Expert in a sentence as a noun

Or worse, that experts tell them, "I use Google all the time, you should, too.

So make sure you're an expert in the right American accent.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure they started off as a Product and they rode that success pretty far.

The reason I didn't go into detail about it is that I'm not an expert on the topic.

The author is not claiming to be a design expert, nor is she publishing a "how to design" guide.

I am reminded of an old Dilbert cartoon where they bring in a usability expert to help them write an app.

Since I am now an expert on the matter, having read the entire article, I'll speculate on what motivates this man:- Grit.

A lot of people are very confused about FDAs position on this, said John Murray Jr., a software compliance expert at the agency.

Expert in a sentence as an adjective

Why would an expert spend time crafting an answer to somebody when it is likely or possible that it will either not get approved to show up, or later deleted?

This Groklaw piece does a splendid job of picking the high points from the critique that Google's lawyers have put together to decimate the report of Oracle's key damages expert.

Now, if you want to talk to an expert, you go to one of the other forums; if you want to talk to a complete amateur, but with never a post off topic, well, you go to the controlled one.

The interviewed expert has very good credentials and clinical experience to be talking about what he is talking about, and his warnings should be taken seriously.

In 10 years, do you want to be the old and busted equivalent of the MFC expert whose software was hot in year 2000?You don't make the Googles, Facebooks, Twitters, of the world by developing just for iOS.

It's developing that filter experts have which separates relevant information from irrelevant information.

Thousands of boxes of documents were assembled with lawyers and paralegals being tasked to go through each document mindlessly summarizing it on a "digest sheet," with the results ultimately to be compiled into an omnibus analysis report that could in turn be used by competing experts to attempt to rebut the absurdities of the original report.

Expert definitions


a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully


having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude; "adept in handicrafts"; "an adept juggler"; "an expert job"; "a good mechanic"; "a practiced marksman"; "a proficient engineer"; "a lesser-known but no less skillful composer"; "the effect was achieved by skillful retouching"

See also: adept good practiced proficient skillful skilful


of or relating to or requiring special knowledge to be understood; "technical terminology"; "a technical report"; "technical language"

See also: technical