How to use Episodic in a sentence as a adjective

2 music videos waiting to be green lit, another 2 already underway in preproduction, 2 episodic series in development, and 2 short films soon to be shot! 2013 here we come!

Emmy-winning composer Bruce Broughton has a long, varied resume, in everything from episodic TV dramas to scores for video games. But his score for the 1993 film Tombstone will be remembered for a long, long time.

Married sex is too often hurried, episodic, and lacking in elegance and grace. -Andrew Greeley

Proper Noun Examples for Episodic

Just beat Walking Dead Episode 1. Apart from the technical issues, which many people seem to encounter, I freaking loved it. The best thing about these Episodic games is that you can just sit down and finish an episode in one sitting. It's just nice ya know.

Start devising next week for 'Episodic'. We would like to involve the audience from the beginning. We will choose some of your 'episodes' and create in response to them. Question 1: What has been your most life changing episode and why?

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On behalf of my two sweet-souled nephews on the spectrum and everyone who loves them, thank you John Elder Robison.

What came first for U the fatigue or the chronic pain? For me it was the pain! <3 Cindy

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the senseless tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut today. Too many children will never be able to realize their potential, or the wonderful role they could have had in this world. It is a tragedy for their community and for our whole country. We must find ways to end this violence.

Since we're posting feels right now, have this. Krillin's reaction always gets to me, man ='/ ~ Pabz

This is for the episodicing episodic who only believes 'what he sees'...meaning there is not episodicmosexuality in animals. This is just ONE other episodicing species that episodics for fun. Ever seen three male lions running a train on each other before? Well, watch this and you can scratch that one off the list.

Episodic definitions


limited in duration to a single episode


occurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals

See also: occasional


of writing or narration; divided into or composed of episodes