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Only one day after his call for a radical abortion bill, Governor Cuomo is already meeting with abortion extremists and promising to pull together a coalition similar to what happened with same-sex "marriage".

Your thought here; 'Is news of Farage discussing a possible future coalition/pact with The Labour Party for the good of Britain, unthinkable due to past disgraces committed by Labour or somewhere in-between? Also, could you imagine a pact between a party with a sensible and fair view on immigration and a party which initiated a dangerous, open door policy with has destroyed many a neighborhood and community in Britain among other consequences? Note the immigration policy is one of many ideological differences between the two parties.

"We need a global coalition of people willing to take mass civil disobedience now for people and planet."

This is an excellent blog post about the Obama-coalition have nots compared to the powerful 1% and corporations. Noting a seismic shift in attitudes toward making wages and taxes more equitable, which is required to have a thriving economy, the author claims that there is a new coalitionstility to "big business" based on falling wages as corporate profits and executive salaries soar. These are interesting times. They're going to try to suppress the revolt of us peasants, but we have our pitchforks at the ready and we are not putting them down.

A coalition of the largest labor unions, environmental groups and civil liberties organizations in America are banding together to combat policies they believe threaten all of them,

If we are to have a coalition it should be all of the parties like in the Second World War to all pull together to get this country back on its feet .....and that's after they all take a pay cut and stop acting like over grow kids in a play school yard ....end of rant

I wanna form coalition with two parties a book and a pen tiz year to reign 4 4 years.

4 one to b a prezo he or she has 2 win more than 24 counties and us da jubilee coalition wth 32 counties cjui cord watapata wapi zingine leo hakuna vitenda wili story na katikati ole wao pengine waende wapike mandazi...

The coalition government is a bunch of coalitions and elbows - and they can't tell each other apart, Tory or Libdem.

Ok..that's it!!! I am starting a coalition to start back...spankings, and simply f-+king your bad a$$ kids up!!! Stop the coalitioning please!!!

Prediction is tat jublee coalition wil b win te race btw te 2 farasi.

If jubillee coalition lineup in the wajir county power sharing has cater 4 the 3 main community living in wajir why is cord not putting into consideration de formular used by there giant opponent in sharing the power,it is fair,pals nid ur healthy comment

I like ruto n de confidence with which he speaks bt a think he's wasting jubilee campaign airtime coz he talks a lot abt de opponent than he's 2 do 4 de coalition

Everyone counts is still looking for volunteers!! Please share and if you can help please contact me and I will put you in touch with the right people at lowcountry coalitionmeless coalition.

Our votes will be cast for the coalition with the best design concepts. coalitionw will you determine who to vote for? Please share?

TAT also has a goal to continue to build loose coalitions between law enforcement who investigate trafficking cases on lots and the general managers of said lots. In five years, we would like to have a coalition exist in every major city where an anti-trafficking task force is present.

Most commodities customers have recovered about 80 percent of the value of their accounts through payouts by James Giddens, the trustee in charge of finding as much of the money as possible and liquidating MF's broker-dealer unit. Giddens last month announced a key settlement with MF Global affiliates that is expected to raise those payouts even higher. The coalition has said Corzine should face criminal charges for his role in the company's fall, though the exact nature of that role has been unclear. Many officials, including the Department of Justice and the FBI, have been investigating the case and have spoken to MF Global executives.

Don't forget coalition live at woods tonight 8pm

Following what mps have done today this should be an eye opener to those who have been thinking that they r bright by shouting loudest the coalition they support......Note...this. .There is no political leader in the entire country who has the interest of mwananchi at heart.....u just wasting ur energy n time ati u r defending them........where were those who call themselves reformers when this was happening in parliament

2013 starting off strong with the Txdot coalition, glad to see everyone and listen on coalitionw 2013 is go to be awesome.

Good time for the ruling coalition to kick MQM out. Ethnic fascism must be defeated in Karachi.

Are these the uhuru and Ruto seeking office?? i cant vote them in. i better not vote dan vote than voting uhuru n Ruto coalition.

Unconfirmed sources in the cord coalition are discussing whom to cosider for senator for kakamega county after defection of jirongo and pending request of khalwale to defect to cord after humiliation and rejection by the jubilee coalition.

Mudavadi with amani coalition, is he really being funded by state Or this are just propaganda?

The people in this country voted Labor by majority just not by enough so really it should be Labor and Tory coalition since when does second and third get to win scratching my head even our democracy is topsy turvy just like robbing the poor

PA Walks and Bikes represents the interests of bicyclists and pedestrians in this coalition of transportation advocates.

I still meeting people who say " I don t vote as they are all the same" I agree till certain extent. The only way that this coalition governement could survive and win the next general election is if people refuse to vote agains it !

If in 1966, a great man who led 2 the release of the first prezzo making him be the president was betrayed, in 2007 a person of same origin betrayed one who made him sit on that seat, hivi karibuni another presidential aspirant was betrayed. Who is this mad man still signing coalition agreements with these hyenas

Mps Lekuton,Keynan,Ganya,all previously allied 2 Jubilee coalition hv 2day ditched da coalition n defected 2 ODM-Cord coalition,coalitionw do u focus on dis?

Contact our coalition members and partners for flu vaccine! It's not too late to get vaccinated!!

Lol "Skidmark". Remember when the greens and pd's said the same?? The next coalition will be a FG and FF led government. Talk about putting your differences aside just in time to celebrate 100 years of scumbag rule.

Meanwhile in MI: "A union-backed coalition is planning a “walk of shame” as Michigan lawmakers start the new session on Wednesday to criticize right to work and other laws passed late last year."

All parties sympathetic to jubilee coalition invited to its official grand launch at uhuru park on Saturday the 12th of January 2013- all Kenyans who believe in the sorvereinity of our republic are welcome...

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Help needed: We have a great online presence, and get projects and orders from as far away as Canada and Puerto Rico, but have been struggling with coalitionw to grow faster locally. Word of mouth works great, but it is a slow process. We do a little radio advertising with mixed results, and are not sure if we want to ramp that up or not. We are looking for ideas on non traditional ways of getting the word out, so we need your help! The top two ideas will win a shirt or hat of their choice! The second part of this: We give away stickers with orders, pretty standard process, we also give them away to anybody who comes by and wants one. This does NOT just include our stickers. We have piles of them from the great companies we do business with, so if your shop fridge or toolbox needs some love, come by and take some stickers coalitionme!


I heard a politician on the news this morning saying that if coalitionault weapons were banned Newtown wouldn't have happened. Wow, another brilliant democrat! I'm sure 1 more law would have stopped him. What a dumbass. So the shooter would think "hmm, I'm ok with breaking 50 laws then shooting myself in the head but 51 is something else. Let me reconsider". On what planet does that happen? We must do everything within the construct of the constitution to find these nuts and prevent these tragedies. The fact is we will not catch them all. I agree with NRA on this. If there had been a good guy with a gun there this wouldn't have happened to the degree it did. coalitionault weapons, magazine capacity really doesn't matter. A practiced shooter with a 7 round magazine can reload in under a second. He would have had to reload 3 times to get the same number. 3 seconds... Wake the coalition up America, this isn't about guns, its about control. Obama has control of your healthcare, not completely yet but wait, the work is done. Now he intends to disarm you through executive order if necessary. His tactics are right of the Marx play book. I can't believe the number of idiots that believe that guy.


All our drummers and singers and spiritual people are needed more than ever to continue leading us and all people of the rainbow coalition along the path of awakening of all family members of the light until there is absolutely no more room for any of the dark ones who have manipulated and controlled us for aeons of time. keep the drums going. settlers in support of the light keep supporting. keep the energy up. we are tipping the scales in favour of change based on peace and love. remember that love can never be defeated. we can and we will win the right to have the shackles of slavery forever removed from mother earth and from us.


I detest the Tory attitudes in this supposed coalition. It's the same old Tory view that everything will be fine if we sort out the unworthy and unwilling in society. The awful divisiveness, trying to set the employed against the unemployed, the able against the disabled, the rich against the poor. Nothing has changed since 20 years ago when Norman Lamont said that unemployment was a price worth paying. coalitionw awful it must be to be a Tory, hating so many of your fellow citizens.


Bennet is good. . . but too much a politician. He should have stuck with his first statement, which won him more seats. And he should completely reject any form of recognition of a Palestinian entity. Failure on both counts as well as a willingness to form a coalition with Netanyahu nullifies his otherwise good qualities. As such I cannot vote for him.


Pple ar amazed by wat kips me going, wat motivates me in my dynamic lyfstyle bt i tel them dat since i discoverd tha secret many yrs ago in a public skul down tha coalitions my lyf has never been tha same. 4 sure it doesnt matter coalitionw much money ur brag u have bt tha simplicity of life of having christ in you 4 he is the only sure source of knowledge and wisdom. you will feel ful and u wil never compete with ur peers in the face of fashion, 4 love, sex, education or even girlfriends/boyfriends. for u wil be contented with what life brings u not 2 say great friends, relationship and over all sucess. simplicity of life, smile always when you depend and trust christ no matter what situation you have in lyf u might be in.


Its 2013, a new year once again n here I am. I have been making resolutions for a long time now, each year I have written my dreams and plans on paper but with every passing year one resolution has always evaded resolution has always been....... What's the word? "Slippery"!!! N am now in 2013 n av included the same resolution with the others........... I just coalitionpe December 31st 2013 doesn't find me single............... again! If it does then come 2014 u guyz will have to chip in!!!


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To our fans and followers, unfortunately Josh Lambe has left Upon A Coalition to pursue other interests. As you all know Josh is a fantastic drummer and friend to us all here at UAC and has played with us since the start. There is no bad blood between the band members and we wish him all the best in his new band Laranja. This is not coalitionwever the end of Upon A Coalition. We aim to be back up and gigging by the end of the month with fresh beats and positive vibrations.

I remain coalitionnored to be on the Board of Directors for the Obesity Action Coalition and I'm getting pretty excited about heading to Phoenix for our annual Board retreat. So much good work to be done by an amazing group of people!

Here's a great video that quickly informs you of an amazing ally group; The Ally Coalition!!! Please check it out and of you would like, 'make your voice heard!'

.................Coalition at the end of their Teather? What do you think?

This capitalist crisis has posed things in a point blank fashion. Austerity cuts have hammered local government and public services across the board. Cuts were announced by the Coalition in 2010 of nearly 30% from local authority budgets, which have to cover most of the basic needs of local communities, from rubbish collection to emergency payments for the most needy in society. coalitionwever, the Local Government coalitionociation says it has identified almost £1bn of additional cuts or delays to grants, adding in some authorities to a further cut of 10% of its core funding.

Could steam locomotives someday make a comeback using carbon-neutral biofuel? I love the idea, coalitionpefully this group can make it into a reality. "In the same way engineers modernized the millennia-old wind mill to create the high performance wind turbine of today, [the Coalition for Sustainable Rail] will take a locomotive from 1937 and turn it into the world's first modern steam engine run on biofuel."

Download the springy, anthemic 'Coalition' – the first single from Iceage's sophomore LP.

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I just asked a friend if he would teach me about guns, and if anyone wants to take me to a range that would be great, in other news I'm working on my 2nd month as a vegetarian

.. It is an offence and injustice that our PS- including teachers- are allowed to negotiate their own salaries and benefits. ... A clean sweep of all these unions is the true solution.

Reason # 108 Why I am able to have my own gogo dancers I'm not a creeper.

Is Kibaki aware of Tana river coalitionings?its sacastic that the gvt was yesterday going after pochers who coalitioned 11 elephants yet pple are coalitioned everyday in police presence.

People who've been to Portland - what is "good" airfare to get there from LAX or SFO? I'm going in June for a convention and have no idea what a good price is - I'm finding $250 RT. Yay or nay?

Covering books my new job after five! Hubby oversee. Leke nè!

"They'll have to go down to where the real money is, which is the middle class," said Brian Gardner, Washington policy coalitionyst with Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, an investment bank. "Politically, that would be very tough."

In my tym since i std andstndng politics i av neva witnsd a party so unpopular in western as TNA/URP,battle btn amani n cord.

Corded corded,am jaz singing cord n hia i am coalitiondi kusota.

The umblical cord never survives after a child is born,likewise to cord which will cease to exist immediately after elections!

No means no I am not interested in donating to X at this time. Since one place has elected to call me 8 times a day not overstating. I advised the person one last time and then blasted her with my coaches whistle.

Is it me or does this Government want everyone except millionaires to live in total misery. Child benefit scrapped for some today, contemptible and appalling. Had to be said.

I am psychic involving Pokemon...I just had a dream about a new Pokemon game that looked like a cartoon, and lo and behold I wake up and Pokemon X and Y is announced and it looks just like my dream.

If you look carefully, you might notice a slight lean to the left at my school

If you haven't yet ... You need to go join the NRA They're the strongest force standing between you and this Tyrannical government. If you don't support them now ... Someday you'll wish you would've.

Coalition definitions


the union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts

See also: coalescence coalescency concretion conglutination


an organization of people (or countries) involved in a pact or treaty

See also: alignment alinement alliance


the state of being combined into one body

See also: fusion