Aluminium in a sentence as a noun

Mirrors are cheap and rest is just wood or aluminium.

"we worked together for nearly 15 years and he still laughed at the way I said aluminium"

Typically this comes in the form of a brokered agreement with a large consumer, such as an aluminium smelter.

Get $3 DC motors, waste aluminium channelling from build sites, acrylic, gear boxes + wheels, wires, an arduino, and a few screws.

Also, should energy get cheaper, iron would be greatly substituted with aluminium in construction.

The thing is, there is a point where the difference between the spot-price on the market and the brokered purchase price is larger than the value of the aluminium that can be smelted with that energy.

The horn doesn't have "Press me if the big light outside is green but the aluminium box with wheels in front of you is stationary"If you lower your standards to silly degrees, people will mill around that lower standard.

> after putting it in my back pocket and sitting down on it> the bending issue is very realI'd suggest that the issue is that you're a guy who thinks sitting on $1,000 of glass and aluminium is a normal thing to do.

What is an iPhone if not a combination of silicon, carbon, oxygen, aluminium, potassium, copper, boron, phosphorus, nitrogen etc.?

Alum, aluminium chlorohydrate, and aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly don't have any significant smell of their own. Indeed, you can buy unscented deodorants from the major manufacturers, and they are exactly as effective as the scented ones.

The unibody manufacturing process for MacBook Pro means that the trendy aluminium form of the product also provides its rigidity and reduces the number of components required to hold it together.

In 1926, the American Chemical Society officially decided to use aluminum in its publications; American dictionaries typically label the spelling aluminium as "chiefly British".

Sure, one of these theoretically replaces 20 incandescents and uses less electricity, but an incandescent light bulb is just a tiny tungsten wire + steel leads + glass + aluminium base + a drop of epoxy, all made in one factory with extraordinary efficiency that has been polished through 100 years of manufacturing.

Aluminium definitions


a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite

See also: aluminum