Biology in a sentence as a noun

And yet, at least 50% of biology and medical students are women.

We know jack about how the vast majority of biology works.

Not as bad a problem in some fields, but I hear biology can be especially bad here.- Most importantly, the software is not the goal.

My fellow HNers:It does depress me, daily, that I do not have a career in physics or chemistry or biology or medicine where I could work on "big problems.

He learned about history, biology, the scientific method while doing something that interested him.

I was pretty new to engineering in general back then, and as a biology major with no real professional experience, I didn't have an easy time getting internships.

I remember the parental and peer pressure particularly well: my dad was pretty much opposed to it because he felt taking biology would "lead to more options later", but I was not convinced.

Not really the point of all of this, right?Long story short: I agree with the article and think the biology doesn't contradict it, but think we should probably stop using evolution as a conceptual model for how we organize our code.

The projects in medicine and biology, however, were conducted at a local university under the guidance of faculty and staff, simply because these experiments are not something you can perform at home.

I think in the coming years, we will find that other regulatory elements also shape this code, including sequences that control splicing, small RNAs, mRNA degradation and transport, et ceteraAnyways, it's a pretty fun time in biology.

On the heels of the failure of a project where I have spent weeks building up for, I will quickly force myself to do routine molecular biology, or general lab tasks, or a repeat of an experiment that I have gotten to work in the past.

Biology definitions


the science that studies living organisms


characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms; "the biology of viruses"


all the plant and animal life of a particular region

See also: biota