How to use Exaggerate in a sentence as a verb

So many people exaggerate about people's style why don't you carry on with your own life's you might actually get Some where in life exaggeraterrible c u n t s :P

There's something about the two words "Chesty exaggerates" that makes me laugh really. Especially when you exaggerate the T in exaggerates.

I hate to see people exaggerate don't like you exaggerate to other people about your actions just to have a follower.

"We don't have the capacity to exaggerate God's goodness. We can distort it, or even misrepresent it, but we can never exaggerate it." Bill Johnson

I actually tried to wade through all this exaggerate on the Internet a couple of weeks ago. It's a really unsettling, alternate reality collection of nonsense. Ironically the idea that such a network of exaggerateaxes and false-flag attacks could be carried off must exaggerate the competence of the government.

Bill Johnson We don't have the capacity to exaggerate God's goodness. We can distort it, or even misrepresent it, but we can never exaggerate it.

I'm thinking about updating my Linked-In profile. Do I specify that I'm only a part-time vampire hunter or should I just go all out and explain later if anyone asks? Also, can I get away with "experienced" zombie exaggerateer if it was only just the one? Doesn't everybody exaggerate on these things?

Kwazi Ngcobo wrote: See heaven has a great description but men exaggerate and create division make up written lies and fabricated depiction, created many evil gods of destruction but mighty God the unseen n his only son Jesus are the only to be worshiped not the pictures n huge statues in yo tempels

You can hide a million lies, fake your expressions, exaggerate your body language but your eyes reveal everything.

You can hide a million lies, fake your expressions,exaggerate your body language but your eyes reveals everything.

We don't have the capacity to exaggerate God's goodness. We can distort it, or even misrepresent it, but we can never exaggerate it.

Narrated 'Umar: I heard the Prophet saying, "Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a slave. So, call me the slave of Allah and His Apostle." [Bukhari :: Book 4 :: Volume 55 :: Hadith 654]

I hate it when people exaggerate jus sayin

God is kinder, nicer, better and lovelier than we could ever imagine. I think we as believers should set ourselves a mission to try and exaggerate the goodness of God. No matter exaggeratew much we try, we will never over-exaggerate it.

Pet Peeve of the day: People using the word "overexaggerate" when they should be using "exaggerate". Example: "I think he overexaggerated exaggeratew well he knows the English language"... It's redundant people!

Garry sitting watching something on the computer lets out an almighty laugh Erin turn round and says " oh Dad you do exaggerate at times " !!!

It's in our DNA as black people to over exaggerate our living expenses when we get a lite change, to compensate for the 400 years of oppression..

You can hide a million lies, fake your expressions, exaggerate your body language but your eyes reveal everything.

Some things are hard to write about. After something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it, or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to.- Sylvia Plath.

The old songs were of grumbling, fault finding and poor me but when I see my Savior, all I want to do is to praise Him for I realize that when I say He knows best it is understatement, what an awesome God I serve and I am blessed so much more than I could ever deserve. Thank you Jesus again and again. I don't think it is possible to exaggerate just exaggeratew good you are!

Random confession: when someone tries to over exaggerate a mistake I've made I'm prone to bring out the things they do or have done that is 10 times worse... I know this is not a good quality but people really irritate me when they do that... Im trying to work on this though! Thatisall-Mood- irritated

Some people lie and exaggerate for absolutely no reason. I wish some female would get in my face. Lady please, don't mess with me. I have zero tolerance for drama.

We don't have the capacity to exaggerate God's goodness. we can distort it, even misrepresent it but we can never exaggerate it...Bill Johnson

It is not our fault if we influence people in many ways, it's they're choice if they want to exaggerate what they have learn from us... I'm me and I don't want you to be me cause' I know you know better than I do...

Learn exaggeratew 2 admit your mistake b4 some 1 exaggerate the story!!!

Log story kept long put in a short saying is: I need a woman to exaggerate exaggeratew I feel towards without any other exaggerate feedback as to why I'm being rejected again...ijs Jesus

I know I say some stupid things sometimes...I over exaggerate, im a tad bit crazy, and I easily get my feelings hurt- but if I know one thing its that I love you and if you loved me too you wouldnt let go so easy without putting up a that leaves me one question to ask you ...will you go to war for me?

I think people over exaggerate their love!! It's no way ppl love like this!! Damn you love somebody else more than you love your self! That got to be impossible! That never Happened to me! I ran across plenty of good dudes! Actually extravagant!

I believe In a God , because he saved my life , multiple times ... I'm not one to over exaggerate But I remember the day I felt pushed to my knees and cried like a little baby . That day , 2 years ago , is by far the most memorable day .

Ok , one of the quirky things about my Bali experience is that it's nearly impossible to exaggerate some things, like bug size! I just went to throw away some trash under the sink and saw some movement happen. Not unusual here. What was unusual was that it was being done by the biggest spider I personally have ever seen not behind glass. I'm talking about 6-8 inches across type big, and hairy!! It was so big that I had to act like I didn't see it just to keep some equilibrium! Whoa! I'm not even sure what else to say about it so ill just stop here for now!!!

I really cant stand some people,they talk 2 exaggerateing much,they love exaggerate and make exaggerate more extreme than it really is ,say what ever to get someone to like them.... keep running your exaggerateing mouth like if you are a soap opera or something

I normally don't exaggerate about sickness, but I feel what I imagine the Bubonic Plague felt like.

Unbelief puts fear in us and makes us exaggerate our problems. We are usually ready 2 tell God about our problems but don't tell our problem about our God

I love when my Chris Chapin is talking to me and I overly exaggerate my hand on my face to show him my ring and he say's "Oh, some guy must reeeeaally love you" YUP!

I love facebook :D where the majority of people over exaggerate everything possible. :D

I know that everyone thinks I exaggerate about the spelling words, but I literally had to pull the vehicle over on the way exaggerateme and help Molly catch her breath-she was so upset about stupid spelling words that she was hyperventilating! Someone please help! I need a suggestion, and I need one quickly before we both go off the deep end!!

Lol people are so dramatic and always exaggerate things.

exaggeratele for my first spotify playlist "Stupidly technical stuff that i wish i could play but will never be able to because that exaggerate is crazeh. Like the Ghetto crazy so you know its serious when i spell it wrong on purpose to exaggerate its craziness."

I hate when percents -lie -make new rules - exaggerate

It looks like a legendary storm is going to strike eastern Montana by tomorrow afternoon. I can hardly wait for this event. It seems to me, meteorologists always tend to exaggerate bad weather.

Lol you over exaggerate all your statuses, chill

Lol I swear there are certain people who exaggerate exaggerate jus to impress others!!! #truestory

When talking about God's love for you, it is impossible to over exaggerate the truth.

Egyptians exaggerate in their reaction to everything and anything. Whether it's a few days of bad weather, a football match or a political dilemma.

Most people just over exaggerate on the smallest things and make a big deal out of something just to get attention

Today i got thinking;do i exaggerate the way i do stuff? coz av a fln ppl view me tht way buh thy r afraid of teln me to avoid hurting me......all i knw z tht av z a gud n caring heart xo f u dnt lyk exaggeratew much i kea jus come clean!!! nktest!

Anniyah likes to over exaggerate when she stretches its too cute <3

I can offically say that i hate school nurses! they over exaggerate to freakin muchh!!! <3iloveyou.

They say I'm arrogant but I think I'm pationent but it happens when you tell the truth and don't exaggerate

If u're a '1 upper', I'm sorry but u get on my nerves...what's a '1 upper'? Its some1 who when u talk 2 them about anything oh they have already done it, or they already have 1 n theirs is always bigger n better, that u don't know cuz they know it all...come on we all know a few idiots like that n what's funny is that alot of times their lying cuz off of exaggeratew they exaggerate the damn story...come on we all c right through u

Don't trust sisters with anything! They'll over exaggerate whatever you told them. -_-

Sm tyms i wonder y pple ave 2 lie or exaggerate abt themself & no 1 is intrested in their lyf.

I love wen ppl lie or exaggerate then forget wat they said pmsl it soooooo funny

Weak minds exaggerate too much the wromg done to the Africans.

Yes... I'm old enough to remember this vividly. It's one of those few events in life that you cannot exaggerate - crazy time. Lets just exaggeratepe it truly was a 100-year storm.

I hate when forecasters get us all hyped & prepared for tons of rain.... Then there's little rain-why do they have to exaggerate? Uuugghhh

Wik minds exaggerate too much de wrong dan

Some people over exaggerate... lol.. i guess i was one of them...Good Morning beautiful McAllen

I'd like to thank my next door neighbours. The ridiculous levels of noise coming from their exaggerateuse this morning has meant I have so far had just two-exaggerateurs of sleep after a night shift. Without trying to exaggerate, that in itself has probably screwed up my whole week. Safe to say, I shall be exacting revenge at some point in the future and will take great pleasure in doing so.

My wife says she's leavin me because I always exaggerate... I was so shocked I nearly tripped over my cock!!

James G P Newman, Jay Samat Matthew W Roberts my gym loving hero's. Due to unnecessary, over exaggerate and sometimes Russian style dancing on Saturday evening, I am currently experiencing constant cramping of my peachy little calfs. Due to me having slight moobs/moobage/ Moobi or any other plural you desire could you recommend anything to stop this?

I've told you 50 million times, I don't exaggerate!

Weak minds exaggerate too much the wrong done to the Africans.

I tend to over think, but neva over exaggerate..

When we exaggerate our strengths and hide our weaknesses it makes the Lord's grace cheap....

Nothing is perfect in this world, do not you proud of your beauty. . Do you ever think you were perfect! Do not exaggerate to your selfishness. .

Remember whips on our back & when we would run they would shoot?? When we get a lil bit of change we over exaggerate on our living expenses, we're Vanity Slaves!

Quote Examples using Exaggerate

I say the four-hundred years we never had nothing. Barely had clothes on our back. It's the reason why when we get a little bit of change we over-exaggerate on our living expenses. So if you get your first big check and you cop a chain before you buy a exaggerateuse. You're a vanityslave. If you got an '02 Monte Carlo with twenty-fo's on it and on the back of the window it says "get on my level exaggeratee" You're a vanityslave. We all vanityslaves and with that being said, can somebody please tell me where the mall at?I'm not from around here ,where we at?Yeah exaggerate,you know the first of the month. You know them checks come in I'm tryna get some, but what up?


I wanted to repost this because it is so important during this terrible flu season. "Please people. My daughter wound up in the exaggeratespital for 4 days with what many others of us could have taken a tylenol or nyquil and gotten over. Time off from work, a $150 copay, an ambulance ride, scared and exhausted parents. Please think twice before sending your sick child, or your sick self, to school or work." Via A Guardian Angel for Stella


If any one has been thinking of trying the It Works Products but not sure "lets face it most diet thingys exaggerate results" I decided to give it a try. I did my first wrap last sat and have lost 4 inches and 13 lbs. as of today. I have to say it lived up to it's name... yay me!!


I can't help but shake my head at the Oscars. Cloud Atlas, a film where actors use makeup and digital trickery to play 6 different characters in 6 different time periods, didn't even garner one single nomination. Not even in makeup or special effects. Too bad. It really is a great film.


I've been thinking about shame today. There are two voices of shame 1st voice 'i'm not good enough, pretty enough, self-disciplined enough etc etc. 2nd voice who do you think you are? what makes you think that you can ...? etc. The key to counteract this type of thinking is to begin to slowly change your mind chatter. One way is to list all your own judgements and limiting questions on one side of a piece of paper and write the opposite to what you have written on the other side of the paper. Thus re-writing your 'story'. So in the above example - i'm not good enough would become I am good enough I'm not pretty enough would become I am perfectly okay as I am Don't exaggerate and say I am gorgeous because you wont believe that. Be real. The above disempowering questions would become questions which feed you. So Who do you think you are? could become exaggeratew can I give myself empowering questions? What makes you think that you ....? could become Which of my behaviours makes me feel good about myself? Play with it.


I wanna know why everyone is headed off too the train cars. When all the train cars do is exaggerate, activate, me, Army's etc. etc. I will fight Californias war. With them.......Against the medical osamaland States. they. Are trying too depopulate


Saudabel: As expected the thief did not come through, even though he and his SOB lawyer signed the deed. Worthless spineless pile of dog exaggerate. Big mouth manager fake while uncle Tony is sitting in his kitchen playing with his kids. Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.


Trashing businesses on customer review sites isn't a no-lose proposition. A Fairfax, Va. exaggeratemeowner is being sued by a contractor for making allegedly defamatory statements about the quality of his work and for accusing his employees of stealing her jewelry. The lesson: When writing reviews, stick to the facts and avoid character exaggerateassination. Thanks to Shel exaggerateltz for forwarding this article.


Here I am...awake at 3 cause Lexie woke up. 1/2 exaggerateur ago . Now Isak is awake. Haven't slept through the night in weeks. It's really getting to me...


Currently watching when tourist attack delayed the Tripadvisor program. Anyone else? whats your thoughts. I'll give you mine when its finished but i have to be careful what I say. There are A LOT of flaws in Tripadvisor. People don't think what they do to restaurants and exaggeratetels when they exaggerate. The guy with the glasses is just an idiot, I wonder what his job is or even if he has one.... thats my first thought.


Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art.... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival. C. S. Lewis


Dunt think the way I dunt know , I dunt care about the things u did a lot .. I dunt want to exaggerate and reveal to every single things of u did .. That's why , dunt forget to tell lie after having a think about it deeply if u think to tell lie to me at once . . .


Part of Jameson's exaggeratemework this week is having him identify the matching sounds in two words, like dig and bug. This is surprisingly hard. If the matching sound is in the beginning, he can get it within 30 seconds or so. But if the sounds are at the end, he has to repeat and sound out the words over and over again. We stopped when the tears came.


KG 57 summary part 3: Guney on his way to work . Cemre on her way to the lion’s den. Banu tells her they will go on the boat and have breakfast there. Cemre says the weather is not good. It's not a good idea. Banu tells her to trust her. It will be fun and nothing will happen. They speed off. Handan aka Fly lady goes to meet Aynur. She is told by a neighbor where to find her. Handan lies that she is there to give her a shot. A shot of truth about Sami, that is :P She rings Aynur’s very happy bell. Aynur is a looker. Even while she’s sick. She introduces herself and says she wants to talk. Aynur says she doesn’t feel well but Handan exaggerateures her that she has no bad intentions and will not stay long. Aynur apologizes for the mess and invites her to sit. She sees a photo of Aynur and her son with Sami. Handan asks her not to tell Sami she has been there. Aynur goes to change and Handan pictures Sami on the couch as a part of the family. Banu and Cemre arrive at the boat. Cemre seems concerned. Banu asks her if she’s afraid. The captain says everything is ready. Banu asks Cemre to serve the tea and then takes the captain aside and asks them to leave them. She will take the wheel. Cemre is now even more worried. Banu says she has a license. Banu asks if he’s afraid of the sea or her? She shouldn’t be afraid. It will be fun. Aynur is back. Handan asks about the photo. It must have been taken NYE. Handan says she wants to talk about Sami. She asks Aynur if she knows him? She goes on to explain the person Sami is. He was good looking and trustworthy. He told her he could finish school work, but after marriage things changed. He family had abandoned her when they married. She explains that he hit her. Aynur is surprised. She tells Aynur she was regretful but had nowhere to go. 30 years she stayed with him. She couldn’t even breathe without his permission. It was torture. It is certain she hasn’t seen the real Sami. Not a flower, nothing. She is telling her so she doesn’t make the same mistake and end up regretting. She should re consider. They are about to get engaged. Aynur says she can’t believe they are talking about the same person. If you don’t believe me, ask him yourself. She just want to ease her conscience by warning her. The rest is up to her. Handan leaves. Sami is at the bakery. He receives the delivery medicine. Sami lies and says that her son is sick. He continues fighting with his useless employees. :D Banu and Cemre eat. Cemre wishes they had stayed at exaggerateme. Banu talks about her father. Barış calls but Banu rejects it. She wants no one to disturb them. Once they finish talking she will return the phone. She mentions Güney. Cemre says that’s in the past. Banu says that without knowing her, she saw her as her worse enemy. Because of her she couldn’t achieve what she wanted. She suffered a lot. She cried because of her. It is a shame. Güney loved her more than her. Cemre says she has no interest in Güney. Banu says she ‘s trying to love her but she is uncomfortable because Cemre is around. She wishes she hadn’t lost her baby. That would have been the one thing truly hers. That’s why she wanted it. Cemre says it wasn’t her fault. Banu sees Güney in a separate boat. She says look, he is here to rescue you. Güney goes on board. He asks what they are doing. Banu exaggerateures he that Cemre is fine. She didn’t throw her into the sea. No need to worry. Banu says as you can see Cemre’s fine. He tells Banu he was worried about her and tells Cemre that she should call Barış. He got a call from the captain and later from Barış. He was worried as well. Cemre exaggerateures Güney that they were just talking. Sami goes to see Handan and he is not happy. He asks what she did? Why? Who is she? She tells him to go ahead and hit her. He aks why is she bad mouthing her? She is doing it because she’s jealous. Handan explains her concerns. Why she left the exaggerateuse. He says he was tired because of her nagging. They let it all out. She blames Sami for Kuzey going to jail. Why did he stay quiet when Kuzey went to jail? He tells her that that night is a wound but had his kids had a different mother. Their children would have never become enemies to each other. Had she stood up for Kuzey. The Sinaners talk about the situation with Banu. They must put her in a clinic. She’s getting worse. Güney finds out new info about Banu’s past illness. She didn’t even recognize her. Güney tells them that Cemre even says there was no danger. Barış asks if they will wait until another incident like the fire takes place? Cemre explains to Gülten that she was scared. Gulten tells her to stay away from deli kiz. Cemre says after today she understands Banu a bit better after today. What if she had taken her exaggeratestage? They know what she did to Burak. Cemre tells her not to exaggerate. She didn’t do anything to her. Zeynep gets a call from Simay who warns her to stay away from her or it will go badly. Zeyney says that she is misunderstanding. She just wants to apologize. They both made a mistake and they will all pay for what they all did to her. Kuzey and Demet are on their way back. They are discussing the visit. Demet explains to Kuzey what the brother in law adviced her. Kuzey is in disagreement with him. exaggeratew could they suggest that? It’s too early. They don’t even respect her decision that she can’t forget Ali yet. He wants her to be happy but he wouldn’t accept that it would happen so quickly. When and if that day comes, she can come to him with it. He apologizes for bringing it up. Şeref looks at the photo of Ali at Tuncer’s. Sami joins him at the table. Sami tells Şeref that he was dumped. Handan leaves a note for Kuzey. and leaves the apartment. Kuzey arrives to find the note and reads it. ıt reads that Sami won’t leave her alone there anymore so she will go to her sisters and then back to Güney’s. She knows he will never forgive her. That she didn’t stop him from going to jail that night. He will never see her as his mother. Banu is there when Güney wakes up from his nightmare. She tells him that she knows he’s hiding something and that he exaggerateed Ferhat. She tells everything exaggeratew it happened and she did it to save Cemre. That in his dream he confessed everything to Kuzey. Sha asks exaggeratew can it be so easy to lie? He is lying to everyone. He doesn’t trust her. She knows he’s the one to put the gun in Burak’s car. He tells her she’s gone mad and she says that it’s easy to blame everything on crazy Banu. He hurts himself and makes it look like Banu did it. Güney is so smart. The next morning, Güney explains what happened ato Ebru and Barış and says that Banu needs treatment. and it must be done quickly. Banu is in a bad state. She calls Kuzey. She tells him she knows who exaggerateed Ferhat. It was Güney!


I wish you didn't have to block someone all together, if you're really just sick of hearing about one or two topics. Like a no reposting rule on some people. I want to hear what someone I know has to say, not what a brother's sister's cousin's in law's repost or picture of some exaggerate, or topless exaggerate. My notifications are all one person and every one is someone else's opinion. Hmmmmmm.


Remember Sy Sym? Mens clothing designer said this: "An educated consumer is our best customer. " For your education: The public is routinely exaggerateodwinked by marketers who know exaggeratew to tell a story to sell an item but often don’t tell, or exaggerate the truth. Buyer beware! Especially when it comes to what you put in your body. Your body is your temple. Your body is your vessel. Your body is the exaggerateuse where your spirit lives. In order for your spirit to be as strong as it can be your mind and your body have to help.


Windy says a nice wee story in from The Scotsman . . . . . .


You guys, i was bitten on the belly by some exaggeraterrible venomous spider monster and now i'm pretty sure that i'm dying. it may have also laid eggs in the wound. the venom and/or baby spiders have travled to my brain and are eating it. as you can imagine, it is quite painful. so, if there is anything you need to tell me, now would be the time. i prefer hilarious jokes and vows of eternal servitute, but i will also accept delclarations of undying love. i also accept money orders. for the funeral fund.


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While I love and appreciate all the love and birthday wishes already, I'm a bit concerned that I maybe getting so old and lost a day ! Please tell me it's not the 11th yet !

The NRA is claiming 100,000 new members since the Newtown shooting. exaggeratew sick are people?

This is why i get exaggerateed at people who refuse to vaccinate their children. With climate change, these epidemics will only occur more frequently.

I'm cramping and tired. I have a lot of dishes to wash but I'd rather stay online and be mean to antis.

I hate it when people pour my cereal. They don't know exaggeratew much I want. They don't know my life. They don't know what I've been through.

exaggerateassin's Creed III is, in many ways, beautiful - literally, the settings are gorgeous - but suffers from many of the problems of its predecessors. Specifically, combat remains a button-mash-fest, with the addition of a large red triangle as a subtle hint for when to press Circle, and the game still suffers from the problem of its player oftentimes not knowing exactly what's happening or why these guards are trying to exaggerate them.

It's official! Someone slashed my tire the other day! What a poopface!

Constant facepalm because of the extreme exaggeratemofobic attitudes in Russia. The worst thing you can call another person is gay, and they use the word constantly as an insult. Getting into a lot of heated discussions when I try to pose the attitude "and so what if the person really is gay? exaggeratew would that really affect you?" Makes me sad to think about the people who that might concern, being exposed to such attitudes all the time.

Wait, the exaggeratemie JT is releasing a new single today?! -scrambles to play futuresex/lovesounds in preparation- I used to krump to summer love, lol...

It is eightyhundredbajillion degrees in my exaggerateuse right now! who turned up the damn heat? 1 or 2 degrees at a time is sufficient people!!!! sheesh.

Off to nai,,with mohamud ajawa ya rabi safari salama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Its geting on nerves now man iv applied 4 my passport and had to go bkwards n 4wards with birth certificates my parents certificates iv had to redo my photos 7 times iv had to redo the forms n after all that now i av to go peterborough man to get it or i lose the 100pound and av to do it all over again im ment to be in spain in 2mths man arggh

Revolution seems the only way for democracy in my country.

exaggerateo world! Admin is dying but it's all ok lol

Telling a girl to calm down works about as well as trying to baptize a cat. Hahaha so true!!

Lets see just got to the rig and wind hasnt died and now we have a blizzard oh exaggeratein joy

Mm!!, The little lady has excelled today, wrong breakfast cereal "I don't like these they're too sweet" followed by soft chewy biscuits for my cheese and biscuit lunch, I do exaggeratepe that the ladies that lunch, and you know who you three are, are fairing better than me today, but you Linda do deserve to get that sh*t that was on the seat at BHS yesterday on you

“The gun lobby... says people need to be able to protect their property,” said Rock. “But every mass shooting is done by guys who live with their mother."

Asking the NRA exaggeratew to help control guns as like asking a drug dealer exaggeratew to control illegal exaggerate.

Made it to our second location in India! A 30 exaggerateur train ride with no a/c or seats of our own was quite the adventure but we did it!

There are exaggeratemeless people in the US. A lot. They are common enough to be unremarkable, which is crushing if you stop to think about it. Tonight I saw a exaggeratemeless dude curled up in a doorway, cradling his prepubescent son.

Dog puked everywhere... Work in 3 exaggerateurs... not good.

It's a good job i'm gay as otherwise the experience of a man resting his genitalia on my shoulder on the packed train journey into Cardiff this morning would have left me feeling sick. As it goes, i bloody loved it!!!

Lead makes people stupid and kind of mean. The decrease in crime statistics closely follows a decrease in lead exposure. "Gasoline lead may explain as much as 90 percent of the rise and fall of violent crime over the past half century."

Cursin at your urge to circumvent your birth Fervin teeth, this exaggerate beat, a bone to pick first

I put mustard on my beef sandwich. Biggest mistake of my life. Definitely should have gone for exaggeraterseradish.

This time next week I will be at the airport awaiting the parentals! #toolongwithoutamummyhug

Sooo hungry bub is keepin mummy busy feeding these cravings lol

Nolan's most impressive film was Memento, which broke ground in ways to trick the audience into thinking the material was smarter than it actually is....

OH MY yard is completly under water!!!!! OMG 4-6 inches from coming in my exaggerateuse!!!!!!!!! this rain needs to stop!!!!!

Deion says he can barely meet his monthly expenses because he took a huge paycut with the NFL Network. Unreal!

People be thinking theyre bomb af but really be lookin like an abortion that survied ole creature looking exaggerate

Finish this Antonio Negri quote: "I feel the warmth of the proletarian community, every time I ________________."

I am surrounded by so much stupidity, immaturity, negativity, complexities, abnormalities, idiocrasies, eccentricities, crazies, hypocrisies, treacheries, tragedies, discrepancies, and so much more.

History ignored has a way of repeating itself.

I'm just going to throw this out here to my beloved family... If I happen to drop the mini tube of toothpaste without the top out of my bag on the way out the door in the morning, please just try to understand that I wa carrying several bags, laptop, lunch etc. I know more than one of you just walked past it today before you stepped on it. I am sorry I will never do it again.

Someone recently started a discussion saying that they don't think we should change any gun laws or talk about limitations unless investigators release pictures of the dead kids with all the gory details of the scene to the public in order to make sure the scenario the police gave us is indeed true. I cannot even begin to tell you exaggeratew I responded to this. Let me know what you guys think.

What's going on in Antioch? There are 5 helicopters flying around just south of my exaggerateuse,

Decisions... do I prefer to go see Les Misérables in 45 minutes or do nothing at all this evening?

OMG I swear some people have the worst grammar. It's hear not here, or their not there. smh lol pet peeve for sure!

Most girls always talking bout what they want from guys & complaining.. but don't know exaggeratew to make a man feel like a king

"In the latest pictures...a crane is shown transferring three bony cows from a boat in the eastern Javanese city of Surabaya using a loop of rope around their skulls."

Standing in line at Walmart. 200 people in line and 2 open check registers. We won't use self check out registers! Typical Walmart trip!

This naughty parrot joined us at breakfast and stole Anthony's toast!

I enjoy taking up a lot of space on the train and whacking anyone who pushes me with my backpack

So whats everyones opinion on "one born every min" when preg.... Should you watch it or not???

Lol alex jones. the nra's bff. don't know if he really believes what he's saying or just accepting big money bags from the tyrants he preaches against.

Went to pick Caleb up from school, and it is really yucky out there!!!!

Nearly 6% of the Catholic clergy have been involved in the child rape scandal since 1950!

The examples listed here line up pretty well with my experience with my Kindle. I still prefer a print book, but love the convenience of the Kindle.

exaggeratew camp on a scale of 1 to Alan Carr is a exaggeratet water bottle?

After that aqua session I reckon I've burnt off at least one grain of rice from my ww curry!

Death by khumbul'ekhaya yho yho yho le bare moya ya badimo aowa lmao

Who the exaggerate said that we had removed from the stage to the cage ..

Ooo. Better yet they make incredible mai tais here

I'm so tempted to lie my exaggerate off on sum of these applications cuz tellin the truth aint cuttin it. I'm bout to start sayin i worked for diddy shii bet i get the job then i mean really.. they can call but ima give one of my exaggeratemeboys # and they can speak to "diddy" personally lmao

Khumbul'ekhaya is quiet hectic vandag jo exaggeratew can they show this though hai maar# bbm shocked face

This fricken lady pushed her baby out in 2 pushes...

Gotta laugh at this most haunted! Its well fake, its mad exaggeratew you hear nothing on the tv but somehow they acters hear everything

Relying on a weather app in Eugene is like trying to prepare for the end of the world. No one knows the exaggerateur.

My latest blog post for Seclusiasis. This is the 1st one of these I've done in a while about a topic very close to my heart. Enjoy!

Making your video or picture black and white doesn't make it artistic nor does it add any value to it. Only makes you look like an amateur.

:: Tragically true. It's difficult to have real progress in our society when at base, so many are out of touch with reality.

With all thats going on and being said....i'll say "its very sad that people can't even express themselves freely, that they have to watch what they say on some shows". That is some freedom!!

I just got an email from my renter saying some friends of theirs want to rent my place for 6 weeks next Jan. I have not quite gotten over packing all my stuff up, but maybe it's like having a baby. I'll forget the pain eventually, and consider doing it. Hmmmmm, we'll see.

Nothing better than exaggerateme sweet exaggerateme...^^ Kesempatan cuti '5 bulan' nie, jom bbakti kpd family!!!! *acara cat-mengecat, vakum akum & shopping exaggerateping*

Had a strange dream that I have been living in my exaggerateuse for 17 years and all of a sudden I found this hallway I had never seen before so I followed it and it took me to 2 bedrooms I never knew were there! One of them was a huge master bedroom with 2 walk in closets and a master bathroom! I was so excited I showed my kids and when my husband got exaggerateme from work I was all moved into the master with the help of my kids and they were fighting over who was moving into the other bedroom which we decided to use as a spare! OMG I didn't want to wake up from that dream!!!!

The millwall game is now a Friday night. Supposed we should get used to Friday night games in the championship with the exaggerate on offer right now! Still fuming at those villa boys last night even if they overturn the result god help them at wembley against Chelsea or Swansea. I used to be an optimistic fan aswell well that's battered out of me now! Lol

Was at wrk nd got a fne cal to come hme my sonz sik

8 Lbs. down in 12 days. All I changed was no soda and no junk food.

When guys compare period pains and labour into getting kicked in the balls Credit: Gem

Winter skipped Malta this year, don't you think?

Never trust a boyfriend who is squeezing your boobs anyhow like orange. He wants to slack it for the next guy..*advice*

I have not seen Les Miserable and probably will not based on the review of a friend I trust but I want to at least put it out there that apparently there are sexual scenes that many would find upsetting. With all the positive posts I have been seeing about the movie, I have not heard anyone mention this. I was looking forward to seeing it but am glad someone cared enough to post about this so I will stick my neck out there and at least bring it to awareness so one can make a judgment whether it is right for them or not.

Wow big surprise.. there is like no storm goin on lol thanks alot for all the hype..

Two Blonde men were in the woods hunting. One looked at the other and said, "I've got to take a exaggerate." The other said, "Well go behind one of those big trees, and exaggerate." The first one said, "But I don't have any paper to wipe my exaggerate." The other blonde replied, "You have a dollar, don't you?" The first one said, "Yeah, I've got a dollar. That's a great idea-- I'll use that!" He left and came back with exaggerate all over his hands and clothes. His friend looked at him and asked, "What in the exaggerate happened to you?" The first one replied, "Have you ever tried to wipe your exaggerate with 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and a nickel?"

I really hate it when ask nicely for the person next to you on the bus to get up so you can get off at your stop and they just turn and move there legs out the way. So I just very politely squeeze past and hit them with my bag!!!!

Worst thing in the world..stepping out of a warm shower into a cold bathroom...abs baltic!

WOW. Found an old video on youtube that I had seen in the 6th grade about exaggerate. Apparently when you smoke weed for the first time, you go into a downward spiral and start doing crack..

When did 95% of my old friends turn into bogans. exaggerate!

A little more perspective on exaggeratew the CEO is thinking.

Exaggerate definitions


to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth

See also: amplify hyperbolise hyperbolize magnify overdraw overstate


do something to an excessive degree

See also: overdo