Drunkard in a sentence as a noun

So it really isn't the lazy drunkards that matter; it's the overall effect that does.

Not that it excuses nor explains the assault, a drunkard could possibly assault anyone for any reason, but colleagues are not family nor friends...

The article mentions using morphine to poison a drunkard in order that his death might be mistaken for the effects of habitual alcohol abuse.

The scammers vanished into thin air, in the meantime cashing out about 1 mil Euro, and the guy putting the bag on the cctv probably turned out to be some other drunkard.

The "aggregate effect" = "lazy drunkards" + the effect of "exceptional individuals" + the effect of everyone else.

The brain was 'invented' by non-intelligent evolution, a blind drunkard's walk of chemistry and biology.

He was a drunkard, he had five hundred wives he seems to have kept them chiefly for show, however and when he came to the throne his first act was to decapitate seventy or eighty of his brothers.

Drunkard definitions


a chronic drinker

See also: drunk rummy inebriate wino