How to use Decidedly in a sentence as an adverb

Startup culture thirty years ago had a decidedly American flavor. Today, it does not because the world is big and diverse and because entrepreneurs today who do startups come from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds.

Yet Musk uses Broder's assessment as a closing statement of damning circumstantial proof that Broder is decidedly anti-electric car. Oh I know, this kind of cheap rhetorical trick is what all politicians and businessmen do, and it's OK if someone we all really admire does it, as long as his heart's in the right place.

Some of my most rewarding accomplishments have been decidedly "low tech". I usually find programming meet-ups boring and language centric threads here on Hacker News pointless.

If that would be grounds for firing, even after describing the context of the article, then you decidedly do not work at a fairly liberal software company.

But for many people, Gnome itself is decidedly uncool. No wonder they don't want to contribute to it.

Management is decidedly hands-off, so you leave them alone but give advice when asked. After a while magic happens, the team self-organises, and a product starts taking shape.

That increases latency in a way that can turn your awesome GPU into something decidedly unawesome in terms of its performance. It isn't the GPUs fault, its getting the data too and from the CPU which is the problem.

Coming from Europe, It all feels decidedly third rate. I don't think the solution is bitcoin, I think the solution is fixing regular banking.

As others have pointed out, the fact that a rewrite yielded so little performance gain is decidedly troubling. At least they got a fun and well-linked blog entry out of it.

Most startups that TC 'scoops' tend to be "social mobile local" startups that generate buzz - there are a lot of successful startups in decidedly non-sexy areas that are quite profitable, which never get covered because they don't get the same page views that say, Color's $40 million investment does. I think Arrington & TC actively hurt the startup community by providing a narrow world-view.

> it was decidedly a positive change for the site. Was it?

It's a decidedly less clear strategy to invest in only the not-so-good startups in a batch.

I'm not looking for a Reese's-esque solution, I would like my chocolate and peanut butter decidedly separate.

Decidedly definitions


without question and beyond doubt; "it was decidedly too expensive"; "she told him off in spades"; "by all odds they should win"

See also: unquestionably emphatically definitely