Anarchy in a sentence as a noun

So, what really will work for us, on this spectrum from "anarchy" to "jail"?

I'm not advocating riots/anarchy/... mind you, but I fear that is the only way.

In short programmer anarchy / autonomy is the right way forward.

People hoped for an economy no government could control, and got exactly that: anarchy and a burning world.

The court says they are violating laws.\nWhat has this to do with a free market?\nIs a free market one without laws?\nIs anarchy free market?

Well, the anarchy could have been forgiven, but individualism?

Very unique company structure, even considering the relative penchant for anarchy in the tech field.

Mexico, India and Pakistan would have fallen to anarchy long ago if not for him. I agree corporations like Monsanto took his line of work to evil proportions, but I am grateful that the first hands to wield the weapon of GM crops were of Norman Borlaug.

Anarchy definitions


a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)

See also: lawlessness