Loutish in a sentence as an adjective

'Listening to her Dutch friends, she assumed that Americans were fat, loutish, naive and sexually repressed.

You pick a straight line, and a constant speed, and stick to it, ignoring all the loutish drivers who beep at you for not riding on the footpath.

Maybe I just live in a town with a lot of horrible cats that enjoy petty vandalism and loutish behavior.

This loutish, duplicitous bully, who carried, not the names of Reds but bottles of hootch in his briefcase died in disgrace and of alcoholism.

Sure, players might act out of self-interest, but you're just buying into that gross and loutish anti-journalist rhetoric the far-right is pushing.

The issues are complex and require long, nuanced elaboration, but in crude terms Park was all but a fascist in name during his dictatorship and Chun was largely a loutish thug.

>According to Chapman and Kipfer in their "Dictionary of American Slang", By 1975 the term had expanded in meaning beyond the poor Southerner to refer to "a bigoted and conventional person, a loutish ultra-conservative.

Loutish definitions


ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance; "was boorish and insensitive"; "the loutish manners of a bully"; "her stupid oafish husband"; "aristocratic contempt for the swinish multitude"

See also: boorish neanderthal neandertal oafish swinish