How to use Advertisement in a sentence as a noun

B-b-but Google made this fancy video advertisement about how I can give my infant daughter a Gmail account and write to her as she grows up!

Opera went free too late, but managed to hold quite a big user-base in certain areas despite Google pouring billions into advertisement and producing chrome-only features.

Well, for one thing, I never agreed to be in an ad campaign for Coke. Maybe I don't even like Coke. Maybe MY caption was something like "Ugh, out of Pepsi".For another thing, generally, when you appear in an advertisement for a product, you get paid.

The field of possible applications is broad, and may tentatively be split into an entertainment-advertisement dichotomy.

While it's nice to see the Economist running an advertisement for Alliant Techsystems in their magazine, the XM25 will actually do very little to win CI wars.

[1] By best and worst, I mean most beneficial to the person/people viewing the advertisement.

If this isn't a "native advertisement" for scrollkit, nothing is. I can't believe a piece of content marketing has gotten the #1 spot on HN.

Advertisement definitions


a public promotion of some product or service

See also: advertizement advertising advertizing advert