Frizzy in a sentence as an adjective

My hair is a giant poofy frizzy mess.

Now I just rinse it daily when I'm in the shower and shampoo it once every 5 days or so and my hair is much less frizzy.

It can just advertise products that support what's already popular - long or short hair, frizzy or straight, etc.

My hair is noticeably less oily after washing, but it's no longer frizzy and stays in place better when I comb it.

Does the stitching look neat, or haphazard and frizzy?When we evaluate a product in person, we make all of these assessments without even thinking about them.

Mostly it gets frizzy, but my scalp will also dry out to some degree, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone had increase dandruff.. though there is probably a bit of hyperbole going on here.

Frizzy definitions


(of hair) in small tight curls

See also: crisp frizzly kinky nappy