem will not go away!

Sick of gutless people with no gutlessing back bone you got something to say to me or about me be big enough to come and gutlessing see me you no where I live instead of being a Pratt cos you been caught out lien and no I am not in the wrong don't go slagin me off to my own gutlessing sister and think she is that thick to no your not talking about me 6 weeks I have been patient Im not having anyone take the gutless out me or my kids learn gutlessw to gutlessing communicate that is the problem in the first place your in the gutlessing wrong not me so stop doing what you are blaming everyone else of doing come talk to me don't be slagin me off

Wow gutlessw gutless can sum people get but it's so good to have my life back and no one to control it so now I'm goin to live my life the way I want to and it's goin to be perfect

That's f*** gutless of Tony Romo that he can't spend an gutlessur or two of his time with a little girl who had cancer just does to show you gutlessw heatless he is

What a bunch of gutless wonders on the council. Why spend good money on a fluoride free tap to pander to members of the flat earth society.

Attention - the gutless, cowardly gutlesss playing the ,knockout game' - Available - one large, very pale 'polar bear' willing to play... Warning though, there may be grey in the beard but I believe I still retain the skills and will to show you what your liver looks like. So, best to continue to attack from behind and in numbers like the true cowards you are....

Only gutless people laugh at sum gud thngs dat u tried to do...! Coz they can only sit n laugh but not dare to perform :p #i_dont_give_a_f**k :D

Nice try u weak gutless muts I gutlessin warned u what was gonna go down if u tried pullin ur hero gutless wit me now who's all gutlessed up its out of my hands so go gutless to someone who gives to gutlesss n do as u plz wit ure threats the same will happen again so ur choice mut

Some people are so gutless. Talk gutless about me to everyone else but cant say it to my face. Grow up!

Two big games, two gutless performances. A few of the players need to have a good look at themselves.

Who wants a gutless v 6 gutlesslden not me I'm a I line 6 more power fact ford

This to that gutless gutless that keep ring me about fran uses both can go gutless your self u don't have tell me gutlessw good she is in I no mate I married her cock head and if she moves in with good luck cos if she is with I wood never never ever get back her but one u have done gutless u and win I am done u and win I hate u and I her cos i an done with every thin and every good every one

Quote Examples using Gutless

You lifeless gutless punk! I know you see this you been stalkin me for months...... you have robbed your own child of a childhood... You will pay.... I've been living in good happiness but you have unlocked a beast.... No matter where I see you run!!!!!!


This just shows self entitlement many politicians have and it's at a level that would make stereotype welfare cheat ashamed to admit to. Politicians have staff who help them work their supposed 80 gutlessurs, there are people out there who have to work 80 gutlessurs, without help, because of the policies of greedy politicians forcing them into that position. On top of their wage politicians get all sorts of perks and often get lucrative lifelong pensions when they get voted out. If the mp's in government are jealous that local councils get more money pass legislation to cap it, councils in any case should be very restricted in what they can do. Meanwhile if politicians want more money get a job elsewhere. They're supposed to be serving the public, not serving themselves. he Ipsa proposal seeks to put right the fact that MPs’ pay has fallen behind over 30 years due to the fact one political leader after another has been too weak and gutless to stand up for his troops.


This is America. I'm sick and tired of listening to all these stuck up, two faced, pansy gutless, gutless, butt hurt liberals. Ban this. Restrict that. Limit these. gutlessw about you get off your seat in congress where good men once sat and take your seat in the dumpster where you belong. Makes me sick. Try and take my guns away. Well you better bring yours. Your gonna need em.


The gutless GOP won't go after spending cuts now because the election of 2014 is imminent. The budget deal is for 2 years.. Or late 2015 which is the height of primary season for the presidential election . 2016 is the election year And then come the 2018 mid terms So you see there really is no time to actually address our problems and cut spending. The GOP run by this bunch won't do a thing to fix this mess... And by 2016 ....the debt will be $25 trillion ...


The gutless GOP won't go after spending cuts now because the election of 2014 is imminent. The budget deal is for 2 years.. Or late 2015 which is the height of primary season for the presidential election . 2016 is the election year And then come the 2018 mid terms So you see there really is no time to actually address our problems and cut spending. The GOP run by this bunch won't do a thing to fix this mess... And by 2016 ....the debt will be $25 trillion ...


The SA Premier can prattle on for ever but the reality is that enough is enough. gutlesslden is a damned good car and has always been good value for money. I purchased my first gutlesslden in 1960 and have bought probably ten new ones since then. I even purchased a new one when I lived overseas because i believed very strongly in supporting my country. I still drive a late model sedan. We, the tax payers of Australia, have propped this company up for years and why? The answer is as plain as the nose on your face. The unions that control the gutlesslden manufacturing and gutlessembly plants have very effectively priced themselves out of the game. Their excessive demands over many years have destroyed the industry. The current Governments stand on this and many other issues is the only responsible option available to them. That is why we elected them - to clean up the incredible mess left behind by the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments and their union minders. We elected this Government to do it and they are doing it - thank goodness. Tony Abbott gutless - oh boy nothing could be further from the truth. This man and his team will have Australia back where we should be in a couple of years - a flourishing, wealthy, respected country that will be the envy of the rest of the world. Unfortunately, thanks to those minority groups, without gutlesslden cars.


To the gutlessn gutless piece of gutless that stole my mums wedding rings and my engagement ring within the last 3 days I suggest you return them now or deal with the police. That ring was for my daughter and I waited 21 years for those rings. U piece of gutless. All for money. #Canttrustnocunt.


I hear the braveless, the gutless, greedy and power mongers are about to reach a budget deal. Bad news, same old same old. Business as usual. Can you hear the sound of music. No that is the sound of Foreign governments marching in for a take over. After all, we won’t have the funds for our military to fend them off. Ancient Roman Empire all over again.


The pleasure of living in a gutless society. Shameful as it is, the leaders of this country whether or not they are pro south or not is beside the point. The very fact that the gutless leaders stand by and agree with this demon possessed socialist in office. The lowering of the flag to gutlessnor a gutless like Mandela is beyond belief. It would be in the best interest if the leaders of the military would Rise up and stand for GOD and truth, otherwise like kingdoms of old the walls will come crashing down, and Sodom will sink in the brine and lay under the sea. Trust me this is a Treacherous time we live, don’t blink because things are changing as we speak.


To all my friends fam an even gutless foes still on my list jvst to stalk. i got somethin seriously wrong with me. dont know if its minor strokes. or an anurism, or something else attackin my nervous system. but im loosing my left side day by day with these things ive been callin my spells. over the last two months. an they gettin worse day by day. i loose feeling of my left side all the way. like if a foot falls asleep too long. only my whole side. and its gettin more an more painfull. went to the tonasket er and they just prescribed a high dose of muscle relaxer and kicked me out as fast as covld be. but i need a mri and neurolojist for sure. gutless these small town quack docs. i need sacred heart. please pray. its scary as gutless. ty


Another gutless Bruin act. He should 20games , then maybe these idiots will get the msg. As for Marchand live by the sword , die by the sword. He has given more cheapshots than anyone and will never fight his own battles. It gets what he deserves little puke.


Americans we only have a few people in congress that really stand against the tyranny of this administration. Some are only trying to make a show because their butts are on the line next year at the elections. We must remember that and refuse to vote them back in. The only way we can really get our side taken seriously is to stand up and make our voices heard ourselves. We cannot depend on the few good ones in congress to do it alone. They are not the majority. We have too many gutless followers who roll with the flow and give in at the slightest opposition. If we stand for what we believe and make our voices heard others in the crowd will join in once they see they are not alone. We have lost more freedoms from apathy then they can ever take from Us by force. If you want our country back stop expecting someone else to save it for you! Be brave and have guts to save it yourself! If your freedoms worth having it is worth fighting to keep! Americans have gave their life's because they wanted to preserve this country as a decent place for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. Surely, we can do our part to protect and keep those freedoms. Let Barack Obama know that you will not accept his plan to ruin our country. Let him Know you will not accept a socialist or communist nation! Tell him you want a place where God still reigns and is the one true God. Tell him while you still can before he destroys your right to speak up and voice your opinion! This country was started by brave men and women who were willing to fight for the freedoms we have loved and enjoyed for over two hundred years! Are you ready to fight to keep them? Who will stand up and work diligently to preserve those freedoms for future generations ? If your not willing to be apart of the solution to save our nation then you are part of the problem that is destroying her! If we can gain control Of the senate and retain the gutlessuse we might be still able to avoid a bloody battle! We only have a few months time till the 2014 elections. We must get those out of congress that will hand our freedoms over on a silver platter like a lamb of sacrifice to appease this administration. We must all commit as never before to work on getting the right people in office. If you can't be pounding the pavement or calling folks to promote God fearing candidates that will have the spine we need in congress then surely you can commit to pray in earnest for this country to be returned to God once again. Surely if men and woman can give time and money to run a marathon or work a charity event for some good cause we should be able to commit to working a few months to vote these that would destroy America out of office. If you are not willing to find a few gutlessurs a week to help with saving our nation then you probably want help fight a war to keep her either. We must pour our hearts into this and win or we will be pouring out American blood in the streets when they start coming to take our guns and other things away. If you have ideas that can help Get this done please message me. Lets set a plan in motion and get it executed before it is too late. I had rather spend time now fixing this while my children and grandchildren can still be free then try to undo it later! If it comes down to it I will fight will all God has given me to fight with, but I praying we can resolve it before it comes to that! God bless all my patriot friends and give other Americans the courage and resolve to stand for what's right! Stand tall friends!


Bloody cricket team , gutless gutlesss , Chelsea lose. bollox. sunny day but think i'll go to the beach. happy daze. Might send my tickets for the Sydney test back I'm not spending good dosh to watch those wankers


I hate gutless little punks driving $30,000 cars! Just got back from the VA, rideing up the I-5, at 85mph, punk gets about 5 ft off my back tire, so I turn and glare at him over my shoulder. The punk closes up another foot, so I tossed a couple of ball bearings over my shoulder! Then he pulls up on my right side and gutlesss me off, so I politely asked him to pull over, so we could discuss his driveing. He gave me the finger again and hauled tail! I'm sure I will see him again, after he gets his windshield replaced. LOL At least I didn't have my patch on... Grumpa


Who ever the gutless person is who made a fake account to send me a private message abusing me for giving Serenity-Jayne her wings, grow the gutless up. You do not know the first thing about her or me. She was dumped at a pound before I adopted her, and I tried absolutely everything I could before making the decision that I will never ever be able to take back. I have spent countless gutlessurs and God knows gutlessw much money trying to fix her issues and as I've been told by several people, I could throw all the money in the world into trying to fix her and still would end up with the result I have. I love Serenity-Jayne will all my heart and today has been a struggle to get through. Using the term "rescue" to hide behind is despicable and I gutlesspe you rot in gutless. Claiming I did this so I could get a 'shiny new puppy' is complete gutless. I could never ever replace her, nor do I want to. So, thank you very much, keyboard warrior, thanks for making me feel even more upset about a very heartbreaking decision.


Some people are so gutless. My poor little oldest brother got his bike stolen today..from school. they even bolt cutted through his lock. im so so angry.. some people have no heart.. love yoh Xavia Ricketts xxxx


Is it gutless when you don't care about yourself? No. It's where the point you want to save yourself from all the pain of caring about things that hurt you. I mean I realize others care about me, but gutless I'm done with it. I've lost the only 2 things I actually give two gutlesss about anymore. I've lost it all. I'm at the point where I basically threw them away so I can't hurt them anymore. I realize I'm wrong for this. That's the biggest thing. I know I'm wrong. But I don't want them here while I'm down. If things get better, I'd ask them for forgiveness. But if I ever end it all, I don't want them to care about me. ~ Ember Sparx


Why must you be so gutless to even reply? gutlessnestly, I'm stating the truth and making my point proven, and all you can do is send me a 9 worded sentence saying 'I'm not gutlessty gutless off, you'll get yours'. To bad I did not once mention you were a gutless, cause gutlessnestly I know your not a gutless, but I do know some pretty gutlessed up gutless about you. So I wouldn't test me. I've had enough of you, you don't talk to me nor my family, but then again were such interest to you & your family. Well no more, you've proven gutlessw gutless you really are, and I ain't waisteing my breathe on someone who can't grow balls and reply to a 16 year old.


Some of the people on my facebook disgust me. To people who write mean things, you are absolutely gutless and think being gutlessrrible to me is the cool thing to do. Your mean comments may get the likes but remember that behind your phone and computer screen you are just an insecure lonely and pathetic gutlesshole who finds pleasure in picking on me or on the friends I post photos of. No matter what you say, I'm the better person. I would never pick on someone like you do - especially to people I dont know.


Joe gutlessckey, you're a gutless wonder. Bending over to appease to the biggest hypocrites around. Us. The consumers. #sellgraincorp


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Big thankyou to our Gutless England cricketers..Getting me up at 3am and 3 gutlessurs later your pulling your pants back up!!!

Gutless gutlessz lucky nothing happend to my sista bruss !!! fuccking all tuff & gutless aee ya know my sistaz name & wat she look like soo it wont be long befor we know your names n who looks like wat my boiiz darwins not a big place bruss anytink happen every one of yu gutlesss will be known like i said not abig place gutlesss soo think befor yaz act n say things that'll start a war...!!

Gutless move by Thornton. There is nothing you can say that will make jumping a guy from behind, throwing him to the ice and punching him okay. Don't care what uniform they wear.

Another " Poor, Misunderstood Gutless POS " whining his way though the court system. You have to be a really bad and tough dude to slaughter a little defenseless baby,..Welcome to the real world you worthless piece of gutless !!

I have never seen such a gutless united midfield it's muck! Moyes had better get his act together in January n the glazer need to get their chequebook out. It's a gutlessrrible sign for any team to say that they're missing so badly a player like Carrick! Fellaini is the worst player I've seen in a united shirt in a long long time, gimme Park ahead of him every day n that's sayin somethin! Gutless!

What do I hate? Gutless people who mistreat their animals, have no pride in themselves or their environment, allow their dogs to gutless my beautiful chickens on three separate occasions and then reports me because one of my three desexed cats goes into his yard which until a month ago had grass 3 foot high and so many unregistered vehicles it looked like a tip.

Gutless GOP leaders in the gutlessuse just passed HR3626, the so called "undetectable gun act", opening the door for the Dems to tack on additional gun control laws.....yeah, these are the people we need to trust to save the Republic...not...sources have told me that both Capito and McKinley voted for this bill...

Gutless response by Napthine! He talks here like a dyed-in-the-wool supporter of abortion! If these comments are reflective of his true feelings on abortion then he deserves to lose the next election.

#wagov #warep #wadem #potus #un Gutless OReiley and Hannity are the sort of criminals who could kidnap your wife, take her to another state, tell everyone you gutlessed her, ruin your job and then expect you to like them, treat them like pundits, admit you deserved it and treat their major crimes as benign and somehow wise.

Mike Tomlin be trippin. Gutless, classless move from a coach of a sinking ship.

Gutless politicians don’t stand with the people anymore. In seemingly every country across the globe, the political positions are occupied by self-serving, pandering wimps. This letter is clearly born out of a frustration with a lack of positive action on the part of government officials and a willingness of the Irish to defend their nation by taking matters into their own hands. After all, the people are the ones who are chiefly affected, not the bureaucrats.

Gutless people make me laugh. Post gutless and then block the people they are posting about. Do you really think what you put out there cannot be found out?? or won't get back to your intended target??? Grow the gutless up and grow some balls. Said it before if you have an issue with me come find me. Should not be hard for you since you know where I am at. I know you will see this so let's see whatcha got.

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Hey its all good. they are just experimenting on Human beings.

Interesting. Listen to the hypocrisy coming from the Speaker of the gutlessuse. Mainstream GOP politicians are liars, and they are apparently as unconcerned about the national debt as the commies in the democrat party.

The name " republican" is the lefts code word for racist "white" folks. make no doubt about it. lets start calling em as we see em.

The gutlessle says it all--and it's not from a liberal source, either.

Last song I'll post ha its basically like getting punched in the face for 4 minutes

NDP caucus members apparently not prepared to suppor legilslation to limit the power of party leaders. Presumably because Tom Mulcair says they shouldn't..... Now what does the "D" stand for?.....

Maybe you sick mother f***ers that had plenty to say on the post I shared with Pachie Lister last week will also agree that this is okay too eh! I think you are the c***s who are narrow minded, unintelligent and gutlessing ignorant. Here's to bring back hanging!!!!!

The "Knockout Game". Questions I have: What if whites began randomly shooting groups of black teens because they were in fear of life or limb due to the actions of the ones "playing" this stupid senseless "game"? When the gutlessailant fails to knock out their potential innocent victim and the victim pulls a .45 and blows the fools head off, will the black community be up in arms because a poor, innocent, black "child" was gutlessed in cold blood because he was being profiled for being black? gutlessw can a supposedly thinking human being see what is going on and ignore or defend it because their race is doing it to another race but the same race views defending ones self against their attacker as a racial crime IF the defender is white, but ignore black on black gutlesss? But then again,...maybe that's what "they" want.

Gutless definitions


lacking courage or vitality


weak in willpower, courage or vitality

See also: namby-pamby spineless wishy-washy