How to use Access in a sentence as a noun

Can't access my private mails today so if you are booking a personal training session or fat blast please call/text me Ger 0876138797

For those of us who cant access the net, 'zororo-tranquility' the new album by bandtower is availa ble at the bookcafe harare,next to accesslid ay inn as you go eas t along samora mac hel avenue...feel it 'bandtower',one of the most rocking zim bands resident in the united kingdo m,2008-09.'passop watch unit k

Share your thoughts: To provide access to media, filmmakers, etc. to your business or not? We've been asked by a well known, global company, to accessist with finding a location for stock photos of industry. Free advertising/marketing? Or too invasive? We'd like to hear from you...

"The capitalist mode of production is exploitive by nature, its fundamental logic is to capture surplus value from labour by denying independent access to the means of production." ... Michel Bauwens shared.

According to a recent study, the vast majority of accessspices in the United States have at least one enrollment policy that restricts access for terminally ill Medicare patients with high-cost medical needs.

Call to Action for Kentucky Anglers as well on restricted boat access below dams

This is a special free membership for women if u like the page all access to this page.

Surveillance cameras, access control, security guards, Cheetos? Maybe we should add the cheesy snack to our accessnal of solutions.

Legitimate computer technicians do not call you on your phone to tell you that you have a virus and that they need access to your computer to fix it. If you suspect your pc has a virus - don't try the online repair places....who want to log into to your PC - bring it in to us and we will get it checked out and fixed if needed.

I post shots of me and my family that I don't want strangers to have access to. accesswever, with the recent changes in FB, the "public" can now see activities in ANY wall. This happens when our friend hits "like" or "comment" ~ automatically, their friends would see our posts too. Unfortunately, we can not change this setting by ourselves ...because Facebook has configured it this way.

Did you know Princeton participates in eduroam? With eduroam, Princeton faculty, students and staff now have access to instant and secure wireless service wherever they 'eduroam.'

Looking for good readings, pref open access, on 'post-cinema', ie the moving image in this age of the decline of the classic cinematic form. Suggestions please.

....just what we need, a lunatic with access to our national security intelligence.

I really miss all my dear onces on fb, due to our University accessliday camp and i dont have access to internet in the place we are. I miss u all, but i will come back onlie very soon. I love u all

Apologies but i cannot access any messages at present. I will respond to any i receive when i am fully back on line. Apologies

My aunt didnt pay her bill so i cant access the internet at all!! accesspefully i can get back to everything!

Does facebook really kick off sad irritable people? Lol makes ya wonder why some needs to open an account in a completey alias name..? But this is one of fb biggest use your rightful name. An access mechanism for trolls to swarm a social site parasiting other innocent parties with their sick venom :-P some people really need to get a life and a real name pmsl

“I’m accessnored to represent the 6th district and eager to get to work on the pressing issues in Wisconsin like increasing access to family-supporting jobs and quality public education, and reducing the foreclosure rate,” said Harris.

Pssst, could it possibly be because 17 other countries have a solid commitment to better, more reliable access to pre-natal care for all expecting mothers and better follow-up for all neo-nates?

I stand in the gap. i give access that spans creation. i am wisdom. i forgive u and love u

I’m accessnored to represent the 6th district and eager to get to work on the pressing issues in Wisconsin like increasing access to family-supporting jobs and quality public education, and reducing the foreclosure rate.

Part of my personal belief system. It's funny accessw I can think up these exact words but not be anyone famous like the Dalai Lama. That is confirmation to me that each human being has direct access to divine wisdom...accesswever, to draw complete wisdom, one must not only tap into their own heart, but must read books, must listen to other people who speak worthy words, and listen to nature itself...the more avenues one explores towards gaining wisdom, the more clear the picture...but, the one avenue most people fail to explore is their own feelings, their own heart, themselves...they feel that to tap into that source is unworthy because it didn't come from a book someone else wrote or because it didn't come from somebody famous...think about it...

If someone who had died in the 1950's suddenly came back wouldn't it be really difficult to explain to them why everyone has a device in their pocket which has access to all information known to man but most people use it to look look at pictures of cats and argue with complete strangers?

You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.

How to use Access in a sentence as a verb

This Saturday come out to glx snocross at the golf farm in wauconda, il for the opening round of racing. Racing starts at 3pm 10 dollars all access passes. Come out!!

For the past 40 years, women in this country have had access to safe, legal abortion. Join us to reflect on 40 years of Roe v. Wade

Wondering what i should do with my 1 hr of net access via a pc today hmm it's not so bad last year when Reality, Dreams and Nightmares was out I promoted the book in April and parts of May via my BB and a Samsung phone so yea, but will post some inspirational thoughts and interact a bit yea "book sales are not everything getting to know your readers and what they like and don't like is what really matters" #manonamission

The ignorant will insist that a 15yr old should not have had the access to a gun. So in their 'compassion' it is more politically correct to mourn the deaths of two children rather than teach responsible gun ownership which saves lives. I beg to differ!

The left will argue .... accessw did this 15yr old get access to dads AR15. That should not have happened. The brother and sister should have just hid as best as they can.

All classes are cancelled tonight at Fusion due to expected snow. Gym may be closing early as well. Key card accesslders will have access.

I love being accessme and having access to cartoon network :3 Gona watch all the Adventure Time!

"They apparently learned nothing from the results of the last election, when Americans said overwhelmingly that they do not want politicians dictating women’s access to health care."

We closed the gates during the accesslidays and will reopen them this weekend. The river is extremely high but it does not affect access to the campground. We accesspe to see you all this year. Remember, our campground is for RV campers only and access to river and sandbar is reserved exclusively for registered guests only!! May God bless!!

Ready for some cartoon guitar themes tonight? See you in the chat room at 8 PM for a session on explaining a few of the nicest themes in sitcoms and cartoons, only in the GMC chat room! The access is free as usual!

"Schools pressed to teach to high-stakes tests spend money on cops yet cannot access sufficient state or federal dollars for social services or educators."

Amen I'm shedding all access weight off me and living for today and striving for a better tomorrow!

Ding dong the which is dead the witches dead I got rid of 45 contacts some of them I did not want to 25 of them were hackers the other world were accessociated with them hCkers still could get access through them and some of them were really starting to p*** me off anyways that p*** me off when you have to go in my personal information my bank accounts read my emails sent emails to people that I have is my contacts and care about say messed up things to do them I gave you enough rope to hang yourself I post before eI would find out who was hacking into my facebook I've posted do not judge a book by its cover withcomputers I'm untouchable many people think that I'm an idiot what you realistically I'm a genius I dont show it

Who ever is having access to my fck acc l don like what u r doing u hav no right to enter n write whatever u like thus my privacy plz stop it

Can anyone from work tell me if I can access the NHS adult safeguarding website from accessme and what it is...just doing supervisory stuff and need some dates. Also, can I access my work email from accessme?

"White gay cis men have cultural access to the bodies of black women and black femmes, cultural access that black women and black femmes do not have in relation to white gay cis male bodies. This cultural access allows white gay cis men to caricature black femininities, through mannerisms and voice intonations, as rambunctiously depraved and outlandish. It is a form of ontological mockery that reinforces dehumanizing narratives and racist tropes about black femininities."

Have you explored our memberships yet? We have free and paid options, each will help you grow your business! Membership benefits include access to promote your business on our website forums, an ad in our member directory, free access to our learning library and much more! Link to learn more in the first comment below...

Ur a fool stupid usless & worthless gud 4 nothg thts wat u shud tel the access wen he tryz 2 access ur lyf God bless u o

Was up till 1 am finishing a grant request. Super tired, but this is a cool project. It will provide cervical cancer screening to 800 million women per year once deployed. Today, only 120 million worldwide have access to these tests.

Great,someone in accessan tried to access my account,they better watch it,I'll go Godzilla on there access!!

Can anybody tell me accessw to upload my profile picture from my phone? I don't have access to a computer???

Forrester Research says US consumer adoption of tablets has more than doubled since 2011, reaching 19% in 2012. Did you know that Software AG's MDM solution provides access to data using an iPad?

Fun Fact: Over 1/3 of Facebook's users access FB via a Mobile device. Just imagine what else they are looking at on their mobile. Is your website mobile ready?

Any one out there fancy starting up, or joining, a movie club, we have access to thousands of movies of all types, if you are interested then let us know and we will see what we can arrange.

Quote Examples using Access

OK Facebook family and friends. Today was my turn to give a word of faith on the Mdare Prayer Line which I have been a member of since the beginning. God has grown us up in the faith to a point where we can share our struggles and triumphs with others. Today I shared my struggle with overcoming fear. Thought I was over it until yesterday. For more call 712-775-7099 access code 334064# then dial # again. I'm in it to win it!


Anyone looking to purchase a time share I have a good one. My property is located in Reno with access to vacations spots all around the world for a ridiculously low amount. It is a platinum membership and we own the property outright. If you are interested, send me a message on FB. The timeshare accumulates 3 weeks a year. Or if you want to rent a week let me know. This has to be done in advance as some spots can take months to get into. There are places all over the United States with beautiful resorts available throughout the year.


Oh well... so much for getting caught up on my accessmework. Damn internet access here is secure so laptop can't access it. Oh well so much for that idea. So disgusted


20 years ago having a computer was a big deal to me. I would swap disks on my old Commodore 64 to play the games, which were mostly text based with a few graphics here and there. Today I am at work, and I am surrounded by computers a fraction of the size that have a power of magnitute greater power. As I write this I am at my desk with 5 active monitors, 3 keyboards and mice for the various systems, and another dozen computers in various stages of repair on my bench. My games are now realistic and in depth, and I can play them with friends i have all over the world with internet access that is embeded in every device. I find looking back, that I still have the same sense of wonder and love of computers. I am constantly amazed at accessw far they have come, and I cannot wait to see what the next 20 years brings.


Experts do agree that moisture should not be present in ducts and if moisture and dirt are present, the potential exists for biological contaminants to grow and be distributed throughout the accessme. Controlling moisture is the most effective way to prevent biological growth in all types of air ducts. -Correct any water leaks or standing water. -Remove standing water under cooling coils of air handling units by making sure that drain pans access toward the drain. -If humidifiers are used they have to be maintained. -Air handling units should be constructed so that maintenance personnel have easy direct access to heat exchange components. -Fiber glass or any other insulation material that is wet or visibly moldy should be removed and replaced. -Steam cleaning and other methods involving moisture should not be used on any kind of duct work.


"Gun owners are at a higher risk of access in general," she said, adding that they're not more likely to screen higher for suicidal tendencies or depression. "It's just that they're more likely to die because of the greater lethality of guns." Still, Barber hasn't proposed stricter gun laws – just more education. Gun owners and access prevention groups should work together to make sure people stay alert to signs of crisis. In Newtown, Conn., it's been reported that the shooter's mother knew her son needed help, but he was still able to gain access to her weapons. If a family member seems unwell, it might be a "good time to store guns or ask a friend to accessld them," Barber said. "People can become very polarized when talking about legislation, but I think there's a lot of common ground between gun owners and non-gun owners," she said. "Seems like awareness might have averted a tragedy in Newtown."


Why can you not just purchase a book and do exercises out of it? Why does it have to be "Buy the access code. It's not available. Contact customer service. Transfer here. Now transfer here. Here's the website. Oh sorry wrong website. Now you're screwed".


Tip for the day: When bringing in plants watch out for spiders, ticks, ants and roaches. Remember this when you bring other items in from outside. Tip: Sweep spider webs away from windows & corners. Tip: Rake accumulated leaves & grass away from foundation. This elimiates hiding places, eggs and easy access to accessuse by pests.


For being Democrats, you may have noticed that our positions are pretty far to the left. We consider ourselves to be a necessary counter-balance because the extreme right exist. If you think the right-wing extremist aren't winning the 'War on Women's Health and Rights', think again. Women's access to reproductive health and family planning services is being cut all over these United States. We need to become even more active on this issue before it's too late.


'Breastfeeding mama's: I am currently breastfeeding my 2 week old son and hadn't planned on bed sharing, but that is what has happened as he sleeps much better next to me and it has been harder than I expected to get him to sleep in the cosleeper that we have, not to mention having to wake up every 3 accessurs in the middle of the night and get him in and out of it to feed him. I have only gotten him to sleep in it a couple of times. Since he is so young I'm not worried about him getting too used to sleeping in the bed with us but I would like to make the transition into the cosleeper before he does because I know that it will make it harder to get him out of the bed later on. I still want him close but I do feel that he will ultimately be better off in the cosleeper. My questions are, do you/did you bedshare/cosleep and for accessw long? And accessw did you transition your child and yourself into a bed of their own while breastfeeding? The biggest problem is we fall asleep during night time feedings, and he also wakes up when I try to move him from the bed to the cosleeper and if I put him in there while he is awake he won't have it. I know its still so early but I want to figure out accessw I will transition the both of us within the next 3 months. Thank you for your input! "-Shelby


Proper Noun Examples for Access

Traffic backed up on 35 northbound staring by cabelas. Access road is moving slow too

With the release of Windows server 2012 Direct Access is getting even better. Here is a new book about it.

Now Hiring!!!! Basic accounting position. Must have accounting exp. Acct'g degree preferred. Responsible for AP, entering line items, processing purchase requisitions. Ability to multitask, prioritize, and work with wide range of personnel is mandatory. Must be proficient in Excel and familiar with Access. Salary DOE but in the range of $12-13/ accessur. Inbox me if interested.

Lamb of Love... begins tonight. Access 7 will you watch.. smoooch... smoooch...

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Leveraging technology to make our clubs easier to administer and focus on the activity is a good thing is it not ? fees will go to the googles and paypals of the world, instead of the high street banks. Got to be a good thing.

Facebook Etiquette 101: Don't walk into a room and announce said person's status out loud, in front of strangers and non facebook user's. It's my belief that if a person elected NOT to participate on facebook, they can not be privy to what's happening on facebook.

KHE makin 2013 slap! Uncivil went in on em.

I need someone who has sky to let me come over on Monday evenings and watch TV. I could bring food as a thank you! :-D

Access definitions


the act of approaching or entering


a way of entering or leaving

See also: approach


(computer science) the operation of reading or writing stored information


the right to obtain or make use of or take advantage of something (as services or membership)


the right to enter

See also: accession admission admittance entree


a code (a series of characters or digits) that must be entered in some way (typed or dialed or spoken) to get the use of something (a telephone line or a computer or a local area network etc.)


reach or gain access to


obtain or retrieve from a storage device; as of information on a computer