How to use Carcinogenic in a sentence as a adjective

• Lanolin Lanolin itself is perfectly safe. But cosmetic-grade lanolin can be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, dieldrin, and lindane, in addition to other neurotoxic pesticides.

Good list of toxic and carcinogenic compounds found in many personal-care products.

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"OMG. I just got word from someone whom I am giving Phoenix tears to who had and I mean had cancer of the kidney. After taking the oil for 90 day the newest PET scan shows the tumors are gone. . This is incredible. I have seen Phoenix Tears cure many since I have been working with it. Thank you for helping me help others heal." -- Congratulations and thank you for helping others, Gregg. No more scans, just the oil. The scan is carcinogenic, it might cause the cancer to return and who wants that? JB


The new Aeros Smokeless Cigarette uses a heatless technology to function like, taste and deliver the same satisfaction as an ignitable cigarette. The difference is that it does not deliver many of the other elements included with the use of chewing tobacco or cigarettes. This new “vapor transfer” science is accomplished by placing fresh, moist tobacco in an impermeable sealed plastic tube. When the user cuts the ends, natural tobacco flavors and nicotine are released in vapor form. The vapor molecules do not pick up carcinogenic particles which are left in the tobacco inside the tube.


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Aspartame has the main disadvantage as a-Carcinogenic b-Less sweeter than sucrose c-Hygroscopic in nature d-Bitter after taste

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This is what carcinogenicspital Food during your "recovery" looks like. This is one reason why we might be the sickest nation in recorded history.

Serious question, do you know anyone who has gotten lung cancer from smoking only weed?? if they smoked cigarettes for any extended period of time please don't mention them, and please be respectful, cancers some real carcinogenic.

Carcinogenic definitions


causing or tending to cause cancer