Dummy in a sentence as a noun

At least the turn on bit of it. Otherwise seems a dummy shell/mockup.

Yes, what a dummy Rob Pike is, to have jettisoned all the functional goodness of C.

Back in 2002, someone had used the Martins’ address as a dummy address to test the department’s new computer system.

By putting up dummy WiFI-networks that the customers phones find by giving out their MAC-addresses.

Dummy in a sentence as a verb

In fact, they will argue and nitpick every little technical detail so much that it will leave you thinking if you are the dummy.

Disclaimer: I'm posting this under a new dummy account because I don't want this to be seen as feedback from my company.

So, it seems from reading the paper's abstract that they did measure thrust both from the real propulsion test device and from the dummy test device.

So then when they back down because they know they will lose their excuse is "But Chris, you are just so smart - the average dummy developer can't do what you do.

Dummy in a sentence as an adjective

When you've hit everything with a dummy update, rename the current table to a temp name, and rename the new table to the current table.

Last year, as an experiment, I made a dummy account with a picture of former NFL quarterback Kyle Boller but the same profile/personality as me. His matches are significantly more attractive than mine.

The irony is, the fact that OKCupid doesn't require verification makes it easier for the OP, since otherwise they would've just used a dummy EMail that he wouldn't have access to.

Dummy definitions


a person who does not talk


an ignorant or foolish person

See also: dumbbell dope boob booby pinhead


a figure representing the human form


a cartridge containing an explosive charge but no bullet

See also: blank


make a dummy of; "dummy up the books that are to be published"


having the appearance of being real but lacking capacity to function; "a dummy corporation"