Neanderthal in a sentence as a noun

They may have had an agreement of peace with the neanderthals and then simply lied about it and killed and tortured them all.

Being constantly shown as a primitive horny neanderthal with no self control makes all men look bad.

It says that non-african humans share a more DNA with neanderthals than africans.

Maybe I am less evolved as a neanderthal but I don't think we are ready for a gesture driven interface.

Neanderthal in a sentence as an adjective

Auction site neanderthal, eBay learned that the hard way when it simply tried to tack on classified ads thinking its members would ditch craigslist.

It's the fact that the EFF had to write a 30 page document that instructs people on how to protect themselves from some neanderthal on a power trip who decides to comb through personal emails at the border.

It usually generates a certain unease about physical safety, but at least in a non-professional context you can roll your eyes and attribute it to the fact that you're dealing with a neanderthal.

The neanderthal breeding theory is not credible at all, because the strongest overlap between neanderthals and modern humans on a DNA basis comes from the far east, where there is no skeletal history of neanderthals existing.

Neanderthal definitions


extinct robust human of Middle Paleolithic in Europe and western Asia

See also: Neandertal Neanderthal


ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance; "was boorish and insensitive"; "the loutish manners of a bully"; "her stupid oafish husband"; "aristocratic contempt for the swinish multitude"

See also: boorish loutish neandertal oafish swinish


relating to or belonging to or resembling Neanderthal man; "Neanderthal skull"

See also: Neanderthal Neanderthalian Neandertal