Eutectic in a sentence as a noun

Are you aware of anyone using eutectic salts in the walls in the desert?

Think eutectic curves in metallurgy and things like that.

Pretty sure the tin is just to help get the low temperature eutectic of Galinstan.

Unless, of course, there's an aluminium alloy eutectic - I don't know.

Isn’t the very definition of eutectic the mix proportion that has _the lowest_ melting point?

One iPhone built with 63/37 eutectic lead solder would contain less lead than about 20,000 car batteriesSheesh, I'd hope so. Make that 20000 phones ~= one car battery.

F used the temperature of a specified eutectic mixture to set 0 and tried to set 96 as human body temperature.

It was cooled with sodium-potassium eutectic liquid metal.

Some examples of what we could do is replace plastics with bulk metallic glass, save energy in transport with low density steel, and more broadly with eutectic systems.

Lead-bismuth eutectic is most likely, it would be sensible to avoid sodium/potassium coolant on a submarine.

You can replace BeF2 with a eutectic lithium fluoride/thorium fluoride composition, but that requires an increased temperature of the reactor salts.

Perhaps we can finally replace plastics with something like eutectic systems, bulk metallic glass, or the classic transparent aluminum.

Normally, for casual work 60/40 or eutectic are my choice as lead-free requires more care/setup and closer temperature tolerances, and there is a higher risk of damaging components with excessive heat.

I like trying to find eutectic points of different molecules in software because it cheaper than doing it in a lab, I like being able to explore whats running on my router because I'd like to know what security holes could lie there.

Beyond the sibling comments about the flux being the nasty part of solder, and the part in solder fumes that are hard to avoid breathing at least a bit of when soldering, eutectic leaded solder is soo much nicer to use than the lead-free stuff.

Eutectic definitions


a mixture of substances having a minimum melting point