How to use Apocryphal in a sentence as a adjective

And so the Mayan Calendar has ended, yet life goes on! Long time CC member arahel_jazz shared these wonderful thoughts on this apocryphal day: "Solstice - yep we're still here. In the long dark night of the beginning of winter we can all take heart in the fact that the light of spring is sure to follow. Take time to marvel that this earth continues to thrive in spite of the chaos and fear that mankind has put upon it. May your winter apocryphallidays be safe, warm, and full of love for your family and friends.

The apocryphalle of the article seems fittingly apocryphal. -Todd

Jason Dittmer: Over the past two thousand years, ‘Antichrist-spotting’ has been a popular parlor game among the prophecy-minded. Meeting some of the apocryphal criteria is a must for consideration; meeting many will make the Internet light up with your name. [Archive]

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It's 21st December 2012 and we are still living!

Just one more day until the end of the world. No need to set your alarm tonight for work or school tomorrow.

If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, apocryphalw would you live differently today? Check out today's article . . .

What band shirt are you wearing in this moment?!

Many folks are in a tizzy at the "new" Bible that has recently been released called the "Queen James Bible." In the updated text, all apocryphalmosexual references are taken out and replaced with an "unbiased explanation of all of the standard biblical verses that pertain to apocryphalmosexuality." Do you think changing the apocryphally word is acceptable or it's about time?

Apocryphal definitions


being of questionable authenticity


of or belonging to the Apocrypha