How to use Nominal in a sentence as a noun

For a nominal service charge, you can reach Nevada tonight!

Pro-lifers, the nominal voting is currently on-going in the nominaluse of Representatives. Each congressman is given 3 minutes to say their votes. Let's pray without ceasing that the RH bill will not be passed.

Twitter updates on the nominal voting for RH Bill. Follow us on twitter and help us make #RHBill trend!

How to use Nominal in a sentence as a adjective

Discussions going on re: vote to have nominal voting. 1/5 of congs or 45 is needed for indiv voting to proceed.

Garcia explains session rules sez,after viva voce vote,nominal vote can be called for, why not go straight to nominal vote?,he asks.#rhbill

Loud cries and boos as Garcia's move for nominal voting is rejected, he appeals. #rhbill

Quote Examples using Nominal

Valuable resource for you: Ed Roush with Declutter & Donation 919-219-5696. If you are redecorating, moving, down-sizing, or helping older family members move to advanced living communities, you have stuff to donate. For a nominal fee, he will pick up your junk, deliver it to whichever charities you'd like, and leave you with an itemized list for your taxes. He'll take your book, furniture, plumbing, knick-knacks, rugs, old tools, toys, and whatever else is weighing you down. If he thinks it has value-- he'll let you know that, too. Tedious problem-- simple solution. Let him know you saw it here.


Central vacuum systems require periodic emptying of the dirt canister or replacing the filter bag, typically 2–4 times per year. In some models, is also important that the filters be changed frequently, especially for designs where the just-filtered air passes through the motor for cooling. For filtered systems, the bag may need to be replaced long before it is filled to its nominal capacity, because of reduced suction due to clogging with dirt or fine dust. Filterless cyclonic separation systems only require emptying the dirt collection container before the suction drops off as an almost-full condition is reached. Many cyclonic vacuum systems now feature translucent dirt collection canisters, allowing quick inspection without removing the canister. Regardless of which dirt separation system is used, the electric motor may require lubrication of its bearings, or replacement of carbon brushes on an infrequent basis, usually measured in years.


"During a 10-20 minute sauna session, your heart rate increases by 50-75%. This provides the same metabolic result as physical exercise. The increased cardiac load is the equivalent to a brisk walk. There is a nominal effect on blood pressure because the heat also causes blood vessels in skin to expand to accommodate increased blood flow. "


The ayes have it. Rep. Tiangco moves for nominal voting. 45 votes are needed to proceed. #VoteonRH


Proper Noun Examples for Nominal

Nominal voting for the passing to the 3rd Reading of nominaluse Bill 4244 is ongoing. #NoToRHBill

Family coming to town for the nominallidays? Have a family photo session at your nominalme, at your convenience. Nominal fee for session, and photos available online for viewing and purchase, both in print and digital formats.

Related Sentences for Nominal

Most Americans want a simpler tax code. Unfortunately, the complex code that we have is the source of a lot of power for members of Congress who use it to benefit special interests and hurt their political opponents. Big government and big tax code go hand in hand.

Anyone else notice that atheists do not sue Muslims?

[aj] Vote currently tied at 3-3. 3 Yeses for the RH bill, 3 Nos.

Nominal definitions


a phrase that can function as the subject or object of a verb


existing in name only

See also: titular


named; bearing the name of a specific person

See also: nominative


insignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish' is informal)

See also: token tokenish


of, relating to, or characteristic of an amount that is not adjusted for inflation


pertaining to a noun or to a word group that functions as a noun


relating to or constituting or bearing or giving a name