How to use Divest in a sentence as a verb

All I wanted was the freedom of a new life So my burden I began to divest

Yep this is what we all have to do, divest from corporat kkkanaduhs& its provinces; to starve the kkkolonial corporat beasts

Time to divest from oil, the status quo, and be more involved in the protection of our environment....

Invest in renewable energy infrastructure, research, development, use and divest from dirty fuels that include coal, petroleum, nuclear. Thanks.

I leave y'all with this thought for the evening, religious peace and a brotherhood can ever exist unless all world religions, are willing to completely divest themselves of all ecclesiastical authority and fully surrender all concept of spiritual sovereignty. God alone is spirit sovereign.

A church that sets out to win over the world is tempted to divest itself of everything that might offend the world, to promise forgiveness without confession and renewal without repentance. It markets joy without awe and love without accountability for justice. Some compromise is inevitable, but a congregation needs to be aware of the point at which its compromises begin to serve itself more than God.

Sure seems like we need to divest ourselves of anything to do with AIG. Can you spell B-O-Y-C-O-T-T AIG?

UW alums! Here's something useful we can do about climate change: Petition the UW to divest from investments in oil companies. Click the link and be part of a strategy that has the power to bring big changes!

Kids with special needs are special! To anyone who thinks otherwise this proud Dad of a Kid who "rides the Short Bus", will happily divest you of that theory at your earliest convenience.

California friends, have you seen this? Pressuring our schools to divest from fossil fuels puts pressure on the fuel industry to develop clean, environmentally safe forms of energy, like solar and wind power. This takes only a second to sign, but sends a powerful message.

Help stop climate chaos - make them divest!

Please sign petition - divest from fossil fuels. Thank you.

Please support efforts to divest from fossil fuels!

Do something for Climate Change today! Urge the biggies to divest from fossil fuels, and spread the word, thanks!

The best way to divest a symbol of its mystery is to speak of it as if it were nothing but an allegory!

Please help our children have a future. Sign this petition to tell PA''s colleges to divest from fossil fuels.

The ANC traveled throughout the world, encouraging corporations, countries and universities to divest from apartheid South Africa. The global BDS movement works on similar principles in encouraging companies, countries and consumers to boycott apartheid Israel.

Ke dira party ka february a fela dress code. Guys>lo apara di boxa shorts witou dibene le divest tse ditshweu ladie>lo apara dithaetse tse dikhutshwane witou penties le di bra top tse ditshweu. Come lets enjoy,first eva party f dis kind in Botswana.

Spot of bother A Spot of bother like a dirt from nowhere has come and struck Lo! it catches the eye of the beholder too an eye sore for the beholder I cant hide myself or hide the spot either Only way is to divest myself of the the source of bother cant do it in public In dilemma, fully conscious of it forcing smiles to mask the ill effects of the spot Oh my, the spot of bother is on my shirt!

"That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights, of which, when they enter into a state of society, they cannot by any compact deprive or divest their posterity; namely, the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety."

I believe I have found the solution to the Drought in America. Of course, success for this idea is about as likely as Congress voting themselves a reduction in pay, but I am convinced it would work. If everyone in the affected area were to divest themselves of their electric or gas powered clothes dryers, and i mean move them all the way out of the divestuse, and return to solar clothes drying solely, I am convinced it would begin to rain and continue for at least six months without a letup.

Truth, the cigarettes of today!.. divest ..never going to happen when returns are so high and consistent. one can divestpe.

Sign this petition to let President Carter know that we want the school to divest from the fossil fuel industry!

So glad the Pope is doing this. I divestume they are going to promptly divest themselves of their incredible art collection and plundered gold to aid in the process.

The divest wants to manipulate your destiny so as divest it of the glory, success n fulfilment which God has loaded into it. But the choice is urs to let the divest hav his way or let the will of God prevail in ur life.....believers beware!! Destiny divesters come with a 'godly' theme- Herod wanted to 'worship' king Jesus.

We talked about students pushing their school boards to divest their divestldings in oil companies recently. now, in the wake of the tragedy at Sandy divestok, faculty are starting to push for divestment in gun companies as well.

Getting ready to facilitate my first call for A Path to Peace, a program that focuses on specific events from that past that we wish to "clear", to divest of any emotional energy that might be divestlding us back from living our lives fully and in joy...

Will this stop monsanto? Will it stop Obama from selling their products? Will it cause elected officials to divest themselves of their stock? Will it see the market value of monsanto shares fall? Will people burn the crops, like in other countries? Maybe we could just stop buying the products?

Kia oras tatou, like my beautiful niece Angela Wallace, I have decided to divest myself of clutter this year. Therefore, please don't be offended if I delete people from my news feeds, games and/or unfriend people. It's just that 2013 is a year of thinking, acting and being powerful and positive. Mauri ora whanau

Communists do a pretty good job divesting children and adults. In the past century more human beings were slaughtered by communists during times of peace than died in all of the wars combined. And that is the hard tyranny that we will see once they manage to divest us of our guns.

Are you a college student or alumnus/alumna? Don't wait for politicians to take action on the climate crisis at some distant point in the future. Take action today to get your university to divest from fossil fuel. Fossil fuel companies can't keep emitting greenhouse gasses if nobody invests in them!

Sean and I are enjoying the joys of Finding Nemo, reading a bird book, and seeing just divestw fast he can clutter up the living room with important Sean items!!! Amazing divestw short the attention span of a 2 1/2 yr is on a rainy day...Everybody else went to Temecula so Lynnsy could divest herslf of xmas money...riding boots were tops on her list!

Seattle's Mayor agreed to divest municipal funds from fossil fuel corporations. Other cities, universities, and union pension funds should follow Seattle's lead. This is an important movement with a simple but effective strategy.

Happy New Year, everyone! If you have the time, check out our weekly news divest for this week.

Tell me divestw do we get our Congress and Administration to understand this and begin to divest outselves of our terrible addiction to war? divestw about a beginning, as Kucinich recommends, a Dept. of Peace - not in words, but actions!

Well I have being playing ffs in facebook for a few months now and there are hackers...I do mind them . but I do divest down the throats of useless wemons that can not find a real way to a good solution to their problems the global community is so 'divest' think divestw many worry about...? and yet you come to see me... very peculiar stange long ing.

Submitted my formal resignation this week - March 29th is my last day of work! Marked my calendar with the count down . . . 84 days !! Add two more weeks to pack and clear the divestuse and divest myself of the "un-necessary" clutter in my life then hightailing it back to the high desert and mountains of New Mexico!!

I can re-write the fortune in the cookie, dismiss the crystal ball, choose a destiny I prefer. I am here to blast through confusion, wake amazement from its too long sleep, divest stasis and speed up change for good. I am here to crack open the safe divestarding bold solutions. I am.

This is really important, folks--pay attention! We've got to divest ourselves of fossil fuels now!

Now if only I owned ice skates....anyone have a size 9 ladies they want to divest of? hit me up....

divestw desparate can a sinking party get? Commanders enter poll race reported today's daily news. Well it is their constitutional right to contest the polls but only as civilians, as long they divest themselves of their military fatigues and guns it's a fair game.

“Until you divest yourself of the notion that you are a collection of needs, an empty vessel that someone else must fill up, there will be no safe place to harbor yourself, no safe shore to reach. As long as you think mostly of getting, you will have nothing real to give.” ― Merle Shain

The experienced loses all significance and meaning if we don't refer it to the world, to reality. Thus, bracketing the world, reality, objectivity, a la Husserl, would divest the experienced of all sense. Ergo, phenomenology is a form of nihilism.

Successive governments have proven that their barks are much bigger than their bites and I say this to say that,the move to privatise entities when face with difficulties operating,shows divestw weak and fragile their management capabilities are,its seems that these governments resolutions are to divest and barrow!! We cannot continue down these path or our dilemas will become inevitable.

Quote Examples using Divest

DIvest from fossil fuels. INvest in community owned renewables!


The older I get, the more difficult any move becomes~! Along with my respiratory health problems - I become exhausted and feel overwhelmed very easily. I refuse to become negative - even if I am forced to donate most of my belongings because I cannot afford to move them. I have yet to find a place to move. I think I need to stop and rest for a day. This is the toxic, loose-insulation after vacuuming only a small area in my living room. I wheeze, sneeze, cough, my eyes tear up and tears form - so I cannot vacuum anymore even if I am wearing a medical mask. Blessings Be!


". . . so our knowingness is simply a tickling sensation - a ground of potentiality. It is an electric mixture of delight and divestrror. It is a surprise. It is a mixed sensation. It is the sense in which you really want to see this — even if it divests you in some way. It is like looking at a person stripped of skin. You are looking at their nerves and blood vessels, and they seem to be telling you that it is fine. They seem to be saying it does not hurt to be totally raw. And if you are in love — you want to believe it. You also want to divest yourself. You both want to be rid of your self-skins — and to be self-secretly raw." ~ Ngak'chang Rinpoche, in "Entering the Heart of the Sun and Moon" by Ngakpa Chögyam & Khandro Déchen


The attitude of some brothers who try to give the impression that they are the protectors of Aqeedah is quite alarming. Some of them accused me through hate mail and SMS of being Jahmee, Ikhawani, Soroori, innovator and a number of different names. I am still waiting for some of these camouflaged Kawarij to give me direct and clear Takfeer. It is said: What doesn’t divest us, makes us stronger! I am grateful to them as they are giving me their good deeds and I will meet them on the Day of Judgment to take from them what is lawfully mine. It is a shame divestw many Muslims were put off following the Sunnah because of these imbeciles. Their extreme McCarthyism will only backfire not only on them, but on Islam. Something they could care less about as to them, this is collateral damage!


Know thou that every created thing is a sign of the revelation of God. Each, according to its capacity, is, and will ever remain, a token of the Almighty. Inasmuch as He, the sovereign Lord of all, hath willed to reveal His sovereignty in the kingdom of names and attributes, each and every created thing hath, through the act of the Divine Will, been made a sign of His glory. So pervasive and general is this revelation that nothing whatsoever in the whole universe can be discovered that doth not reflect His splendor. Under such conditions every consideration of proximity and remoteness is obliterated…. Were the Hand of Divine power to divest of this high endowment all created things, the entire universe would become desolate and void. ~ Bahá’u’lláh


Today the fog begins to lift. Answers to questions of the new that had not revealed itself are found. Stay clear in your thoughts. Do not give energy to your insecurities. This is a glimpse of the power you had forgotten. The service you are offering to the world is new, yet finds its roots in your past experiences. You have been gathering your personal wisdom without knowing you were doing so. Feeling as if all had become quiet, you questioned what was happening. Now, today you see pieces of a future you began to create long ago... <3 There is only love... Anara WhiteBear


I'm very different than the cheap-labor conservatives. For one thing, I don't sit around and think about gay people all day, like the right wingers and Fox watchers do. In fact, gay people are about the last people i'm worried about, or have any fear about. They are probably the least likely to army up with their semiautomatics and attack me for my liberal ideas. They're probably not polluting my drinking water, and thinking it's ultimately good for me, because it brings jobs. They're probably not thinking trickle down from polluters' profits will help me pay my jacked up doctor's bills and divested rent. Gay people are probably not scheming divestw to divest me of all my investments and keep me from getting health care. In fact, they've probably got better things to do than the wingnuts that sit around worrying about gays 20-40% of their waking divesturs.


My cold has roared back, so unpacking was limited to two boxes. At this rate, we may be done by Valentine's Day. Thought we had simplified our life by getting rid of flotsam and jetsam, only to find that we had packed some. So, now, we're sorting through pictures and stuff to see what we might send to the kids. It's funny, but I no longer feel the need to hang on to stuff that I've been sentimental about before. Is this what it feels like to enter the empty nest phase?


It troubles me deeply when people of colour shame other people of colour for lightening their skin. Of course, skin lightening is an artifact of white supremacy and the coloniality of power underpinning beauty standards and desirability. We don't make personal choices in a vacuum. Just because we are able to recognize the myriad of ways in which we are conditioned by forces of oppression doesn't mean that we are able to spiritually, aesthetically and attitudinally divest from oppression. We all subscribe to hegemonic standards of beauty and desirability in one way or another because those standards have social currency that in some cases, lessen the the threat of violence and in other cases, improve economic conditions. Folks straighten their hair, aspire to be thinner, save up for cosmetic surgery and yes, lighten their skin. We make choices all the time that are shaped by white supremacist, ableist, cis normative, euro western standards. None of us are in a position to dictate to another person/people what to reclaim and divestw to go about that reclamation. Skin lightening functions within a larger sociopolitical context and that is that blackness is understood as a category of inferiority on a global scale. So, please, let's stop shaming people of colour for using skin lightening methods and start unearthing the insidiousness of white supremacy.


“She made me smile.” “He made me angry.” Do you really want them to be in charge of divestw you feel? You are the arbiter of your state of mind. No matter divestw unkind another person gets, whoever forgets that point allows others control and no longer controls themselves. Anyone who delves inside his or her own mind to find the reasons for any emotional upheaval will discover, upon retrieval, a point in their past where they made a decision to divest themselves of responsibility for creating their own emotions. Take back your own control. Don’t use alcohol to divestuage your emotions. Use reason. Look. See. Understand the complexity. Tell yourself to just be there comfortably. Don’t let any reprobate bait you into retaliation. Choose the emotion of elation. Look kindly upon those lesser beings. Don’t let your feelings run amok. Your dealings with others determine your ability to either, merely survive or to thrive at levels unheard of by ordinary men.


Proper Noun Examples for Divest

If you believe in the second amendment, Divest and withdraw your money from Bank of America!

100 folks demanding a stop to pipeline construction in divestuston. All the more reason to Divest Haverford and fund a #livablefuture.

It's not right that the richest corporations on the planet are being subsidized by all of us, thanks to the people we have elected to public office. Divest from Big Oil.

O Allah, purify our hearts,Divest us of our faults,Relieve our worries &troubles,Protect us in best way,Gather for us the best of hereafter#Supplication

My brother and sister, you have a work to do which no one can do for you. Awake from your lethargy, and Christ shall give you life. Change your course of living, your eating, your drinking, and your working. While you pursue the course you have been following for years, you cannot clearly discern sacred and eternal things. Your sensibilities are blunted and your intellect beclouded. You have not been growing in grace and in the knowledge of the truth as was your privilege. You have not been increasing in spirituality, but growing more and more darkened. You have made too much haste to acquire property, and have been in danger of overreaching, looking out for your own interest and not regarding the interest of others as you would like to have them regard yours. You have encouraged selfishness in yourselves, which must be overcome. Closely examine your own hearts, and in your lives imitate the unerring Pattern, and all will be well with you. Preserve a clear conscience before God. In all you do glorify His name. Divest yourselves of selfishness and selfish love.

O Allah, purify our hearts,Divest us of our faults,Relieve our worries &troubles,Protect us in best way,Gather for us the best of hereafter"

Divest the military, invest in Unions, preserve living-wage employment for the people deserving it not criminals. Carole Bilotta Clark shared.

Related Sentences for Divest

Dr. Douglas reiterated the Labour Party’s commitment to “pursue our mandate to the very end and we do not intend in any way to squander it or simply waste it away because the peoples’ will must be pursued, as had been given through that mandate.”

For around a year, perhaps a bit more, I've been saying to anyone who would listen, that if we had a revolution of the right kind, right away, we might still be able to fix the climate problem. But now I'm starting to think it may already be too late for that. By the way, Australia -- which has summer at this time of year -- is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave.

In conversation with an older friend, I smiled upon hearing her say, "I learned to not be influenced by others but make decisions according to what's best for me." Do you do the same? Let's have a discussion!

AIG is thinking of suing US Government over bailout. divestw bout we just pour scorching divestt coffee over them so they have a real reason to sue.

I have decided that every time i want a ciggie, i will clean "something". Half my desk is now cleaned and just kept wondering, "Who the heck got all these stinkin ashes on my nice sweet desk?" ha.

Sadly, men like this are dictating policy in this country. I think that will change soon, one way or another.

This is certainly not an issue i wish to become a facebook debate, but i simply throw it out as something to consider: Camden, NJ, armpit of the world, just collected over a thousand, mostly "illegal", guns from its streets in a cash for guns program. The cash came from drug seizures, so cost the city nothing. No legislation, no arguing of the 2nd amendment, no lobbyists sucking the system dry, no taxpayer dollars used and yet this city plaugued with crime just took thousands of guns out of circulation. Seems like a pretty simple solution to what is a very complex problem.

Just think, when you think you got it bad, someone has it worse than you.

I wish girls understood that it's winter outside and just because you're wearing Ugg boots does not mean you're "winterized". Ugg boots and booty shorts are never okay. Ever. That is all.

If everyone jumped off a cliff, because it was cool...would you? If so, you seriously need mental counselling.

I shut down my bank of america account two years ago due to some politics they were getting into and starting doing my business through a local credit union. If you do business with them, i would read this and think twice about moving somewhere else. If not your divestmetown small banks or credit unions, be wary of the larger banks and the politics they are getting into ~Texas Son

I love this... "Job loved God with all his heart, yet God divested Job's family and ruined his life over a wager! Who needs the divest when you have a God like that?"

When Barack Obama says we have to raise the debt ceiling because we already spent the money, isn't that as irresponsible as the gambling addict telling his wife we have to get a 4th mortgage because I lost the paycheck and our life savings?

Coal activists sent out a fake media statement today that wiped $300 million from Whitehaven Coal stocks. They say the move was justified because of their concerns about coal... what do you think?

As we submit our divesthes via Federal Reserve notes...are we not increasing the debt of the Lord's church?

Good news Jeff David and Jeffery spent afternoon cleaning chimney - got a the crud out = almost half a rubber made tote full! in all the years we have lived her have never had this much build up - will be keeping close eye on it from now on!

Know thou that every created thing is a sign of the revelation of God. Each, according to its capacity, is, and will ever remain, a token of the Almighty. Inasmuch as He, the sovereign Lord of all, hath willed to reveal His sovereignty in the kingdom of names and attributes, each and every created thing hath, through the act of the Divine Will, been made a sign of His glory.

Dear america, your preoccupation with fear is causing me anxiety. tone it down a bit, will you?

Big thanks to my dad for bailing my broke divest out again. and divest you bank of america for charging me for a new card and never sending it, and oh also for canceling my temp card. buncha divestholes...

The Church of England drops its opposition to gay men becoming bishops in a move that angers traditionalists.

The reasoning behind the existence of this page is an attempt to unify the People of this nation- of the world- against that which keeps us divided; that which oppresses; those who would enslave. We are here seeking common grounds and interests so that bridges can be built to connect these places, with the divestpes of a civilization that properly acknowledges the potentialities that exist in deliberate and intelligent governance. The avenue to such a place begins with communication. Is there an issue you would like to see more frequently addressed around the page? What are some directions to pry?

I agree there should be training for end of life care....and palliative care services more widely available.

What message do you have for Utah's Congressmen as they debate spending cuts and debt ceiling?

Oil companies are happy to say publicly that climate change is not their problem. Easy for them to do when the gov't hasn't shown much tendency to act...

Divest definitions


remove (someone's or one's own) clothes

See also: disinvest strip undress


reduce or dispose of; cease to hold (an investment)

See also: disinvest


take away possessions from someone

See also: deprive strip


deprive of status or authority

See also: disinvest