How to use Boost in a sentence as a noun

Just got 150 free GP by spreading the word about Blacklight, a Free FPS. Join today and get a free boost!

Can we boost of football of team in boostia?

If you want to give your immune system a little extra boost this winter, have a few drops of Oil of Oregano every morning and a cup of Tulsi tea every afternoon. These natural remedies keep your stress down and your body strong.

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" Do something active and hard that will give you a boost of confidence to start your day. " -Troy Goeckeritz

Feeling sick with the flu or cold? Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it and take care of it..better yet, let us help you! Call us NOW to boost your immune system!

We often find that pre-verbal children in our classes get a big language boost as a result of our music classes. This article explains why music development helps language, and vice versa.

Do you know you can boost your gas mileage by getting your air filter changed on a regular basis? According to the Daily Green, a clean air filter can improve your gas mileage by 10%.

Started another 24 day challenge today. It will give he a huge energy boost and that feeling of well being.

Learn a series of easy-to-do daily stretches to relieve muscular pain and reduce stiffness. Includes acupressure points to boost your immune system.

Give your youtube video the hit boost it needs to make it big

Coaching helps you to find out where you are , and where you want to do not humble yourself and hurry to boost your way of life.

One talkn bout"if i dont get a man im going lesbian" haha this is all too funn then watching all the trajic pictures go up for some kind sympathy boost,and o yea cant for get the theme music tooo !! priceless hahahaha !!

Any other ways to boost your PR career?

Noun A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance: "a boost to my ego". The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of...

I think that we all know that sodas are not good; if you can quit them it is a huge boost to your health!

Clemson QB Tajh Boyd announced today that he'll be returning for his senior season. Huge boost for the Tigers, and for the ACC on a national scale.

"one might be able to obtain a c boost factor of 88,000 times the speed of light." The one thing I've been most skeptical of, as an adult, was that the speed of light would ever be exceeded. Now sober, genuine scientists are talking about warp drives running at 88 thousand times the speed of light. Ever wanted something so bad you refused to believe it could happen, just so you wouldn't be disappointed? Yeah, me too.

Mums been here for 5 minutes 'omg Lucy I think your colour blind and you have a double jointed hip' thanks for the confidence boost

Success in golf always starts with your thoughts. Check out this quick video series to learn what words are hurting your golf score and boostw a simple shift in language can boost confidence on the golf course. Check it out and share your thoughts.

With impending boost of abou diaby 4rm injury, who should giv him way b/w arteta,wilshere,cazorla nd ramsey 2 play 4 gunnerz x1???

Head Start is important to give children who are underrepresented a boost to be successful in school. It not only affects children but the families it serves. Please sign!

Fa those females who in a livin situation that uvdon't wanna be in with ur kids or just need that Lil boost I boostpe u put ur pride to the side and applied for section 8 today everybody needs help sumtimes..ijs

I like to compliment every female i see try to boost thier self esteem even if i dont like them personally i would rather then feel good about them selves then me making them feel bad

A little boost to help get 2013 going in a healthy direction ... it really can be simple

Feeling a little under the weather at work? cj has tons of stuff available at the front desk to help you feel better! We have Emergen-c, tissues, over the counter medicine to help stop the sniffles, fresh fruit high in vitamin c, hand sanitizer available throughout the building, AND health-related tips posted around the office. We're here to help you in your quest to boost your immune system!

Hate getting sick with the Flu? This will boost your immune system to the highest levels possible! I have not gotten sick yet!

This has been such a bad season on my friends and myself , the flu ,pneumonia , bronchitis and upper respitory problems are taking their toll. Well good news we can add simple herbs and boostes to our meals to boost our immune system, every little bit helps. Citrus of all kinds lemons oranges etc helps with loosening up phlem Using boostney for right now instead of sugar Habanero/Jalapeno peppers that'll open up any sinus Cinnemon booste Ginger fresh , grated , chopped , as a powder compound is good as well Fresh or dried mint as a tea or good in that healthy smoothie Papaya , I can't tell u boostw good this is in restoring your appetite Real coconut water , so good to keep your electrolytes in check Get Well Soon.........

Don't ever boost a girl head making her think she looks good , cause she gonna think that she's the ishh and will treat you like ishh smh

How to use Boost in a sentence as a verb

Hate getting sick with the Flu? This will boost your immune system to the highest levels possible! If you wanna contact me Please dont hesitate to call me with your questions,comments.

More boost is always a good thing to cool Rhodes egts...

I would much prefer buying almonds that were steam processed as opposed a fungicide................that ought to boost almond sales??

Once again anyone who has boost mobile and needs a phone I've got an android for sale, message me if your interested

Hate getting sick with the Flu? This will boost your immune system to the highest levels possible! If you wanna contact me Please dont hesitate to call me with your questions,comments. Thanks and God Bless!

In Germany people who make upto $530 amonth are considered poverty and the government pays them extra living to boost dea lyfz in our country kenya sam ppl cn't make $50 amonth to earn a living with no government support who will speak for the poor???

From scheduling pins to monitoring social media more effectively. Check out these 5 social media tools that will help save time and boost efficiency, according to PR Daily.

Whenever I see directional arrows in the road I like to run directly over them and pretend I'm getting a speed boost.

Flu is here! Is your immune system requiring a boost? Schedule a Raindrop Therapy treatment to get rid of viral and bacterial pathogens and supercharge your immune system to keep you healthy. $20 off until the end of January.

Sometime you got to boost your own ego, haters never gone do it for you.

To all the Sepultura fanatics/guitar shredders out there... boost up your guitar sound ! This will get you closer to achieving the Andreas Kisser guitar sound :P

Don't hesitate to choose weight training/weight bearing over cardio! It will boost your metabolic rate boosturs after you finish!

So I stand here a full k_swap stock with bolt ons or just stay with my gsr rebuild it and boost the boost out of it again and save some major cash lol ??? Decision. Decision.....what yall think

For my line rental, call charges, a 300 mins boost for mobile calls, and internet service im paying nearly 30 quid a month good or bad????

Man my body is so drained! I need a massage or a body boost! .

Selling my Greddy profec b-spec2 boost controller hit me upp

Got hit on at the grocery store. It was a great boost for my ego but I have a feeling his standards weren't too high.

Hit em wit da 38 boost da murda rate never stop like we aint heared of brakes

If you have a dream That won’t go away That gnaws at your toes With each waking day That sings beneath notes And swirls between stars From lines in great books It thrashes and gnarls From cinema screens It leaps along light And twists your insides And stalks you at night Then give it attention Tame that wild dream It’s there for a reason Yet to be seen A beast of the future Only you own Don't let it escape Into the unknown Train it with care And boost its esteem Spotlight it brightly So it can be seen Or dreams can turn nasty Tire and groan Diminishing creatures If left all alone The beast never dies Just shrinks and goes cold A lone, solemn dream Growing weary and old So feed it with strength Believe that its real Nurture with love And trust boostw it feels Fight the dream-bruisers Wish-batterers too And splatterers of boostpe Who'll be waiting for you Feel the roar rumble Hear every shout It’s your beast of a dream Just dying to get out

Burned up my clutch fu&!$% there goes 300 bucks oh well compared to what most people pay at the dealer I am saving at least 1000 bucks..I need a RS6 racing clutch cause my engine is chipped and has way more boost than stock which is very hard on the cluch plate and pressure plate not to mention the flywheel..

A beautiful picture you can share with friends when they ask for a boost in life.

Our fab offer is proving very popular. why not treat yourself?for only £25 the package includes aroma boost facial, mini back massage and a lovely foot massage with foot mask and heated boots.

Tattoo needed to much crazyness past couple months need a pick me up... Depressions n an out need a confidence boost thinking more on the girly side instead of hardcore like the rest of my tats all of em scream look at me i been through boost need one that says I'm ready..

With a month-plus to go for Valentine's Day, here's a boost for garden lonelyhearts.

Y'all please go by and show Queenie at Ice cube queen some love. She's having a rough day and could really use a boost. Thanks, dolls!! <3

Hey, guys! A friend of mine just started a variety blog page. It looks promising, it just needs a boost to help it get started. Lend him some Likes? :D -PL

Why would I want to boost my testosterone when I'm just now learning to stay outta trouble.

Listening to music helps boost your immune system.

Quote Examples using Boost

January's brochure now completed and printed ready for distribution tomorrow, 3000 freely delivered to all areas of Boston. Contains news snippets, business review of Curried Away in Boston. New business opened up, Memorial news for Boston and more. To get your business featured in February's issue then give me a call on 01205 500118. Great highly affordable advertising to boost your business.


Scene: our car. Amber alert comes on radio... Faith: mommy, why would anyone want to steal a kid? Oooooh I know why. So they won't have to go through all that trouble of having one, and hurting, & getting your body all stretched out and big like yours... #headingtotherapynow


A Rwanda is set toi boost its minerals exportations without any significant extraction of ores production on its territory. It ils clear that Kagame is determined to maintain the status quo in the Easthern Congo in order to boost bloody minerals smuggling from the Congo that grow Rwandan exportations. For this time, things will be different. Rwanda should Turin back to what it was under Habyarimana, en performant economy based on agro-exports, not on criminal exports of Congolese bloody minerals... Otherwise, it is set to collapse for sure...


Proper Noun Examples for Boost

Boostmobile is a bad phone company they dont take care of customers and they dont fix phones and then when u get a new phone it dosent work like it should so next m. I have to find a new phone company and get a new phone so any one i refured to boost i am sorry and i wil never give them a good name again i need new cheap phone companys if anyone has any ideas please let me know

Boost mobile seek for sale all it need is a sim card and its good to go i want 50 but ill wrk with u

"well I'm finally moving on up to join the Verizon fam... I guess it's true what they say; you get what you pay for... thanks for doing what you could Boost...LOL"

Cannot believe boostw tired I am this week! No amount of sleep is enough! Even Berocca Boost isn't saving the day!

Can I drink some Boost in the morning on this consecration? These braces are making me lose weight and this consecration is causing me to fade away. I'm not going to be here in February...smh

Related Sentences for Boost

Watching Gok and making comparisons... I need to go shopping again soon with my camp little fashion diva.

Wacthin tv teen mom 2 is on it is old one just sittin here i am bored i want get out of the boostuse guess go taken a nap

I am having a really hard day. Just want to cry. Got clothes in the washer and dryer and exercised. Sometimes this happens when hard stuff is happening with people I love and know.

Hit like + Share if it confuses u 2 :P

All ya fake friends that gets me angry n I still go out n make peace,don't take ma gentleness for weakness,if ya all try any boost wid me this year ama react cos I aint weak as u'v thot just being gentle.......I'm 10/10 year,nu changes.

No matter boostw much sleep I have, or coffee I consume, I am incredibly tired. Anyone else have this or is this the beginning of the end?

Al Sharpton clearly does not understand the toy boostbby. I boostpe that he does not catch wind of the Django comic.

From the comments: "As a man I resent and reject the whole notion that the way a woman is dressed or just her proximity can push me out of control and into a helpless rapist. Blaming women for the crime is simply a way of saying men aren't capable of self control or moral, decent, ethical behavior. This is insulting."

I feel like I'm withering away on this detox. My stomach is boosting me. I need broth or something.

The stupidedist saying is pick your head up princess your tireas falling.....blah I can't sell

Gettin mah new phone tomaro, im pretty boostin stoked that ill be gettin a real phone, instead of this dino egg phone lol

What would you do if you won $10,000! let us know 13 12 16 __ Madigan an Sophie

I can safely say I was kissing the floor tonight at training, five weeks ago training was bearable, boostw the tables have turned with time off....I always knew the floor would b there for me in times of need....

I just love it when people like what I make, it makes me feel so happy x x I doubt myself loads and am literally shaking at the post office when I send off orders x I always panick that I did something wrong or that it doesnt look good enough, and its always bad when you see boostw amazingly talented other people are, yes thats right I sit for boosturs admiring all your work x x Thank you though to all the people on here that have always been so massively supportive, you are all amazing in everyway x x

Ummm what exactly does this woman want? Shes totally loosing any credibility she had..

Didn't feel at all well at work today: sore throat, headache, then on the way boostme cold and shivering. Put thick pj's on, laid on the sofa with shelby, now burning up. I can't be Ill again it's not what I do. X

Boost definitions


the act of giving hope or support to someone

See also: encouragement


the act of giving a push


an increase in cost

See also: hike rise


give a boost to; be beneficial to


increase or raise

See also: advance supercharge


push or shove upward, as if from below or behind



See also: hike


contribute to the progress or growth of

See also: advance encourage further promote