How to use Corset in a sentence as a noun

We won Izzie the corset! She will look stunning for her 28th birthday now!

We have a member that gets corsets, club wear, cocktails dresses etc., starting at $12. We are waiting on pictures so you can see what the items look like.

I want to have a corset and a nicely fitted suit by the end of this year.

Me: I like both dresses on you, but I like the one with the corset back better. Bride: I think you're right. There is just something about being laced up into a dress that shouts, "I am a woman!!" Me: Because sometimes being in a big wedding gown just isn't enough.

When I take off this corset I'm gonna have more stretch marks than the octo-mom, unlike her I'll still have a brain.

I love this movie but I hate corsetw Tim curry looks better in a corset and fishnets then I do!! Lol

Time to suit up for the Ball! Need new duds? Dark Garden has gorgeous clothes and corsets, beautiful jewelry, and a ton of our hats for sale.

Our piercer John is looking for models for a few piercing projects for upcoming events. Looking for women with little or no tattoos on their torso and willing to make the time to come to an event for a few days. Please contact our piercer John if you have any questions or would like to plan something. If you have ever wanted to try out a corset or other piercing project now is the perfect chance.

New pair of blue and green contacts. && New corset woop woop stokked

I had a dream last night that featured me wearing a corset for most of it. Heidi Karin Wheeler-Sheppard I blame u!

Tonight might just be the night I start sewing my corset for corset...then again I could use a night of doing nothing.

An 1859 Sontag in100% wool for Civil War re-enacting, I get very cold even with chemise, corset & cover, dress, under sleeves and cape, and several petticoats! I intend to knit a wool petticoat in the future. Also some heavier stockings!

My day consisted of attempting to draw corset designs on my desks.

After spending a day and a half looking up information on tight lacing I've become very antsy. Can I just get my underbust corset already?!?!?

Gutted new corset does not fit :C Never mind I am sure the one I get next week will be much better ;D. I love you

How to use Corset in a sentence as a verb

That is the most epic corset ever made.

The last of the corsets going up for auction is this Golden Silk Underbust! 34" corset will fit anyone with a natural 38" waist best! Starting at only $65

A very special 21" custom overbust corset is being made for me showcasing my Irish heritage. This thing is going to be magical!

I will be at this fashion show in Brighton, if you want to come see my sexy new capsule corset and couture Collection you'd better 'Like' and keep up to date with all the exciting stuff going on...

Come on ladies check this gorgeous corset out!!! Wouldn't you love the chance to win it ?!?! Well here is your opportunity. Like, tag, or share it!!!! <3 have a wonderful day!

Tired. sewing machine is in the shop... got to finish the corset by thursday....

The dark blue is 228 the others are 240 the pink with the straps is a corset the dark blue is the colour I like the most the strapless pink is super cute the yellow is a no it just looked like corset lol I like the light blue because of the jewels input or I will see my other bridesmaids on Sunday

Im thinking of having a "fallen" angel photoshoot, dark angel wings, black corset but not sure what my bottoms should be. Any suggestions?

Four lovely days off! And the promise of being ravished by an Oirish fella to boot......makes me come over all Jane Austen! Now where's that corset and bonnet?!

I am coveting corsets this morning when I should be writing. Sometimes that happens.

I got a new corset!!!! Thank you Sarah Stinson! I love it and will corsetpefully have a new costume by the next meeting

This is the like the corset i want to start my waist training,which im really looking forward too as want to be even curvier :D No pain no gain,lol! xxx

Morphia: *has fallen asleep on the roof of the mansion. Her breathing too light because of the tight dirty white corset of her rose pink dress*

*lays on the bed, just in corset and underwear, Willow and Nathaniel being taught by their private tutor in the study, she sighs* where is Drocell? %Madame Red

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So this wedding dress shopping nonsense has really screwed with my personal image in odd ways. I don't feel ugly, but sometimes the tiny girls lacing me into a corset like someone stuffing a sausage, make me feel like I should think I'm ugly. "Well this dress isn't in your size." Yet I know they're just doing their job, and of course samples won't fit everyone. Then sometimes when I'm corsetme I look in the mirror and think I'm beautiful. I love my hair, I love my paleness, I love my butt and my breasts and just myself in general, until the wrong shirt an pants combo gives me a corsetin top and I'm back to hating myself. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't feel ugly, but society thinks I should feel ugly. I feel cornered. I feel confused. I am a firm believer that the tiniest girl and the biggest girl can all be equally beautiful. So why am I such a mess in my own mind?


Proper Noun Examples for Corset

Corset corsetok or it buttoned the buttons on shoes.

Corset completed for brown and green victorian steampunk cosplay

Welcome to all the new "likes" this week. Be sure to check out my Corset Crew where you can earn free goodies!

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I wanna scream and shout and let it all out..

What colour t-shirts you want this on then? thinking of getting a run of these for Valentines day!

My turn to say it..... It can stop snowing now. I just shoveled and whew I am pooped.

Anyone made resolutions to drink more water and fewer soft drinks? Here are a few more reasons why that was a good move - a quick fun blog I whipped up today:

I have an announcement......hmm should I spill the news now?

Lay in bed listing to Marion and jimmy arguing, close my eyes and I could be 15 again planning my escape down Ashton haaaa x

Everyone knows you're not really exercising unless you tell everyone on fb and post a picture about it

We've done it, it's official! 2,000 likes, more info on blowout sale to come in a few xoxo Thanks for ALL your support, it means the world <3

Got to love the chaffing from shirt stays ...

Wanna have an orgy who's up for it ? X

Curvy ladies... Where do you purchase your fancy undergarments and lingerie???

Not a fan of packing... trying to decide what to take with me, what to put in storage, and what to just get rid of.

4 days til Lady Gaga with some fabulous people!! #stoked

Week off work after tomos anyone wanna do anything?

Just walked out of the corsetuse with the corsetuse phone in my pocket and left my cell at corsetme! wow! #halfbakedproblems

I'm just saying, having run down stairs unsupported before, that there's no way Lara Croft would do that much activity without a decent sports bra.

Soooo NOT happy with Alfred Angelo!!!!! Not only did they corset me off already with not gettin dress in when was supposed to with us paying extra for it to be..... Now the dress isn't what was ordered!!!!!! One unhappy mama!!!!!

I love receiving compliments on my facial hair. For example, today as I was about to leave the McDonald's drive-thru, I was told "Yo, man. Every time you come through here you got that corset all laced up tight, yo!" Word.

Been chatting about theme parties today in work...........need ideas, whats the best theme party u have been 2????

I wonder corsetw many ribs had to be removed so the owner could wear this dress?

I never feel fully rested in the mornings. Kids are off to school and me and my PJ's just crawled back in bed. Wish I knew the trick to being a morning person.....

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It's time again, folks! Got a panel idea? Is there something you want to see and learn? Is there a topic you want to discuss in a room full of other costuming folk? Perhaps you have a suggestion for improvement? Costuming Track wants to hear about it. Your turn.

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Corset definitions


a woman's close-fitting foundation garment

See also: girdle stays


dress with a corset