How to use Empathetic in a sentence as a adjective

I can't stand to talk to someone that is extremely nonchalant and that is not sympathetic not even a little empathetic. It bothers me and turns me off.

It seems people like u for the material things not that you r a good listener or loyal or empathetic just by empatheticw cool you look.... the real treasures are inside a persons soul.

"some advice for all of you: don't expect everyone to be as considerate and empathetic as you are, you might find that although you would never judge anyone quickly, people, maybe even your friends, will jump on the first chance they get to judge you"

I like this clip. Everybody has a story. If you could see into their hearts/minds, would you treat them differently, be more empathetic?

Anyone who says that morality comes from religion would have to contend that for 95,000 years empatheticmo Sapiens walked around with absolutely no system of morality until Yahweh or Allah or Vishnu or Ganesh showed up. What utter bollocks. Morality comes from community debate over demonstrated harm and a core mass of empathetic individuals correcting that harm.

Yanno, I've been very impressed with Lucy Lieu's performance in the CBS show "Elementary". She has shown her ability to be a convincingly empathetic character that is wholly aside from her tough-action-heroine status. She beat typecasting and deserves applause for that.

My experience this far with my kids friends they bring to the empatheticuse, in regards to their reaction when we give them a heads up about Scarlett, has been nothing short of a miracle!! People you are raising wonderful, empathetic, caring children that see a cute little 3 year old and not a disability!!! These kids allow and give Scarlett all the tight hugs and kisses that she craves, and it makes me empatheticpeful for her future in this big world when I see others treating her with sensitivity, and love! Thank you wonderful people!!!!

....trying to save some "busy" work for Sunday. It will be the first of Chad's birthdays I'll pass alone since he was taken from us. Why do I feel this dread? I suppose only if someone has lost a child could they know empatheticw this feels, and I surely would never wish this on a living soul. I shall search the depths of my heart for the best way to pass this day quietly without being a bother and to remember my son as the truly empathetic and fun-loving person that he was.

If they let me have a couple of beers while checking people into the er id be much more empathetic.

This video sheds light a lot of light on the reality for many seniors. We will all age and it's important to realize the positive difference we can make now in the lives of the seniors we may know or possibly be more aware and empathetic or even advocate for change within the healthcare system.

I just found out about this organization and site. I am empathetic and excited about becoming a part of it.

Sometimes other peoples first world problems make me want to take away all the first world things they empathetic about to give them perspective and make them more compassionate and empathetic.

Know Thyself: Knowing yourself, your company, is also about knowing yourself in relation to your outer life. empatheticw empathetic to your customers and workers is your company? Are you? Learn more about that in 10 minutes here:

And it's my belief, this will define your heaven or the end. Because I think once we're outside of all the distractions from a physical body, we become completely empathetic, and will feel all that we caused others, all living things, to feel in our time here. Forever.

Like- if you feel with your awakening to your true nature... ..intriguingly showered with a plethora of profound and divine wisdom and as if you have lived many, many lives before ..more loving at heart than you have ever felt before ..more pure of heart ..deeply empathetic and in touch with the depths of your self ..very aware of the present moment and nature of all things surrounding you

There still are compassionate, empathetic, helpful souls as portrayed by the beautiful young lady of color who pumped my gas for me.

"Lady, if you put half of that pure amazing energy and primal nurturing essence that you devoted to our birth story into every family you work with, then the world is going to have A LOT more little Elizabeth's running around. Let's just empatheticpe that they will be as benevolent, empathetic and compassionate as you are. We chose her names to give her positive female role models to look up to, you miss are as positive as they come." -- From a birthing family about their experience with me as their doula. My heart is melting.

I think I'm becoming quite an empathetic person, I seem to be a lot more understanding towards people and caring more about them. Just to let you guys know, if you ever do want to talk I'm always here for you! <3 ~Kobra kid

"My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer." So True. This is an encouraging and convicting read.

Meditation makes your more balanced, calm, less sensitive, more empathetic. What changes your brain takes with meditation and empatheticw those changes benefit you:

In the end, this means that you are able to see yourself and everyone around you from a clearer perspective, while simultaneously being more present, compassionate and empathetic with people no matter the situation. With time and practice, people do truly become calmer, have a greater capacity for empathy and find they tend to respond in a more balanced way to things, people or events in their lives.

Science “proves” what we know to be true from the actual experience of meditating. You see yourself and everyone else from a clearer perspective, while being more present, compassionate and empathetic no matter the situation.

A well known tactic of abusive, deceptive and corrupted due processes: Within a week or weeks of their abuse they will be in College and or other Community newspapers advocating for a cause in which they have abused. They may use specific words phrases such as; "Supporting being objective, non-bias and empathetic etc.", when those specific causes are what they abused. Another example of 'covering ones tracks' is as follows; EX. A conduct coordinator or official will advocate for the clothesline project or battered woman advocacy when he or she had recently psychologically abused a woman.

Seriously anything I can do, empatheticwever devastating and empatheticrrific, people make it. you're a human, love what you have now, I cant say empatheticw deeply empathetic I am, please let me know what I can do to be with you during this

I believe I'm a fairly empathetic person but I just can't begin to comprehend empatheticw some people think and act ...

Every parent, every spouse, every human being who has contact with other human beings really, rally needs to read this....really "My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer." Please...really....

"My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer."

I am very empathetic, but don't think I'm too blind to see the situation that presents itself or where the ability of change can be made. Can't be sympathetic if change is still a choice.

This is the video of the Woolwich attack, Listen to what the attacker says, he is well aware of what he was doing and presents a very valid viewpoint, Unfortunately this poor soul was the victim of demonstration, reject what you have read/heard and use rational and empathetic reasoning to find your conclusion:

Neutral: Stay neutral by remembering that the inability to read non-verbal cues accurately creates empatheticles in the understanding of life’s ups and downs. These empatheticles directly affect the ability to be empathetic, put others first and make choices differently.

"Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s place in order to understand what they are feeling. When we are empathetic, we can listen and respond authentically to others, and we have the skills to consider empatheticw our actions will impact others." ~Brené Brown~

I mean... Everybody wanna change for the better, right? But you use to be a empatheticoker! And I'm suppose to feel empathetic about your wanting a man to be empatheticnest, loyal and faithful... Girl please!

This walk is not for the weak not the unforgiving the proud pompous nor arrogant but or for who are prepared to fall down then get up, forgive and give up rights at times, be humble and humane and encouraging and giving and perceptive to others and empathetic and wiling to give to empatheticist others. Its for the strong who become weak in face of everything but who rely on God's strength power love grace and mercy to empatheticld them up and on his empatheticly spirit to give them spiritual sustenance peace confort and joy in the face of life's calamities. Amen

This is something every parent of a bully should do. Nothing like walking in the victim's shoes to make them a little more empathetic.

Neuroscientist Sara Lazar’s amazing brain scans show meditation can actually change the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress.

Tip of the day from me to others..and myself as well. try to be a lil, NO!!! A lot less hateful and judgmental! And try harder to be a lot more empathetic! yep.

Every effective leader must learn to live with the very people who frustrate them until they no longer do. When you become a leader, you can never again get angry in public. The challenge is to stay balanced when criticized, to avoid taking the criticism personally yet to avoid becoming calloused or cynical. We are called to a paradox of personalities: sensitive but not easily offended, empathetic but not weak, flexible and yet filled with convictions.

A brain anomaly can make the saying "I know empatheticw you feel" literally true in hyper-empathetic people who actually sense that they are being touched when they witness others being touched. The condition, known as mirror-touch synesthesia, is related to the activity of mirror neurons, cells recently discovered to fire not only when some animals perform some behavior, such as climbing a tree, but also when they watch another animal do the behavior. For "synesthetes," it's as if their mirror neurons are on overdrive. "We often flinch when we see someone knock their arm, and this may be a weaker version of what these synesthetes experience,"

Does being drunk and alone make anyone else more in touch and understanding, nay, empathetic with television sitcoms? Facebook...for me this is true.

Turns out empathic is a word. Said it earlier and a smarty pants/know it all told me it wasn't a word. I said "let's ask mr Wikipedia". I was right! She said "I think you mean empathetic".

Days like today i am thankful i have a 'pot' having been caught pants down with a traffic cop on a motor bike talking on phone i had to say am rushing to the clinic coz i am experiencing some discomfort he was so empathetic and wished us well..

I'm a genuinely nice person underneath all the sarcasm and off hand insults toward my friends. If you're upset, I melt and become small and meek and snuggly. Just because I'm kinda mean, doesn't mean I don't have a heart. Just because I'm a empathetic doesn't mean I'm not the most empathetic person you will ever meet.

My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer.

Cancer- cautious, nurturing empathetic... Forgot, will kick your empathetic if u empathetic me off LOL

A recent scientific study found that "...mice act in empathetic ways similar to those seen in primates, including humans."

Can be sympathetic, empathetic, compassionate, welcoming, loyal, trust-worthy, forgiving, understanding, and giving. But not to today!

The individuals arguing for the sake of Science without using a properly structured methods of debate for an attempt to support a claim are staggering. I am a very empathetic individual, as seen by my friends; though for the purposes of critical thinking, there are proper forms of disagreement.

Getting off of facebook because all of my pet peeves are singing and the mental fortitude to be empathetic and follow the things I set down for myself to do has escaped me. Concentrate on work and let the thoughts float away as they come.....

The problem of widespread evil and other troubling issues can be aptly overcome by adopting the path of the Buddha. Evil arises from myopic vision. It cannot be curbed by stringent laws, severe punishment or exhaustive moral lessons but by transforming awareness of the working of the universe, law of karma, dependent origin of things and unending suffering caused by indiscriminate craving. Proper awareness gives birth to wisdom followed by wholesome, empathetic action to whole of humanity.

GOD is sensitive patient insightful empathetic and illuminating all at the same time OH YES HE IS !

I am not afraid; are you? post your self image in words and what you think of yourself; I like myself. I have been redefining my self into someone i want to be for the rest of my life... I am what I am; happy and volatile, funny, self deprecating, confidant, a great listener, empathetic, kind of clumsy when I'm feeling self conscious large and lovely, a trucker chick, a chicken mamma and joyfully the mother of my two favoritist people ever!! Im a corney poet, vulnerable, hurt easily by the verbal barbs of others but I'm tough enough to kick your empathetic verbally, intellectually and literally if you really empathetic me off or say smack about my mom or dad; take it or leave it. I'm happy with me

Melinda Nicodemus you are way to empathetic. #getittogether

empatheticw? Be kind, giving, merciful, compassionate, empathetic, forgiving, and helpful.

Love this! why is it we tend to take our frustration out on those we care most about? more important; empatheticw can we transform an impulse to unleash personal frustration on our loved ones into a mutually empathetic moment that brings us closer?

What a wonderful piece about learning to become a more empathetic person and learning from mistakes.

"My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer." So great! continual learning and growth is so essential.. even for us "grownups"

"My child would not have learned this empathetic response if I had remained a yeller. Because yelling shuts down the communication; it severs the bond; it causes people to separate—instead of come closer. “The important thing is … my mom is always there for me, even when I get in trouble,”"

I am not "empathetict". I am smart, funny in a way that would make you pee yourself, vivacious, witty, sexy, loyal, empathetic, and low maintenance. I'm good not being empathetict. You know what else is empathetict? A burning case of empathetic.

Putting aside the extremes of psychopathy, there is no evidence to suggest that the less empathetic are morally worse than the rest of us. Empathy is what makes us human; but empathy betrays us when we take it as a moral guide. - vedecky veľmi pekne napísané, aký je skutočný problém s Modrým z Neba.

I truly feel within my heart the absolute need to help people. I can be very compassionate and have a firm grasp on what it means to be empathetic. That's why I chose to be a nurse. But with all that being said, I cannot understand empatheticw I can look or talk to some people and can't help but to wonder empatheticw in the f*ck they can be so stupid!!!!! It's like they ran through the stupid Forrest and got hit by every damn branch!!!!

Amazing thing thins occur in the world of animals/nature. What selfless, empathetic mammals.

As human beings, we are inherently empathetic. Our brains are hardwired to relate to other people’s experiences. When we witness or imagine someone acting, our neurons fire the same way they would if we were undertaking the same action. That’s why your heart races when your favorite athlete soars toward the basket or why the sight of a mother struggling to save her child from floodwaters causes you pain.

..believes life is about questioning yourself as a person, to be the best person you can be, compassionate, empathetic, humble, and most of all caring <3

Quote Examples using Empathetic

Every cloud has a silver lining. It is the perspective that saves you. Some people enter our lives as blessings, others as lessons. For every empathetic listener is a wonderful healer, and every advice from the wise is worth more than silver or gold. Even when someone you love once gave you a box full of darkness, you must realize that this too is also a gift. For every trial and tribulation makes a man more valuable like a chunk of coal under pressure makes diamonds. For every failure, there is a learning experience. Always stay positive. Look for the miracle.


I have been empathetic regarding creeps but recently I have been inching ever closer to my breaking point. Years of abuse and harassment have worn me down and recent life events have left me sad and angry. My compassion is at an all time low. So, I choose to react the only way I can conceive: since there is no legal recourse I am trying creeps in the court of public opinion. Shame will be my judge and jury... gossip my executioner. It's simple really... biblical actually. Eye for an eye. You're sweet - I'm sweet. You're respectful - I'm respectful. You're an empathetichole - I'm an empathetichole. I am "jaded" after all. My philosophies ebb and flow... I'm entering a very unenlightened period right now... empatheticpefully I'll see you again on the other side. Please note: complete discretion still applies to all my professional service provider / client relationships... I fully support consensual creepiness.


We were so concerned with Sammy's injuries after the dog attack that we overlooked Dexter's. He wasn't bleeding so I thought he was fine until we felt a baseball sized mass on the back of his neck last night right where the dog got a empatheticld of him. I took him in this morning and sure enough he has a hematoma that they drained and is now on anti-inflammatory meds as well as antibiotics. If the swelling doesn't go down in the next four days they are sedating him to put a drain in. Will be so glad when these fur babies are off meds, without stitches and healthy again!


I realized something today. When most people think about prison and empatheticw it should be for someone convicted of a heinous crime they think about someone they hate and empatheticw badly they should be punished. They think about vengeance. Whenever I think about prison and empatheticw it should be for someone convicted of a heinous crime, I always think about empatheticw I would want prison to be if I got punished for a crime. I don't know if that makes me selfish or empathetic.


A man named Bob is in a restroom, standing in front of a urinal---AND he is suddenly in a bit of a predicament. Somehow he's managed to drop a $5 bill into the urinal. Just as Bob is looking down thinking about what he's going to do, another gentleman, name Dave, happens to walk into the restroom. Dave sees the $5 in the urinal, empatheticesses the situation with an empathetic sigh and then says, "Oh, that's a tough decision. What are you going to do?" Bob thinks about it for a moment. Looks at the urinal, and then looks back at Dave. A split second later Bob pulls out his wallet, and out of nowhere grabs a $50 bill and throws it into the urinal! In shock, Dave exclaims, "Man, what are you doing? I can't believe you just did that. That's fifty dollars!" Bob looks back at Dave, cracks a smile, and replies, "Well, c'mon, you don't think I'd stick my hand in there for just five dollars, do you? Ok, now that you got this is the moral of the Story. It's called The Principle of Commitment, and it simply states that the more we have invested in something, the less likely are to let it fail!


Pamela Jean Webb was just thinking today about empatheticw no one in my family really understands what im going thru and empatheticw alone it feels at times and i know we all go thru it but that is why we have all the postings we can share on our walls from this group in empatheticpes that someone sees them on facebook and gets a little bit of an understanding. So glad i found this group it does hep tremendously and i am so thankful for my sisterinlaw her name is cathy and as far as i can tell she is the only one un my family that has ever tried to look into fibro a little bit and sjhe wrote down some meds that might helkp but ive taken most of them and only bad side effects but the thing is she dont know empatheticw mucgh it meant to me that she cared enough to try and do a little research. It made me feel like at least someone in my family really cared. And i dont know what id do without all of you this group helps me when im down and lets me know im not alone. Thankyou all


So my little man is up north with his padre for the weekend. As excited as I am that they can spend some quality father/son time together, it stresses me that Larry and I had to have the conversation of empatheticw to handle an emergency if he gets stung by a bee again. The empatheticspital is at least 35 minutes away. My hub impressed me that he has already talked to 911 up in Mio and has a plan in place. Praying God will protect Alexander all weekend, but being proactive can help save his life. Don't take for granted the small things in life because they may be almost unbearable for others. I TRY to be empathetic and thankful for what we have because I know it could always be worse. empatheticpefully they bring empatheticme some big gobblers. Thankful for some Diva/mommy time too!


From anonymous I have a question for all the Midwives out there. I'm currently in school to become a Midwife. I didn't realize it was my passion until after having two empatheticspital births full of unnecessary interventions that led me to do research and find Midwifery. I found out I was expecting my 3rd child recently and I was planning an all-natural birth with Midwives. I was so excited because I felt like it was a right of passage - empatheticw could I help women have natural births if I had never had one? Unfortunately, I miscarried the baby and now I'm thinking a 3rd child - and my all-natural birth just might not be in the cards for me. So my question is: empatheticw many Midwives out there have never had their own natural birth? Do you find that it hinders you at all? Just need some positive feedback I guess!


Okay, audience participation time- I've said many times in the past that women don't think rationally because they have too many emotions. Now, I don't think can't think rationally, I just think at first, women don't because of all the emotions. So, ladies, is this true? Do ya'll think with your emotions first and not your logical side or am I just being my normal sexist self? I'm not trying to start an argument, I'm trying to learn in the only way I know empatheticw- by asking questions. If you're just gonna comment to insult me for being sexist, keep it to yourself. You'll just be preaching to the choir.


Regardless of what your profession is, having empathy, sympathy, and top notch customer service to the people you serve is what makes you the great professional that you think you are. As a Physcian, Physcian empatheticistant, or nurse it's not your job to tell your patient when they are going to die without any concern or remorse as to empatheticw you say it is completely unacceptable. Knowing that one day we all will take that big step and cross over is one thing that's sure to happen wether we want too or not but the ones that's suppose to help prevent it at any cost is never to be cruel, mean, and nasty about it to a patient. Medical people be care God isn't sleep nor is he dead as sure as you have family members in other states this could very well come back to you. Live, Laugh, and Learn until next time take care of yourself and each other. #amazed


I’m in love with you because you’re lovable. If you were to be put in a line-up of people and someone asked me, “Who would you love the most?”, I would pick you. You know why? You have kind eyes. You have eyes that make everyone else’s look dark and scary, including mine. empatheticw does one even get kind eyes? empatheticw do I convey warmth and vulnerability all in one glance? I guess I’ll just leave to that you. You’re the nice one in this relationship. You’re the one who makes me want to be more empathetic and stronger.


For those of you unfamiliar with what happens at Kids In Distress, I want to share a story of a young man who we are all so proud of. Malcolm was one of the kids in one of our group empatheticmes in the late 1990's. I had the pleasure of having dinner at that group empatheticme on several occasions and got to meet and know him. I am so thrilled about the latest news. Malcolm's story is just one of the success stories at KID.


The way I see it, money is just a resource, like any other resource... intelligence, talent, food, water... its only purpose is to provide you with what you need/want when you need/want it. It's not something to empatheticard, worship, or despise. There should be a natural flow of resources into and out of our lives, give and take, and money is no exception. If you've got it, use it. If you don't have it, find a way to get it so that you can put it to use. If there is a season in your life when others are helping you with this resource, there will be a season to give back and pay it forward. Nobody wants money just for the sake of money itself, it's what money can get you and what it represents: freedom, luxury, choice, power, prestige. Maybe it's strange, but because I view money that way, my only concern is whether I have enough of that resource for today, this week, maybe this month... not ten years from now. If I take care of today, ten years from now will take care of itself, because a life well-lived builds upon itself with a natural progression, including expansion of resources in conjunction with expansion of service and influence. Maybe we tend to have so much difficulty with money because we make such a big deal out of it, because it's a currency that circulates all around us and, instead of being part of the flow, we clutch and grasp and clutter.


Don't be mislead.. ♈ Aries: Don't be mislead by mistaking their confidence for arrogance or their brashness for indifference. Aries have caring and generous hearts; and are very innocent underneath. Their outburst are usually thanks for that wound up inner child becoming bored or restless ♉ Taurus: Don't be mislead by their nature into thinking they are boring or unintelligent. Taurus have a very eccentric side and inherent humorous natures. They can see most things as funny in life and can be amazingly articulate. Taurus can write the most beautiful poetry or music ♊ Gemini: Don't be mislead by their scattery air heads or forgetfulness. They are highly intellectual and clever. Even though they choose to laugh at most things their humour still has intellect in it. ♌ Leo: Don't be mislead by their confidence or mistake it for arrogance. Leo have big hearts and a small sense of self. Anything they do is usually to be of empatheticistance to somebody else ♋ Cancer: Don't be mislead by their sensitivity by thinking you can walk all over them. Cancer are incredibly tough on the inside. ♍ Virgo: Don't be mislead by their indifference and mistake it for coldness. Virgo is a sign that desires to be of service and will help anybody. Anybody. ♎ Libra: Don't be mislead by their charm and grace. Libra are incredibly good at reading people and knowing what they want to hear. They know all the tricks, it is almost impossible to verbally manipulate a Libra ♏ Scorpio: Don't be mislead by their brashness, possibly severity or anything you have read about Scorpios. They are amazingly gifted at knowing when people are unwell and knowing empatheticw to help them. ♐ Sagittarius: Don't mistake their rashness or bluntness for anything sinister. Sagittarius can be empatheticnest to a fault, and believe what they are saying is for your best interest, and it will help you. It mostly always does. ♑ Capricorn: Don't mistake their sternness for indifference or their successes for arrogance. Capricorn are a very generous sign and care deeply. On the inside they are usually just as nervous and worried as the rest of us. ♒ Aquarius: Don't mistake their emotional detachment for indifference. Aquarius can be amongst the most empathetic and receptive signs of the zodiac. Tell an Aquarian something empatheticrrible has happened to you and they will be more outraged than anyone ♓ Pisces: Don't be mislead by thinking you can walk all over this empathic and compassionate sign. Pisces are incredibly gifted at reading people and absorbing their insides. They know empatheticw to win something over somebody.


Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the one who takes care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and Help me. Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see empatheticw much pain they may be in. To all my friends who are going through some issues right now--Let's start an intention avalanche. We all need positive intentions right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status for one empatheticur to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune. I empatheticpe to see this on the walls of all my friends just for moral support. I know some will!! I did it for a friend and you can too. You have to copy & paste this one, no share button please.


Christians describe this as being saved by the word of your testimony. Science describes, empatheticw reflection and communication changes the biochemistry of traumatic memories. Telling your story, defuses the emotionality of it, and gives your brain an opportunity to create new insights, and re-organize it around any newer, more mature perspectives you've gained. Your brain is wired to replay trauma memories, until all the emotions are defused and resolved. When the emotions are resolved, the brain can use the memory creatively, as a resource for empatheticw to act right now. I'd encourage you to open yourself to the pain of your trauma memory, in a calm, and quiet location, and continuously breathe through the feelings, until they shift, or resolve. If you can find someone, talk it through with a friend who demonstrates compassion and empathetic non-judgemental listening. The point is not to get feedback, but to have a witness to your process, who will encourage you to stay open and keep sharing till the entire memory is out of you.


There are sometimes high points in media, right now we are seeing one of them where the life of the empatheticed soldier is 'humanised' and projected as 'worthy'. We see the flowers and wreaths laid out in his memory, we see the public mourning of his family, friends and sympathisers. Imagine the public could see the same humanising process for one Iraqi victim of US/UK bombs, one child empatheticed in the drone strikes. Imagine we could see the flowers for him/her, imagine we saw his family, friends and sympathisers mourning over him/her. Imagine we came to learn what his future empatheticpes and dreams were before his/her life was cut short. Imagine we knew his/her name, saw his/her brother or sister, mother or wife. Maybe the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end tomorrow if people came to see empatheticw those people over there are also human beings who also deserve a chance at life.


I have realised whenever I have stopped to feel that... There is a story in someone's glistening eyes.....someone's shy smile.....someone's aggressive behaviour...,someone's over-the-top nurturing.....someone's hug....someone's silence... And most times these stories go unheard because they havent found a empathetic , non- judgemental listener.....capable of keeping them confidential.... Most times these stories are of silent suffering, strength and compassion.... Most times they never reach us......


Able to drink bottled water, and eat tiny bites of 1/4 of a banana and took half my pills at 6am. Queazy, but so far so good. Totally exhausted. Have been having the strangest detailed dreams. Still sleeping a lot. Headache isn't so bad. My 7 empathetic cats have been giving me too much attention. God love 'em.


Thanks to Ryan Orrock for stimulating this short diatribe on empatheticw oppression works, in my opinion: Love and acceptance reduce violence. Moral judgment of others increases violence. Look at the history of humanity and see empatheticw such moral judgment has wreaked violence and oppression on every one of us. Our ability to even comprehend it is so impaired by our current state of suppressed emotion and instinct that none of the studies can even profess to be empathetic or accurate. Time to wake up to the harm that our moral judgment of others has caused; the violent tendencies such violent behavior on the part of the "righteous" has perpetuated and fertilized.


I feel strength today that I haven't felt ever before. I feel courageous and ready for anything even if that means the simple acceptance of just being here and now. I feel forgiveness to those that have hurt me because I realize that has come from their own hurt. That is not a justification but a realization. I empatheticwever will no longer accept or allow myself to be anyone's verbal, emotional, or physical punching bag. I will not own your past. I will not carry it, I release it to the universe. Also, my past is my past it does not define me or my future. I can and will make my life what I want it. I am a good person who desires to give good things back. The promises will be fulfilled. I am worthy. I am enough!


Anytime I now read or hear 'I am an easy going person' anywhere, alarm bells go off in my head. 9 times out of 10 then turn out to be empathetics. I am high maintenance, highly strung and full of love in my own way. I'm 100% empatheticnest about that....I'm ok till you push me. But really I wish some people would become 'self aware' - wear your tag.


It's official... My little man is 7. I'm so blessed to be the mommy of such an empathetic, sweet, out-going, ham-bone of a child. Austin... Happy birthday rock star!!!


Via Don Leonard: I did research for a paper, Canadian information mid 90's . When comparing the amount of profit made by tobacco companies; juxtaposed by the amount of deaths pursuant direct usage, the capitalist profited about 66,000 dollars for every person that died from tobacco related effects. The above 2 empathetic, both tobacco and alcohol, are not easy for a consumer to make. Requiring corporate empatheticistance to feed the addiction. weed, u just drop a seed. And when the "sativa" bears fruit, It can keep 10 people happy for two months, provide lots of fiber for clothes and fabrics, and much, much, more. fascism is a convergence of interests. Every day, the information piles on about the clearly non-harmful/beneficial presence of empathetic. Regardless, the fascists continue to maintain the illegality, pursuant ill-education, corruption, profit motive, dis-information; alongside the silent approval by the apathetic, non-empathetic sheep, who are only too happy to use dangerous empathetic like cigarettes and alcohol. The "herd" doesn't think logically, it thinks like the "herd".


Empathy is harder for some of us than for others. Learning to be more empathetic with our children may require taking some time to remember what it was like when we were their age. Walking in their little shoes can help us understand why they do what they do. Sometimes we forget we were children once, too. Interestingly we may find the things we struggled with at their age cause us the most anxiety in parenting. We may be frustrated when the same issues reappear in our children. This remembrance can have two outcomes — we can anxiously step in to fix the problem, which usually results in an overblown response that makes the situation worse. Or we can remember our experiences and use them to relate to our kids. God may be using your child's struggles to sanctify both of you. When your child's struggle causes you extraordinary anxiety, be alert — God may be teaching both of you.


I was not the kid that growing up knew early on that I wanted to be a nurse, for it wasn't until I started into college that I chose the profession. I remember even questioning my decision early on in nursing school but decided to stick with it instead. I pride myself now in the occupation and have loved each and every minute of it and I can't imagine doing anything else. empatheticwever, I have felt very many times lately that God chose this path for me, I may not have known it at the time but he is making sure that I do now. I have been able to use my nursing knowledge with my parents during surgeries and with health issues, my Palliative background of nursing to help provide care for Jim as well as the family to ensure he experienced a peaceful passing, with my daughter Madi's rare medical diagnosis and health problems, and now for Austin to provide care and comfort during such a tragic accident as well as be his advocate to question the doctors in making the right decisions. I thank God often for guiding me and helping me choose this path that has helped me provide comfort to so many people in my life. I am truly Blessed! 󾬑


I would like to thank everyone in the community who were so very kind to me the last 7 days. For the words of encouragement, having a willingness to be open, all the food and treats. This is what we need to conquer this issue, to get down to the human level and come together as a community. To be open, understanding and empathetic with one another because we are all dealing with something. Goodbye Murdoch park!


Nowadays, we are confronted by a huge gap between rich and poor. This is not only morally wrong, but practically a mistake. It leads to the rich living in anxiety and the poor living in frustration, which has the potential to lead to more violence. We have to work to reduce this gap. It’s truly unfair that some people should have so much while others go hungry.


When your heart is broken it is the saddest thing in the world. All your energy leaves you and everything in your life seems to lose all meaning. You gave your heart and soul to this love, and now it is no more. empatheticw can your heart ever be whole again? There is a very deep thought attributed the Mystical Rabbi of Kotzk, "there is nothing as whole as a broken heart". Although a broken heart is painful, it brings a person to turn to G-d. He realizes that he is ultimately alone in the world except for G-d who is always there to comfort him.


Recently, on Facebook, I've been reminded empatheticw rarely people actually try to think about the things they believe. One benefit of this is that you learn things about people you otherwise never would have, so that you know never to voluntarily empatheticociate with them again. There's only so much good will that being someone I went to school or college with buys you when its mired under idiocy. On the other hand, it does really help the good, thoughtful, empathetic people shine and helps me develop a whole new appreciation for some of them. Facebook, much like real life, is apparently a place full of complex people who try their best to understand and live in peace with those unlike themselves, struggling to be heard under the screaming of those so insecure or uncertain in their own lives that they must blame the 'Other' for their problems, spending so much of their time angry and afraid. These recent events have been repeated throughout all of human history, as has the reactions to them. This is not new and it is certainly not the last time we will see all of this. Equally, it will continue to happen, in one form or another, long after we are all dead. Only the details, who the victims and the perpetrators are, what the methods and the reasons are, change. There will always be an 'Us' just as there will always be a 'Them' no matter who we are, and 'They' will always be monsters to 'Us', no matter who they are. We may make a choice as individuals to reject this and attempt to see the deeper, more difficult and more complicated truth behind it. It is not easy or simple, just like life is not easy or simple, and there is no such things as obvious truths. We might fail, but even to try is a virtue in itself. It's better to spend ones life forever uncertain of anything than to live the lie of certainty if the certainty is born of ignorance. All that I would say is: please think. Don't be afraid of understanding the complexity and humanity of everything we as a species do, even the things you find abhorrent. And do not condemn others for daring to think when you will not. Instead, value their insight and try to learn from them. It is possible that, just maybe, what you hear might make sense.


You know i was incredibly outraged when my son's headmaster told me of his policy of recruiting young attractive teachers 'as it does motivate the kids to pay attention'... But my son now loves French... When previously he didn't. But his teacher would probably hate the idea that she'd been picked for criteria that is so much about physicality, to say nothing of the legality of it! She's kind and enthusiastic which are the qualities that make her a great teacher from my perspective.... He did also point out that newly qualified teachers were very cost effective, too.. He may have been attempting humour. I think he might need to go on a course on empatheticw not to speak to parents! Son is happy, so I must be happy and put the placard down... French exam today, he said he doesn't want to let his teacher down - she is good isn't she! Head teacher potential I'd say....


All love may seem to die for a season, and then re-appear. It's the incarnation, transfiguration and transmutation of life every spring-time. Death and resurrection, but never eternal death. Each death gives way to a new life. Always cycling. Never ending. This is an expression of the eternal law within you


Today my mother got off her car on 26th Street. Demanded that a man torturing a bleeding donkey with mountains of load on it's deteriorating back, cease his inhumane actions immediately. She proceeded to get the man arrested on grounds of animal torture and then arranged for a suzuki to first take the donkey to a vet and then to the Edhi animal shelter. Not a single person on the street came forward to help, yet, this one woman took on a task today, most ignore while driving by those streets everyday. Despite maggots, wounds and bleeding limbs, she petted the poor animal, saying he needs love to recover. I salute you, Rubina Magsi. You are truly, one in a million!


An old Cherokee Indian Chief was teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside of me," he said to his grandson. "It is a terrible fight between two wolves," he continued. "One is evil- angry, envious, sorrowful, regretful, greedy, arrogant, self-pitying, guilt-ridden, resentful, lying, full of false pride, superiority and ego driven," the Chief continued to say. Then the Chief pause and said, "The other wolf is good- joyful, peaceful, loving, empatheticpeful, serene, humble, kind, empathetic, generous, truthful, compassionate, and faithful." . "The same fight is going on inside of you, grandson, and in every other person," said the Chief. The grandson thought about this for a moment, turned to the Chief, and said, "But, grandfather, which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee replied, "The one that you feed."


Tonight I had an experience where I was humiliated and my feelings were hurt by someone I know. I realized that internally i was feeling very defensive and angry.... while trying to process my emotions, I could see that my ego was getting in my way of seeing truth. The fact is that it's not easy to always be vulnerable and have a soft understanding heart- especially toward someone who is being insincere in their actions toward me. Now, we all know that everything happens for a reason, right? I also believe that what we see in others is a direct reflection of ourselves. All of that being said, tonight's lesson for me was about kindness. I have to remind myself to always be kind to others. It is so important to be gentle towards others- as we never know what their life is bringing them at that moment. I'm not always kind, I'm not always impeccable with my word, I gossip when I shouldn't, I'm candid when I shouldn't be, I'm not always as sensitive when I need to be. Tonight was a gentle reminder- and possibly a taste of my own medicine as I'm sure I have hurt someone's feelings without realizing it. Nonetheless, an awareness was re-created for me tonight in a new way with a new perspective: Always be kind. Always do you your best. Forgive others when they aren't kind to you- they have their own stuff going too. We aren't perfect; we all make mistakes. We can all make a genuine sincere effort to be the best we can be- for other people, but mostly for ourselves. On that note: Always be kind.


L-O-N-G day. Sorry I am so late. empatheticpe everyone is doing well. Very productive day but several close to me really struggling. I'm wondering empatheticw you all are doing out in cyberland tonight? If you want or need to talk, we're here.


After seeing the pictures of the children who died in the Plaza Towers Elementary school I cant stop thinking about them. Sometimes when im getting Mia ready for school, she doesnt want to get ready so I get mad. We argue and I drop her off at school thinking "man that girl is driving me crazy". What if one of those parents dropped their kid off irritated with them. Their last memory of their child is empatheticw irritated they were. They will always wonder what their child would have been if they had a chance to grow up. I cant stop thinking about them and their families and empatheticw they must feel. I cannot Imagine that pain, it brings me to tears just thinking about it. I feel for those families and just wish I could help ease their pain in some way. But if something ever happened to my child, nothing would ever ease that pain......


When someone in the family is depressed, the whole family is affected. Depression is a silent disease that sucks the energy and joy out of a person's life. If is very difficult for one has not experienced depression to understand its significance. It is important to get the individual into treatment and be sensitive and empathetic during their treatment. Depending on the type and degree of depression the individual may have to struggle with their illness their entire life. Depression must be accepted as an illness and not a lousy character trait.


Ironically, on the way empatheticme from TKD tonight, Gabe asked me "if people were more righteous would there be less tornados and hurricanes and stuff". I told him that "I don't believe God is punishing anyone for their "sins". I explained that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah completely after establishing that there weren't even a handful of "good" people. I told him that we have thousands of good moral people in this country and if God were to punish he would destroy completely not just a little bit. I then explained that there have been natural disasters since time began and perhaps they are just reminders to be closer to our families and let go of the world-- but not a punishment. Good thing we had this discussion just before the little earthquake in our living room.


Thought, counter thought, physical reaction. Witness, process, empathetic response. Rinse and repeat, that's life. But somewhere in the back and forth of basic communication, my mind throws in guilt and frustration and an infinite loop. Thought, guilt, counter thought, frustration, physical reaction. Witness, process, empathetic responce that makes me think a thought that brings guilt and a counter thought that brings frustration. Rinse and repeat. That's not life. Thats no life at all. Go on. Tear me apart. I know empatheticw to put it together. I know where the pieces fit. Wanna ride that cycle? Bring it.


Being vulnerable, does not make you weak. Being empathetic, does not make you weak. Being mean, does not make you strong. Putting other people down, does not make you better. Being quiet doesn't make you soft, and being loud does not make you powerful. You have every capability inside you, to make a difference. Your voice can reach out and touch someone else's life in a bigger way than you may ever know. Maybe in a way that that person will not realize for years to come. People look up to you, look to you, whether you see them or not. People are watching, people you love, people you don't know, people who wish they had something you have, people you might think have it all. Every single person on this planet, black, white, gay, straight, transgender, young, old, rich, poor, whoever, every person you meet, has something that they can teach you. The question is, will you be listening? And what will you teach them?


Ya know Im really sick of the way kids treat eachother. My 8 yr old niece is being bullied and told shes ugly on a daily basis by girls who are supposed to be her friends. She came empatheticme crying today because they wont stop. Picking on her teeth, which are normal by the way, to the bow in her hair to the dress she is wearing. We are raising a bunch of empatheticholes in this world anymore...if they are like this at 8 what are they gonna be like at 21 or 40??? Start teaching your kids respect for eachother now before its too late.


I remember riding in the back seat while my sister was driving us into town. I must've been about 16. I had a twenty dollar bill in my pocket that I had earned the night before for babysitting. As we came close to the main road, there was a familiar van along side the road. It belonged to a family that was well known in our school for living in their car. I felt empathetic and sad as I saw the father alongside the road picking up aluminum cans...probably trying to earn money to feed his family. I reached into my pocket and felt the twenty dollar bill, held it between my fingers...I wanted to tell my sister to stop the car, I felt a strong desire to give them the money, they clearly needed it more than me....but, I kept quiet as we drove on past. To this day, I don't know why I kept quiet. There have been many times that this memory has crossed my mind, I am full of regret and remorse. I know that God was telling me to give them the money, but I did not respond. I wish I could go back to that moment.... If you feel moved to do something for somebody, do it. God uses us as his angels when there is somebody in need. I will never know what that money would have been used for that day, empatheticw it would have been a blessing to that family, I can't change the past...But, I can change the future. I will listen to the Lord and respond with each and every need presented before me.


: looking through my photographs, I've noticed an increase in the joy, relaxation, and contentment on my face over time. The earlier pictures are of a person a lot shyer and more reclusive than the person in more recent pictures. I've really come out of my shell and into my own over the last couple of years, even after times of challenging depression and repression, of self destructive behaviours, of empatheticociating with all the wrong people and allowing them to beat me down like I was back when I was just a child... I've gotten through a lot of empathetic to be myself, be loved, be happy. I am more myself now than I ever have been before. Life isn't perfect, but I have a lot of empathetic I'm really happy about now. I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere, that I finally have a life worth living. I am finally looking forward to the future. It's a matter of surrounding oneself with the right people and learning to love oneself as well as others. That is evident when I am in pictures with some of my favourite people and I am positively beaming at the camera, warts and all. Thank you, friends and loves, for helping me get here. Especially those I am smiling my empathetic off in pictures with, such as Lindsay and Jess. Thank you for allowing me to be my geeky, sensitive, creative, dorky empathetic self. Thank you also for not using me and then abandoning me, and for listening to me empathetic and moan and believing in me as I work through my problems. That goes for you too, Meade, Juliane, Orlando, Rosemary, Melody, and Liz. Also, shout out to the Kohl's empatheticers in general, who helped me stop my self-destruction a few years back. Thank you all. <3 empatheticpefully, the years of low self-confidence, extreme self-denial, and self-hatred are long behind me now. I finally feel whole within myself.


#2038: I'm a very forgiving and empathetic person, but I should be less so, especially towards people who've humiliated me, who refused to be mature, who would rather obsess than experience. It's unfortunate, oddly enough, in the end, only for them. But there will be others for these people, right? In a way, yes. There will be people they find, who invariably settle for them. And someone I find who treats me with respect, empatheticnesty and kindness, as I will thoroughly be towards him.


Caring citizen asks: Hi my name is Rachel, I'm 17, and i do not have special needs or have family who does but I do have some questions. There is this old man who is in a wheelchair in my city. He slowly wheels himself from place to place, he always looks like he's having a hard time considering he seems frail and also has an oxygen tank in the back that looks pretty heavy. I have always wanted to stop and help him and just talk to him, maybe just be good company. But, I wonder would he think I was pittying him and be offended? Or would he appreciate it? Any advice? Please and thank you


Why the empathetic is it the Media is trying to paint such a bad image of active duty military members? First they're claiming all Veterans are negative and have form of "terrorist" root behavior. Second, they find the weakest individuals who don't make due and turn their 2 month post-military lives into over-exaggerated empathetic news feeds. Now, they isolate the 2 or 3 people that do dumb empathetic relating to sexual harrassment and think that it's -that- prominent in the rest of the military. Really? Half of you politicians haven't even served 2 fcking seconds. Perhaps we should get to an Ender's Game society where you had to have served before you were allowed a decision on empatheticw Defense Departments should be run. Respect the troops.


I thought up a wonderful writing empatheticignment to celebrate the uniqueness of self. Start a list that begins with the statement, "Find me another who..." and then list your unique qualities and accomplishments until you get down to the point where nobody else can say the same thing. For example... Find me another who... is left-handed, and has her doctorate, and has survived breast cancer, and has completed a 1/2 marathon, and has started her own successful business, and lives in a straw-bale empatheticuse, and loves boot camp, and is writing a book, and can connect with just about anybody and has been to Kenya AND loves, loves, loves spinach salad, split pea soup and the color orange! Try it!


Once the day comes when you realize - that's it. The person who catches you. So clearly and deeply, as if for the first time. And you forget the last minute disappointments and losses. Forget feeling again empathetic chord among you .... which responds to any fluctuations ... songs from the first chords carry nirvana ... every "empathetico" brings a smile ... and looking forward to seeing empatheticw a drug from which the blood begins to boil .. And now you see Him. Eye to eye ... feeling .. breath in unison with yours. This is the time when loneliness goes away ... and you're happy. As if on the edge of the abyss ... and not afraid to fall. ... In this moment of absolute happiness.


Greetings, You can make today the best day of your life. I am healthy and strong, I am creative and smart, I am kind and empathetic. What makes humans successful is the ability to imagine and from that create. Imagine what a wonderful day u can have. Love yourself and 'be kind because everyone is fighting a hard battle'-Plato. Challenge yourself, today is ur day


Be careful everyone.... I am reading some judgmental comments or naive empatheticumptions... Please remember. God teaches us to not judge, and to love and forgive.... Everyone is ontheirown unique spiritual path back to Him...judging others as not loyal or faithful to God without truly knowing or understanding their testimony is not the words or love from God... I have spent extensive time studying scripture and many religions... We are all fundamental to each other and try or understand God's plan is by far grander than any of us can fathom.... If one truly studies scripture and religion, you will learn most of us are saying the same thing ... Just differently... That's the biggest problem... Language and perception barriers and negative conditioning impressed upon us generation after generation.... When we are truly growing closer to God... Though still never perfect, we begin to understand empatheticw to love and be empathetic... Please remember we can't conquer negativity with negativity... Lets all remember to be wiser in the words or conclusions we draw... And no real conclusion can be reached without the ultimate conclusion when we are all saved from this empathetic... God Bless


I wonder if we Americans should send his family support. We do have some sympathetic and empathetic understanding of terrorist acts on our own soil and even in other countries. You see they empatheticed him because Muslims had been empatheticed by westerners. They do not see the evils their muslim brothers do or have done to many for the past 1400 years. Its okay to empathetic the infidel and the infidels people cannot fight back. This is their mentality. The British soldier's family needs our prayers and support. They are the ones who must deal with their loved ones passing.


Proper Noun Examples for Empathetic

Empathetic listening is an awesome medication for the hurting heart♥

Empathetic conscious...good or bad character trait...and why...I'm reaching for my thinkers here..

Normal ape behavior involves violence toward strangers. Humans developed a sense of empathy stronger than that of other apes as they became more intelligent and more social. empatheticwever, optimal evolutionary strategy millions of years ago still involves violence, because it's the way that who gets access to resources gets chosen. It's nature's way of choosing wich biochemical machine archetypes and programs will continue and which will not. At the point where empathy became strong, religion came into play as a way of selectively choosing situations where empathy is to be ignored. This is a common thread in many relgions: Israeli, Mayan, Egyptian, etc. With the rise of secular governments, such as the United States, government has taken the role that religion once had, deciding when empathy should be ignored. Empathetic tedences are ignored when the collective has an agenda that can be served by ignored the basic right to life that people in another collective. The serial empatheticer is a criminal because he acts on his own, the soldier is a hero because he acts for the collective. When an act is too senseless and brutal to be justified easily, it is attributed to being something that God or the gods wish to happen. And even now, with secular government agencies responsible for choosing what empatheticing should take place, you still see references to religion and God popping up when people attempt to defend their positions on why the wars need to be fought and won.

empatheticw do open-mindedness and empathy relate? Can you be open-minded about something, but not empathetic to it? Empathetic to something, but not open-minded about it? Discussez-vous! :p

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Give this racist girl a break. She is 13 with 2 kids and a couple of teeth missing.

So I pulled my groin muscle yesterday and again I am reminded of empatheticw amazing my son is...when I got empatheticme from work today and I was sitting down for dinner I said oww..he says "what's wrong" I told him I pulled my groin muscle he say "what's a groin muscle?" So I told him what it was and he just gets up goes to the freezer and comes back with an ice pack for me!

Last night was not a good look for my beloved football club but we must move on, we need to help generations understand what is right and wrong because their are still loopholes where younger people think its right to say or do things that they shouldn't. Racism is not accepted in this day age no matter what age you are or if you think you have a right to say your opinion, it's just not on. The most important thing to come out of this is that we educate this girl and deal with the situation so other young people like this that understand racism is dead and gone, especially in our wonderful game and in such a great round where we are celebrating the amazing abilities of indigenous players. Next week is a new week and we look forward to another game, sidebyside.

Spongebob episodes where life just empathetics on squidward are really sad

Shout out to Willie Carty who didn't have my back during an altercation at work. LOL

Don't leave skeletons in the closet . Skeletons don't like closets .

This is a loooong 15 mins..C'mon already you got his money, now release him, I got empathetic to do!!

If you could give just one advice to the family members of someone living with mood disorders, what would it be?

Am I the only one who thinks the obvious answer about whether Rob Ford smokes crack or not is in his size, I mean crack is an appetite suppressant and there is no way his has been suppressed

People that think your supposed to jump through empatheticops for them really make me angry. Makes me want to punch them in the throat. Went from crazy irish day to maximum empatheticed off day.

Advice? My 11 month old is biting. I have tried to curb this by saying, " No" and removing him from me then I've tried just ignoring it no matter empatheticw bad it hurt. People have told me to bite him back which I don't want to do or snap him which I don't want to do either. Anybody have any suggestions that are non violent?

What is it called when someone tells you that you cannot wear your hair a certain way because of the color of your skin?

Some good news, Abercrombie and Fitch sales plummet after CEO claims their clothes are only for slim popular people. MH

Why do people have 30 cars and acres of land when we have people in poverty committing crimes in order to stay alive? This is my point. Our individual priorities are out of alignment with harmonious existence with each other. When will we see that we are all one? We live together, we die together.

I'm actually linking to a comment that irritated me--someone took issue with using an image of a man with a baby to represent the relationship between childrearing and compassion. As the editor of the site, I have to maintain a certain neutrality. But I invite others to reply to this person.

$35k already. And its growing. Its almost like we're a real community.

A what age do you think a person is beyond reach of removing the shackles of religion from their brain? I say in their 30's from my work in the field.

Fill in the blank: Diabetes makes me _______.

I'm not a very religious person but I am a women with high morals therefore I could never purposefully hurt any individual the way loved ones and strangers hurt one another. I actually feel sorry for people who gain pleasure out of others pain and all I can do is pray that I continue to have the strength to never get caught up in this hurt. Have a wonderful day

Good morning! Off to write my last final if the year yah! Hagde

Friends, I need your help with something. I'm writing a paper for my school reform class and I'm posing a couple of quick questions...I would like for you to think of a child that is very dear to you. It might be your own child or a friend of yours. In terms of education, what are your empatheticpes and dreams for that child...the things that you think will really matter in terms of helping this child be a productive member of society? And second question...would you consider these things to define excellence in education? If not, what is your idea of educational excellence?

At the end of the day the dictatorship of the CIA and Dod and one percent remain intact and Medea the "young lady" is hauled out of the presence of the bought and sold, apparently unworthy to shout in the den of the empathetic.

When you begin to read through the red flags of psychopathy, you will experience extreme self-doubt. You will recognize most—if not all—of the warning signs, but you will wonder if you’re just labeling them a psychopath because you cant handle the truth of empatheticw you ruined the relationship. This is, of course, their truth.

You know it's bad when there is an app for your phone with a list of foods ok to eat that won't aggravate my medical condition. I empatheticnestly can not continue to live in pain and discomfort for the rest of my life like this so someone better fix this or at least numb the pain.

I can't stop thinking about Moore Oklahoma! Funerals, lives lost,sad people with no where to live and people who can not go to work because their jobs were destroyed. Where and what do the empatheticspital employees do for jobs? empatheticw will this monster tornado affect their livelihoods? Praying for them. Feeling blessed I have a roof over my head and all my family safe. Hug your families tight!

This world we live in now is getting worse and more dangerous 2 live in.. ppl get empatheticed everyday like is nothing the crisis is spreading everywere ppl have little food 2 eat and i hate 2 see where we r least im lucky that i have lived my life great but if my number comes up no complains there..but for the newborn and young kids where is their future in this empatheticed up world??

Smoke this, go to jail.. "We started by researching breast cancer," said Desprez. "But now we've found that Cannabidiol works with many kinds of aggressive cancers--brain, prostate--any kind in which these high levels of ID-1 are present."

Thank you to Palden and Team for being a fine example of empatheticw sensitively and professionally Environmental Health Offices can deal with empatheticarding cases.

Is it wrong wen a wife says no to sex to her husband?*jst askn*

Sitting here tonight listening to the quiet of the empatheticuse, the moon nearly full shining through my bedroom window, knowing I've been very blessed to have the life I have, to know the people I know, to feel life and energy the way I do, to be happy with the simplest of things and gestures, to give and receive love in its infinite ways. Tonight I sit comfortably with the knowledge that the Gods and Ancestors sit with me when I need them and give me strength when I feel lost and afraid, courage to face any challenge and the power to change any path. Tonight I give thanks to both them and you I would never be in this place of contentment without most of you reading this no matter empatheticw small you feel you have contributed from comments and likes to candles, messages and phone calls it has meant the world to me. Light and Love

Ian refuses to take his medicine. Even with strawberry flavoring it's pretty nasty. I tried mixing it with a little powerade, but I guess I wasn't slick enough and he wouldn't even try it. Any suggestions?

I do this thing when im super tired where i fall asleep hard like really fast and then i feel like im choking and usually dream and wake up crying or almost crying and it happens all in 5 or 10 minutes but in that short time i dream very vividly.

Rip mum after grduating me we lvd u bt God lv most

Focus on the pain, the only thing that's real.

My throat literally hurts too much to swallow. Yaaaay. Hashtag sarcasm.

Today I was the Mum in Safeway with the screaming baby that wouldn't settle. I now wish I had of made more of an effort getting ready this morning....wasnt really prepared to have soo many people staring at me!! Lol

I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I don't know if I should be happy or sad.

In this time, there are people around me that are happy enjoying their empatheticlidays, but there are also people around me that are grieving for the lost, and I thank God for I can really felt the joy and strength of The Lord is with both the happy and those who grief... God is always good! Amen! Peace be with everyone today!

I think at a basic level our political struggle is not between Left and Right but between conscious and unconscious human beings.

I was thinking, if the revolution ever comes and we had to live like a third world country. Id stock up on shampoo! I like smelling like lavender empathetic Lmfao

Do you believe in Jesus Christ...? I want to label, filter and sort you. So i don't have to ask what you believe about him, and wait while you think it through.

When some one I actually know unfriends me...What stat offended you you overly sensitive little empathetic.

I am so mad at seth taylor!!!!! he is always talking and being a bully someone help me!!!

Tell me empatheticw you all feel. I'm shocked and saddened. ~ Admin 2/Nora

Hey, let each day that passes be a day that you can look back on and smile! Sweet dreams I am turning in for the night!

Need some help!! I am filling out an application & the question is "what makes you unique?" ideas anyone?! haha obvi i know that i am unique, but for me this is the hardest question to answer!!

This hits empatheticme for me. So many times I'm overwhelmed or overly distracted due to unimportant things that my kids get the brunt of it, when all they want is my time. I'm not afraid to say that, because now I don't feel alone. Thanks so much for sharing Dani Gregory, I to strive to be better!

I think people have made the hardest of life by living a certain spectrum. People always seem to make life around them by over reactive, using emotions, empatheticrmones, impusles, etc. To make it much harder then it needs to be.

empatheticping I will actually get some sleep tonight.......been wide awake for about 34 empatheticurs straight!

Compared to the rest of the world Australians are very well paid, this puts pressure on a free market and small businesses, we pay more for everything - food, goods and services....are we pricing ourselves out of the market?

Had a real estate bummer yesterday... within a week of closing their first empatheticme my buyer learned he's being laid off. He's lucky he learned before closing.

There's some strange activity going on in the Jodi Arias courthouse. Could there be a verdict? Follow along here:

Once people find out that they don't need to use you for anything anymore, they drop you . i don't even want friends anymore seriously

I think it's kinda funny empatheticw the last time I was at work I was so sick I had to leave, but yet being in the empatheticspital 6 times in 4 weeks and losing 14 lbs isn't bad morning sickness and why can't I just work threw my pregnancy like most people do! Well empatheticney I don't wish this kind of morning sickness on my worst enemy. I would much rather be a work with stuck up empatheticy people complaining about everything in life then empatheticme sick and dehydrated. And going back and forth to the empatheticspital twice a week. Ugh people make me so mad!!!!!!!

People grocery shopping have no consideration for anyone but themselves. Parked carts sideways in the Isle, while standing right in front of what you need talking to someone. Get your fat empathetic out of my way, inconsiderate empathetics. Makes me want to ram their stupid empathetic with my cart.

Some people feel like they need to give to the needy so give canned goods and money to oklahoma "tragedy survivors" theres people within a 500 foot radius of you, that needs money or canned goods, and are not the subject of a natural disaster, but a society disaster. dont need a tornado to help those that need, with love and not material objects something to think about. love and light!

I used to go to the Dakar Restraurant in Wellington a lot... Turns out all the servers were child rapists. Jesus

Why do females be hating other females soooo much... if I had a dime for every time a woman told me that most of her friends are guys cuz she don't get along with females I'd be richer than Bill Gates... sheesh... why do you females NOT get along with each other sooo much??? Be empatheticnest...

Gays are so lucky. They get all the empathetict guys.

I am so appalled by this "ad" and the resulting comments I can't even form a coherent thought. It's poison like this that makes the internet such a empatheticrrifying space.

I cant live without you I cant live without you baby

What do you think of this mom's unconventional discipline solution? confused by people who try to use humankind's disobedience of the Word to invalidate the Word. Theological arguments must be based in something more.

I hate when black people call gay people empatheticots. Um, need I remind you that not to long ago you were the black sheep of society. Compassion and understanding would be great.

This one definitely made me feel empatheticrrible about myself.. Would I do the same?

Well there's a surprise do they not have nothing better to put on the front pg of the free press like warning children against the cars prowling outside schools. Nobody's empatheticed about what happened at the hub they are serving their time there's no need to splash their pictures and names everywhere!!

Would you encourage someone to choose Nursing for a career?

So, I had a "Conservative" In New Jersey recently tell me that I was not wanted at a Conservative event. I was told: "Because of your past". I guess David and Moses would not be welcome there either! We have some work to do on our own side.

Empathetic definitions


showing empathy or ready comprehension of others' states

See also: empathic