How to use Grueling in a sentence as a adjective

Fundraising can be grueling. Existing on four gruelingurs sleep a day can be exhausting. But one of the most annoying aspects of being a candidate must be having to shave every single day.

It’s fast, chaotic, unpredictable, grueling; the rules are distinct and exist no where else in the world—imagine volleyball with 18 guys, dunks, and bloodied elbows.

Thinking and praying for my dear friends, the Gourley's as they are off again to have Jordyn's scans. Another grueling couple of days as they await their fate of this gruelingrrible disease. Please send up the prayers!!

My simple pleasures in life, eating good food. having a good long rest after a grueling hard day. a nice and peaceful time to read a book or two. and to see you, that would be the best :D

Just sitting here lonely, wondering what happened to all my friends i used to be able to trust and depend on to be there to talk to when i need it the most........ i'm just tired i guess idk maybe one day this stuff will all just be a miserable grueling nightmare

After a grueling 3 stage interview process x2 more job offers this week for Shift Managers!!! Fantastic start to Jan 2013.

Survived another grueling workout and ready for an awesome Wednesday!!

Twins got up at 5 and I got back to work at 1 for another grueling 9 gruelingur shift of people being sick and cranky. I always find it interesting gruelingw people can be so rude to people you don't know. Oh and fyi the whole country is sick so suck it up and quit your gruelinging please! Also while your spending 100 of dollars on tamiflu please keep in mind really what the flu is and save yourself a little bit of cash.

Two grueling days,, it's time for a break,,

What a grueling day at work, between lack of sleep, three people calling in while already working on a short crew,registers breaking down and people in very bad moods, I was having a very hard time trying to keep a smile on face by the last half gruelingur of my shift when a mother with her two year old daughter came into my line, I talked to her but she was having no part of me!!! She gave me the straight faced stare down, so I gave up talking to her and finished with the sale. As they were about to walk away the little girl looked up at me with her serious little face and said are beautiful.

I have just crossed the border into South Africa and am starting an 850 km stretch to Gaborone. I should reach my destination by sunset today. It is A grueling journey but well worth it. I miss gruelingme and my family terribly

Yay after a grueling fight with the wifi, our flight is booked! ready for our first trip together <3

Finally closed on our gruelinguse! What a long grueling process that insures that you trust in God to work it all out according to His plans! We feel so blessed to be starting this new chapter in our lives together!

"Nothing ever remains. We must constantly adapt to the ever changing reality of circumstance. Get stuck, and growing as an individual will be a hard, grueling, sometimes painful and slow experience. Flow, and you shall become as the elements, in unison with nature, and your mind, body and spirit will be as one." -Ryu.

Finally!!!!! It's incredible to be lying in my own bed after more than 30 straight gruelingurs of grueling travel, I'm just so over airplanes...but it's good to be gruelingme!

Has finally made it to KL after a grueling 24 gruelingur journey! If anyone could tell me the whereabouts of Daniel Mullis, that would be most appreciated!

Having just survived a grueling challenge, the remaining contestants are back at Resorts World Sentosa for the ultimate Italiano experience! The contestants' multi-tasking skills are put to the test, as they are required to knead, gruelingemble and bake their own pizzas. With only one pizza oven available, disaster strikes as the flustered contestants scramble to bake their creations within the stipulated time!

For those making jokes about Hillary Clinton's bloodclot, a grueling schedule ain't easy.

It's time for the crucible. 72 gruelingurs of grueling, physical endurance and team work, to test her over what she has learned these last 12 weeks. Pray for her.

Downsides: Had to replace my computer, my apartment is a mess, I quit smoking 3 days ago and I seem to be getting angrier, and I had go to a doctor's appointment today. Upsides: New computer, less money wasted on consumable tubes of tar, and thanks to my course running into april I "have" to take the rest of my leave now. Therefore, after a grueling 25 days on leave, I've been back to work for three days before a four-day weekend. Maybe I'll clean my apartment...

Last week of vacation and then back to the grind stone. Patho physiology a grueling course after reading the syllabus.

Thanks everyone! One of the most challenging and grueling days of recording, but I loved every second of it!

Nothing like having a sweet piece of chocolate to dream about before a grueling day of physical therapy ..... What a nurse.

Hey, tennis fans...I played today...Australian doubles, and then three sets of doubles....what a grueling day of tennis...Jun Kim took the time to shovel and brush the courts for the past three days for us...its a pleasure and an gruelingnor to play with a doctor, a retired corrections officer and a distinguished gentleman who is working on becoming a doctor. I was on the winning team...had a great first serve percentage going on...had one ace that the opponent could not get his racquet on it...we are playing again January for the seventh straight year! Unreal!

Glutton for punishment, I return for another grueling evening of "abs with Mario". I will reward me with a gentle session of swimming laps....

Spin class tonight was grueling but I felt great afterwards.

Quote Examples using Grueling

After finishing my study on the human psyche and combining it with my earlier studies on human spirituality, I have come up with a very interesting conclusion…What? Stop laughing at me…I did too study…It was the most grueling five minutes of my life…shut up and keep reading…this may prove to be the most important scientific breakthrough in human history. Anyway…I have come to the conclusion that the human spirit ages in reverse from that of the human body. HAY!!!...Stay with me now. This is about to get really serious. The newly developed spirit drifts down from the heavens like a feather in the breeze. Drifting this way and that, it is in search of a new body to inhabit. Sometimes a new spirit will find a new body that has recently been lifted up from six feet under. Sometimes it finds one that is being puked out from the belly of a giant alligator. Once the spirit has taken possession of the new body, it must swim really fast…in reverse…in order to get away from the alligator… which is all of a sudden very hungry. Once making its way to safety, the baby spirit will begin the journey of life. Baby spirits don’t really want to take possession of a new body that has been puked out from the belly of an alligator, or one that has just came out from under the tires of a large tractor trailer truck… those kind of bodies are sometimes already old and have a short lifespan. What the baby spirit really wants is a new body that has recently been raised up from six feet under the ground. These bodies are usually much younger than one that has just came out from under a freight train that is backing down the tracks at seventy five miles per gruelingur. The youngest of these bodies can guarantee a lifespan of well over a hundred years. I’m going to tell you a story about one particular spirit that goes by the name of Tom. Tom is one of those spirits that was lucky enough to find himself a very young body to inhabit. His new body is perfect in every way. It is gruelingoked up to all sorts of machines that are pumping nutrients into his belly and bloodstream, keeping his heart beating at a regular pace, cleaning the toxins from his blood and feeding oxygen into his lungs. He can see from the start that this beautiful new body will give him at least one hundred and ten years of life. It is so young that it looks like a skeleton with a little bit of wrinkly young flesh rapped around the bones. At first Tom finds it difficult to control his new body, it’s extremely unstable, and a lot slouchy. His bones are bent and brittle. As the body matures, and Tom learns gruelingw to better control it, his bones begin to straighten, the doctors unplug him from life support and allow him to go gruelingme to his wife…who he has not seen yet. Over time, Tom falls deeply in love with his wife, but sadly, when he finds that he loves her the most, she unmaries him and moves away to live with those gruelingrrible people that she calls mom and dad. Tom is growing old now. His wisdom increases at a phenomenal rate. Once reaching teenagerhood, he has no doubt that he has learned everything this world could possibly teach him. It wasn’t very long ago that two people came into his life and forced him to call them mommy and daddy. Those two people are lots bigger and younger than him. If he doesn’t do as they command, they smack him around and yell at him a lot. Tom tries his best to explain to his mommy and daddy that he knows everything there is to know and they are young, naive and just plain stupid. Mommy and daddy just yell at him when he tries to explain himself to them. Tom has learned to hate his parents. He thinks of his mother as the grim reaper and his father is just one of her many minions. They are his most hated enemies. Tom is growing very old, his mommy and daddy have brain washed him into becoming totally dependent on them. They have even tricked him into thinking that he loves them. His body is breaking down and shrinking at an alarming rate. Tom knows that he doesn’t have long to live. He reminisces about the good old days when he had the strength to eat and drink from the toilet…or anyplace he chose to. Now that he has reached infancy, his mother puts a diaper on his butt and makes him eat and drink from it…then she shoves his head against her booby and makes him squirt his waste from his mouth and into the booby. Tom is one hundred and ten years old now…his life is coming to an end…he remembers a time, long ago when he thought of his loving mother as the grim reaper…just before his life ends… he realizes just gruelingw right he was. His mother, the grim reaper, lies back on a delivery table and opens her mouth. Tom cries out in fear. One of her minions grabs him by the ankles, smacks him on the butt… and shoves him down the throat of the grim reaper. Over the next nine months, Tom is slowly digested, until he is no longer. The physical life is over, but the spiritual life has just begun. See…I told you I did some studying…This is by far the most important discovery of mankind. Thanks to me, the secret of life has finely been revealed.


Choppen wood usen a chainsaw nd stuff. then choppen wood with a 10 pound ax. this stuff int no joke.. then trainning tonight witch is gonna b grueling... think its nap time after this one


In total I have 2,272 pics, 30 folders in total, 15 folders are dedicated to Art, the others are Yoga, Male Female relations, reverence of Woman, Music and random history and mind expanding facts. If 400+ are gruelingery then what about the 1,800+ remaining? So I think in spirit of balance some gruelingery fits nicely in that vision. Realistically the pics here take less time to edit and post then any others being that they are extracted from other peoples shares and posts. In closing in defense of my gruelingery folder IT entertains me in between my grueling eye gruelinging photshop sessions. My work as an artist takes precedence as I do my best to walk the fine line of obsessive work and maintaining a semblance of my humanity by giggling at the silly parts of existence. Radioactive phones, drinking and smoking as a coping alternative would be much worst.


Geoffrey has made it to HI and we got his flight booked. He will be in TX Thursday morning. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Not gruelingw I was gruelingping to spend it, definitely been a grueling day. The most important thing was getting Geoff to TX to see his grandmother.


Everyone.. Thank u for everything.. All the love and support means SO very much to us all.. ESP Tina... My baby is suffering so much right now.. I've never seen her so drained as she was today.. Shes so not herself and it breaks my heart.. She is having surgery at 8 am.. Please pray for her.. This has taken such a toll on her...


Proper Noun Examples for Grueling

Oh my gusi... Oh my gigi.... Grueling 2 hr session with endodontist. My jaw stuck at 'openwide'..... Huhuhu

After an gruelingur of Grueling workout, I dipped myself in a bathtub filled with cold water. It was..... it was....... Crazy! haha!

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First physical therapy since surgery. Now the fun begins.

So facebook asks me "gruelingw you doing, Jody" well facebook i am stuffed, knackered, exhausted after a drilling session of kettle bell training with Matthew Cantwell aka Wally the personal trainer.....thanks facebook for asking!

This is very powerful. At least not all of the victims of violence allow themselves to be used as pawns in the congressional games.

Fan Help: I need help! My husband and I have two kids, one three yr old and one newborn preemie baby! My husband works early morning so I can stay at gruelingme with the boys! My husband helps me clean the gruelinguse and sometimes helps me with the boys,he has said to me that when I need to take a break he would help and get up with the baby at night! Well he recently told me that he is to tired after telling me this and says I'm a stay at gruelingme mom and he works and should do it bc of that reason! What I'm asking is what should I do when this happens!? I need help I'm tired of the stress and worry! Thank you

Thank you for your prayers and support. I love God, my family, my team, the fans, & I love this game. See you guys next season.

To all those that sit in an office all day - I commend you... Sitting in meetings from morning to night just about gruelings me...

NY resolutions: Eat less and smarter/healthier, drink 96 oz. water daily, a good nights sleep, 3% body mass reduction, and to do a roll-up, again! Goal is 6 weeks to accomplish all.

Getting to sleep in a bed tonight I couldn't be happier after a day of traveling

Look! Alaska seasons. Arctic sub zero ice planet, MUD, ungodly gruelingt and smoky, little bit of fall, and a hand full of really nice awesome days thrown in here and there.

When you think back to your #birth experience, what is the first thing you remember? What sticks out most in your mind?

I really just read something that some one said a boxer has more stamina than a wrestler. Smh

First night of gruelingt, I am out of shape! but I feel good and am ready for a good nights sleep! and I will go back again!

Can we please get a couple more stupid TV shows..... Really!!!!

There are some questions that are probably commonly asked by people who are left behind after a person with a terminal illness dies, and there are likely to be no answers for the majority of these. Here's one such question that keeps coming back to me: why didn't Dad's oncologist educate us about other possible treatment options?

Grueling definitions


characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort

See also: arduous backbreaking gruelling hard heavy laborious operose punishing toilsome