Emancipate in a sentence as a verb

I've wondered whether I could emancipate my kid to achieve the same effect.

Find the real reason why you harm yourself and emancipate that in a spiritual way .. not an electronic bra.

Salazar regime didn't want people to study and emancipate.

Had you spoken to me a few years ago, i would have strongly agreed that this program was a bad idea, and more likely to stigmatize than to emancipate.

Russia's Tzars really doomed Russia for the last hundred years + the future when they decided to wait a century or more too long to emancipate their serfs.

Reminds me of "we are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind.

If these guys succeed, it will emancipate the future of space exploration from congressional budget meetings forever.

He was the first to emancipate the jews.- His military conquest speeded up the abolition of feudalism across europe.

"Ah yes, soylent is not only going to solve world hunger, make us more healthy, save time, make us more creative, save money: it's going to emancipate women!But there's more [5]: "We no longer live in a hunter-gatherer society.

> Why is a company wanting to be apolitical is controversial?The fact that a company can emancipate itself from the political scene is nothing but a libertarian fantasy.

It's not as if no one is asking these questions or refining philosophical language to deal with them -- it just seems that the scientific community would rather declare its own sovereignty and emancipate itself from first-order questions once and for all.

>But wouldn't it be better to use NLP to emancipate people from the attention economy altogetherI work on ads recommendations, and yes, it would be "better" if I stop recommending KFC to the 36% of obese Americans & instead recommend Crossfit or Yoga or Gold Gym or Myoplex.

Quoting Hoffman:> Given that the Empire used entheogenic mystery-religion initiation to dominate socially and oppressively, Christianity used mystery-religion initiation to emancipate/liberate ... The religions of Jesus and Caesar were in a battle over the meaning and application of mystery-religion initiation.

Emancipate definitions


give equal rights to; of women and minorities

See also: liberate


free from slavery or servitude

See also: manumit