How to use Deflation in a sentence as a noun

They never see the enemy behind both of them, play both of them with inflation-deflation issue, cultural never change, system never change, who's design this system, control their consumption, control their fake money, their system energy to move all machines. This enemy hidden behind all big names corporation & all financial institution they working for.

Related Sentences for Deflation

Meeting with my accountant this afternoon Our yearly chat to discuss finances Hate chatting money but I do f**king love it at the same time ✌️ deflationpe it goes well and doesn't deflate me lol 😬

Have tough guy tough gal on sunday and I'm no where near ready for this gaaahhh I'm guna deflate lol I'm fat unfit and done 3gym sessions in 3wks lmao ooohhh lawdy lawd help lol

Hi, looking into getting some inflatable camping mats to take backcountry camping. Has anyone had one that they think is amazing, doesn't deflate and is compact? And doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Cheers.

Air mattress y u do dis i did not give you permission to deflate as i internet air mattress you deflation stop blowing everywhere my bottom has collided with the floor air mattress ugh baby come back

As a club we want to show our disgust and frustration at what can only be seen as a farcical decision to keep us in the bottom tier of the bpil,we feel let down and the club is very deflated at this time knowing that after a fantastic season last year were we won promotion quite comfortably that the decision was made for us to play the same teams again this coming season,this league talks about helping teams progress when they are doing exactly the opposite...

The awkward moment your air mattress starts to deflate and Katherine Stowe is already asleep...

Deflation definitions


the act of letting the air out of something


a contraction of economic activity resulting in a decline of prices


(geology) the erosion of soil as a consequence of sand and dust and loose rocks being removed by the wind