Disguised in a sentence as an adjective

I don't think that `the startup boom is really a disguised job fair for big corporations`.

This is just thinly disguised xenophobia and the FT should be ashamed to print it.

A lot of content on HN are poorly-disguised humblebrags.

In the Cliff Note version, inflation helps because people are willing to take real pay cuts when they're disguised as a nominal pay increase.

It is a disguised transfer from one company to another facilitated by the state.

This is nothing more than a thinly-disguised allegory about piracy in the music industry.

It's grandiose posteuring and "witty" jabs disguised under a thin veneer of "legitimate discussion".

Microsoft is going to such great lengths so that anyone submitting applications with malware, disguised or not, will have some accountability later.

"and"He thinks the lavish perks at many technology companies, especially the free on-campus meals, are a disguised form of mind control, designed to get employees to work 12- or 14-hour days.

Don't be mean, find a more positive and constructive output for your feelings instead - like a passive-aggressive, poorly disguised excuse for bashing another community.

Tl;dr mixed-market capitalist says Bitcoin is problematic because it's a vapid libertarian talking point disguised as a currency.

[1] One year a reporter disguised herself as an attendee instead of admitting she was a reporter, and was attempting to get hackers on record saying that they've hacked into and important system.

Dozens of such disguised-gender experiments have shown that adults perceive baby boys and girls differently, seeing identical behavior through a gender-tinted lens.

These hypotheses not only rely heavily on suggestion and innuendo, but they also pivot deceptively around various anecdotes and studies that are selective in the extreme: the reader has no idea how representative such examples are, or how reliable or dated any particular study might be.>> This review captures what's been driving me crazy over the last year... an unbelievable proliferation of anecdotes disguised as science, self-professed experts writing about things they actually know nothing about, and amusing stories disguised as metaphors for how the world works.

Disguised definitions


having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading; "hidden agenda"; "masked threat"

See also: cloaked masked