Wino in a sentence as a noun

You might for yourself, maybe, if you're a wino, but would you buy it as a gift?

Pieces of the puzzle are emerging such as the low cost "wino board".

Sbottom squark and wino aren't good enough for you?

Sbottom squark and wino sound like the goofy villains in a 90's cartoon.

I forwarded this to one of my colleagues who is a huge wino and will add his feedback.

Would outcomes be generally better or worse if every wino and drunk got charged with a criminal violation or put in prison for their unhealthy alcohol use?

He's done it to me a couple of times, but I'll get to that wino in the end. At least he practices some of what he preaches and even though I see little value in his past activities, aside from self-promotion, he's persistent enough to remain relevant to the conversation as long as you don't lose sight of the fact that he's a consultant selling you his opinion.

Especially if they provided a bare minimum of factual information and then invited users to "tag" the photo with "suggested" terms like "scary, wtf, wino, beat-up", like one of the websites linked from the article.

Technically, it's true that under US law they are guilty of a misdemeanor, just like a wino getting drunk in the park, but clearly neither of these is a central example of the class of people to which we normally refer when we say "a criminal"; it seems more like an argument for disregarding US law.

Wino definitions


a chronic drinker

See also: drunkard drunk rummy inebriate