How to use Advertizement in a sentence as a noun

Why are the ads in there?I know it's easy to fall into the advertizement rationalization trap: It costs money to put things into the world.

According to your theory --of children as free thinkers whose actions represent their own 'free will'-- doesn't account for why advertizement works.

Do you really think that waking me up in the middle of the night to look at an advertizement is good for me as a user?You contrast it to TV ads.

It would be great to be able to tell TV networks that they should focus on creating quality programming, instead of just getting the best advertizement deal and that this would boost their ratings/revenue.

Or is the presence of advertizement, willfully ignored or not, still intrusive?

> I'm willing to bet your workplace isn't covered in advertizement posters and have an intercom and/or tvs constantly blaring ads all day unless you work a particularity shitty, most likely retail, job.

Did I miss anything?I assume it's some combination of the above leaning heavily towards advertizement.

Considering the number of house ads I see them running, and the anecdotal things I've heard about advertizement sales on 4chan or other uncouth websites.

The theory is that the original site's content "brought" people to the advertizement.

Frankly, I was a lot more annoyed using Yahoo compared to seeing a Chrome advertizement.

One way around this is advertizement financing; and if you download [our] micro textbook, you'll see that its full of ads targeted at students!

The site is not accessible unless I authorise all advertizement companies.

Advertizement definitions


a public promotion of some product or service

See also: advertisement advertising advertizing advert