Boorish in a sentence as an adjective

Usually you get these really boorish "dude, it's open source, just fix it yourself will ya" responses.

Alcohol isn't tea or coffee, and boorish behavior isn't a measure of whether alcohol is affecting your life.

Your assumption that she must be ignorant to have created her own solution is just as boorish as the original tweets, imo. Was tmux written by a person who had "either never heard of or never learned how to use" GNU screen?

I worry that we're building a culture of internet builders that excuse boorish behavior because someone has a platform or something we need access to.

As I understand it there's something of a rivalry between the Ruby and Node communities, and the Ruby community is known to be tolerant of boorish behavior.

I'd understand if we talked about some specialized form of art that was designed to be appreciated by a narrow circle of truly illuminated people and to heck with the rest of the boorish crowds.

Although it may feel boorish, pointing out the true nature of the foundations these places are built upon is the only way to prevent more cities just like them from popping up wherever there is money right next to poverty.

We try to confine self-righteous bores to north London, but with the advent of the Internet, they've taken up jobs in social media, enabling them to amplify their boorish dinner party cockwafflery.

"Now, I mean, I'm not someone who particularly enjoys sports, but if the article is paraphrasing him accurately, then that's such a boorish way of dismissing a hobby, especially from someone who is in entertainment.

She felt that she had not been tolerated, not encouraged, yet the response is to mandate intolerance of another behavior, yes a boorish one, but regardless, just another tripline for ourselves to unintentionally trip over.

I'm halfway seriously thinking after reading this that all sensible companies should start thinking about how you should always fire any engineer under thirty earning more than 100k because, lets face it, they're ******* precious, self-important, entitled, whiny little unproductive ******* who can't keep their genitals to themselves, get drunk too often during the week, and who've never had to do an honest days work for a reasonable salary and will remain smug, boorish twats until the day a proper grown up gives them the spanking they so clearly need.

Boorish definitions


ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance; "was boorish and insensitive"; "the loutish manners of a bully"; "her stupid oafish husband"; "aristocratic contempt for the swinish multitude"

See also: loutish neanderthal neandertal oafish swinish