Aluminum in a sentence as a noun

If it did, you iPhone would be a huge block of aluminum with fins.

They discovered that you could draw down the aluminum and stretch it to form cans in one piece.

I should say, to explain this, that beer-can aluminum is soft and sticky, as metals go. Perfect for the application.

High quality aluminum, steel, electronics, etc., were used.

The early 23 inch aluminum Cinema display had a batch of horribly pink/magenta panels.

I am able to type faster and more accurately on my Apple flat aluminum keyboard that I have ever been able to type on a Model M.

Before we could use electric furnaces and electrolysis to turn bauxite to aluminum, it was one of the most rare and valuable metals on earth.

If you tried to force the magnet close to the aluminum at speed it would resist so strongly that you never managed to smash it into it with any kind of effectiveness.

I set up an apparatus under one of the fume hoods in the back of the chemistry lab, dissolved a bunch of aluminum, captured the hydrogen in a balloon, and then blew the whole thing up.

* First ship: Flight of the Intruder style aluminum desk/dresser/bookcase measuring 24" wide, aligned athwartships, so every roll of that frigate dumped my work all over until I hacked some retaining straps in.

In 1926, the American Chemical Society officially decided to use aluminum in its publications; American dictionaries typically label the spelling aluminium as "chiefly British".

Aluminum definitions


a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite

See also: aluminium